GOP Lawmaker Writes Trump Fawning Letter After Being Chewed Out By Him 1

GOP Lawmaker Writes Trump Fawning Letter After Being Chewed Out By Him


Trump chewed out Wisconsin Republican Chris Kapenga. His letter in response is astounding. “This is the level of Stalinist groveling that is required in the Republican Party right now,” says Chris Hayes. 
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  1. Arizona Republicans: Yeah, Trump’s going to be reinstated in August and Mexico is going to pay for it.”

    1. @Ryan E.Smith Unfortunately, they took our chance to have Bernie as our president. But, Biden was clearly abetter choice than Trump and Bernie has said the same thing several times. I don’t think Bernie really wanted the job; I think he stepped up because our nation would suffer severe damage with a 2nd term under trump. Bernie is the real deal, and he has worked hard without compromising himself for decades. I hope Yang decides to run again at some point.

    2. TRUMP does not know about the HISTORY of POLITICS nor does he know the world GEOGRAPHY that was the most DUMBEST Ex PRESIDENT Americans ever had

  2. Why do Republicans always say they are “being vilified” and “ridiculed”? Every statement out of anyone’s mouth is subject to analysis & criticism. Isn’t that normal?

    1. @J David Hopkins That’s true enough. I’m just always surprised at how many of us thinks that we actually know anything. Myself included. There’s no way we can ever know the truth of anything. Especially from corporate media. Even hearing people making statements or speeches in public is meaningless.
      So having opinions seem a pointless waste of energy.

    2. @Olive Eisner Dang it! We either have different ‘perspectives’ or we’re all full of bull! What kind of statement is that?

  3. The Arizona RepubliKKKon party should pay for the new voting machines, and not be allowed anywhere near them.

    1. ​@Mikey Masters lol that’s what democrats do. There is a mass shooting so they blame the gun. There is an AIDS epidemic and they blame evangelical Christians. There is a forest fire set by an arsonist and Dems blame climate change. There is a virus called Corona that was made in a Wuhan lab and they blame Trump. Up to this point I have been polite with you and have school you with legitimate facts, however at this point I have concluded you are just a Leftists clown.

    2. @Mikey Masters
      And they’ll claim there’s no such thing as the Southern Strategy.
      That must be why Reagan went to Philadelphia, Mississippi to announce his candidacy.
      You know, the town where murders were committed to keep northern whites from helping black folk register to vote.
      That’s not a dog whistle, that’s a brass band

    3. @T Will nope I don’t go to church. I believe in being honest. Anyone who supports the democratic party still support racism.

  4. “Secret lab”….. AKA billy Bob jack’s sister’s boyfriend’s cousins former roommate’s outhouse

    1. @Ty C Except that Clinton didn’t wear old man diapers. So that takes it to another dimension. Pleasuring Donnie’s old urine soaked diaper d___. Classy, but necessary.

  5. The current iteration of the GOP is no longer conservative or patriotic. The party has been hijacked by crazies and fascists

    1. @William Parks Obamacare? You’re not forced. Oil subsidies? Republicans and Trump can’t quit them. Socialism. We have a mixed economy, an experiment. Free market and some socialism mixed in. Also wondering if you get social security?

    2. @William Parks fascism isn’t a form of socialism. It is its own animal. Socialism is a type of policy. Fascism is a leadership structure. Totally different. I watched a discussion with Candice Owens the other day. She attempts to argue many of your same assertions. She was factually wrong. I would admit Bernie and AOC could be considered socialist-lite.

    3. @William Parks you sound more like a libertarian than a so call conservative Republican, or even a trump Republican.

    4. @William Parks
      Additionally, while the Nazis tried to appeal to voters across the spectrum, the party’s founders and initial base were small-business men and artisans, not the industrial proletariat of Marxist lore. Their first notable electoral successes were in small towns and Protestant rural areas in present-day Thuringia and Saxony, among voters suspicious of cosmopolitan, secular cities who associated both “socialism” and “capitalism” with Jews and foreigners.

  6. He coulda saved a lot of paper and just said, “I’ve surrendered my balls to, dear leader. Do with them what you will, my glorious king.”.

    1. @Rocky Comet well it certainly seems to be a condition of being a “MAGA” man that certain parts of your anatomy must be sacrificed, so have at it.

  7. I hope all the Jewish people who vote Republican can explain how they will still support Gosar, MTG, and this GOP party.

    1. @Olive Eisner that wasn’t even implicit in what he said. He said “the Jewish people who voted conservative” in what possible way can that be read “all Jewish people voted conservative”?

    2. LOL..
      Is Money To Be Made Voting Republican??
      We Are Now Looking At Infrastructure My Brother, Not Dealing With Yesterdays Men & Woman.

    3. @colm ivers He was implying that he was disapproving of Jewish people supporting the GOP. And especially after they saw what a few of them he mentioned did – which I assume he meant they did wrong things.
      In other words Jewish people don’t have any good reason to support any GOP individual especially now.
      He’s apalled.

    4. @Hair is MyLove well that was as eloquent as a first grader but what can we expect from trump supporters

    1. @Bruce Pate ah…….NO
      the ‘whole world ‘ does NOT know the election was stolen
      the whole world watched , as dt conned and ripped off and manipulated the American people – biggest , thieving conartist America has ever seen

    2. @Katherine Raven
      How soon they forget The Son of a Bush and the hanging /dimpled Chad business in the state his brother was governor

  8. Rep. strategy sounds familiar: let us remember that when Hitler realized he was about to lose, he called for the mass death of his supporters.

  9. So they are going to have to spend millions of dollars to buy new voting machines !!?? This is pure idiocy.

  10. The GOP has become the Confederate Party, I guess they didn’t learn their lesson 150 years ago.

    1. @Jim Crow oh my God keep up, will you. When it comes to the history of American politics you’re still in kindergarten, aren’t you?
      Look it up ffs, I’m not going to do your homework for you

    2. @Mikey Masters I’m a Conservative Democrat who supports Trump ……you have no clue who you’re communicating with. Hahaha!

  11. Did you see the hundreds of trump supporters who walked out on that rally because it was sick of hearing what he was talking about

  12. The Republican state senate president sounds like he is trying really hard to finally complete middle school. It is not just that he is a sycophant, it is that he is an adolescent sycophant – like he is trying to impress Draco Malfoy in their 3rd year at Hogwarts.
    Of course MTG only functions at a third grade level. Can you imagine being 8 years old for 39 years?

  13. Ron Johnson talking about people trying to tell the truth is either delusional or hypocritical after all the lies he’s told.

    1. @Barbara carpenter Many cult followers are not really dumb but are highly susceptible to being influenced which boarders on brainwashing. You know, that old Jedi mind trick but for the dark side.

    2. It is a trick uses by abusers. The abuser makes the victim feel like the victim wouldn’t exist without the abuser. It is a technique used in all controlling and abusive relationships.. domestic, cults, dictatorships. The victim has to realize that walking away is ok. But it is hard when people scrutinize and not back up these victims.

    1. So, how did these politicians get lodged in Trumps colon? Did he swallow them? Was there an enema involved? I didn’t know he stood awkwardly. This is…….funny? How about policy. Are you liking open borders with 180+K non-english speaking foreigners walking in, picking up a check, registering for welfare & checking into hotel every month while hundreds of thousands of poor homeless Americans are ignored. Maybe we could fly in a couple MILLION Bangladeshi & Indian indigents on our time & settle them around the capital in DC. Then line up the other 500M that want to join the free stuff party! Compassion is our middle name! Yay America! Now I feel less guilty!

  14. “Cookies baking in an oven”. Had to replay. Can’t believe anyone can be so calloused, & crass. Dementia bound.

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