GOP lawmaker: Weird that Giuliani is in Ukraine right now

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) discusses the role of President Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani with CNN's Chris Cuomo after The New York Times reported Giuliani traveled to Hungary and Ukraine to meet with former Ukrainian prosecutors about the impeachment inquiry into Trump. #CNN #News


    1. cj p He was that loud dumb jock in school pulling pranks, being a bully now he’s in Congress. Is role is to be that loud obnoxious voice, use stupid pranks for attention like ordering pizza while his colleagues storm the SCIF during closed door testimony and of course ask stupid questions to highly intelligent people without caring for a response. His purpose is to disrupt and divert attention from the purpose of the hearings, the Dems know this and let him go. One on one interviews he can’t get away with that crap, Cuomo kept him on message and he squirmed politely. Lovely.

  1. “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” “Never tell the truth to people who are not worthy of it.” “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off

    1. @identity7782 sorry to bust that unemployment theory but it was declining while Obama was in office now if you giving trump credit that’s a joke because he didn’t do anything that was already in progress

    1. …oh really? You guys don’t seem to like this interview too much. First thumbs up CNN got from me in a while.

    2. All of Trump’s minions are laughing stocks in the U.S. and around the world. Love that all their words are on video so that future Americans see what traitors look like. They are going to be sorry they supported the corrupt Trump.

    1. When it comes down to answering fact based questions from the President’s mouth or what Rudy has said, Gaezt lowers the crazy but like other Republicans tries valiantly to confuse the given testimony. I like Cuomo letting him go there, then responding with the actual testimony. Gaetz can’t perform here, he can only spin and smile.

    1. It’s not hard. They don’t have a credible excuse for the things that are going on. They just keep talking in circles.

    1. Rats pick up crumbs. Lets hope the heat gets too be much for Rudy and he realizes his only way out is to rat on trump.

  2. “This evidence will all be released very soon” – just like all the evidence trump’s people found in Hawaii concerning Obama’s alleged fake birth certificate. Eight years and still waiting…

    1. To @Stop Aborting Babies, Start Aborting Liberals; So you’re basically saying that murdering babies (in your eyes) is not ok but killing people that you don’t agree with is just fine??? That sounds like the typical twisted logic of a dumb conservative. You a-holes are the bottom of the barrel.

    2. @STOP ABORTING BABIES START ABORTING LIBERALS Proof Trumpsexual? Get fkn real. You don’t give 2 shits about poor ppl getting abortions. You’re just obsessed w/controlling women. If you weren’t, why no rant punishing/shaming men for having sex BEFORE marriage? Or support for male birth control? Making adultry a criminal offense? Nah, you don’t want any smoke.🖕🤬

    3. @Simpsons36 his mother was born in Kansas that makes him a American last time l check, the reason you want him to be a Kenyan is to make it easier to not call yourself a rasist, which you are

    4. @Simpsons36 Yet you’ve been a NeoCon prostitute for decades? Nevermind Trumps a pathological liar/bully/bigot. Nevermind the ENTIRE world believes Trump has a mancrush on Putin. You want some links to Russian comedians bragging about it?

    5. When you spread a conspiracy theory without evidence you are complicit in a lie. It’s a lie because you can’t prove it. You support a liar by discrediting the legacy of a good man. Even if it were true what would it prove? Who really cares where he was born? He’s a man of integrity and he governed wisely. Obama wasn’t perfect but he was a good president when we needed him. Why don’t we let history decide who is the better president?

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