Joy Reid Critiques The Main Players In Arizona's Expensive Ballot Audit 1

Joy Reid Critiques The Main Players In Arizona’s Expensive Ballot Audit


Arizona's controversial ballot audit is inching closer to its end, as the state's most populous county announces it will have to fork over millions of dollars to replace voting machines possibly tainted in the process. Joy Reid critiques the main players in this reportedly unpopular, expensive affair in this edition of 'The Absolute Worst.'
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    1. @really me Once custody of machines is lost, malware that actually does what they claim can have been inserted in them.

    2. @SmilingIbis For 6 months we have been hearing, that these voting-machines can’t contain any malware. So how on earth is it possible that someone can insert malware into those voting machines ?

    3. @really me They are produced in a factory or some such condition, tested, certified, sealed and kept in a chain of custody. It’s not that they CAN’T have malware. As long as they are kept secured they are OK. Once handed over to whoever, it’s anyone’s guess.

  1. “Why I thought the machines weren’t corruptible in the hands of potentially bad human actors w political motivations? Don’t be so paranoid dude. Voting machines are great.”
    -Amanda Milius

    1. I mean, their audience is used to believing two things at once, or believing two different things when they’re told one after another, as is the case in most major news events where the media has to make up the lies to suit their agenda and then tell the truth only slowly, and over time, so that the psychological impact of the lie is already felt on the American consciousness — the total lie that a Capitol Officer was _brutally beaten to death_ on the 6th is a perfect example that comes right to mind — and so anybody that still believes MSNBC or whoever clearly can’t be reached by logic alone.

      I don’t really know where I’m going with this.

  2. Sounds like Arizona going to have pretty good time in a court room. Now, why should anyone have to pay to replace something that someone else messed up?

  3. If you wont marry me, then at least date me, Joy… I not date, then, please have a coffee with me. I love who you are!

  4. We all know they will issue a vague statement stating even though they didn’t find anything, it doesn’t mean there wasn’t fraud and the base will eat it up.

    1. They’ll talk about some “anomalies” they found, and try to undermine confidence in our democracy

  5. I hope they recoup the money with a one time audit tax, so everyone explicitly gets to pay for it.

  6. By “critiquing” I assume you mean talking over everybody else like a speed freak and saying “Yes!!” a lot.

  7. They are afraid. Too scared to disappoint their base with honesty; too scared to announce their pre-arranged lies, for fear of being arrested for Conspiracy, Fraud, etc.

  8. The DOJ should confiscate all of the ballots, machines, and their so-called ‘data’ to figure out what THEY did to the election results. Before they ship it off to a cabin in the woods of Montana or where ever it was supposed to go.

  9. Look at the swamp attack the audit without reporting the facts. This audit has them shook to their core

  10. There is fraud currently going on in the NYC mayoral race and Joy has the audacity to question the AZ audit

    Read the room you’ve lost all credibility

    1. @Donna Samoyloff Whatever u say intellectual giant. Keep watching CNN. It’s doin ya real good!!

  11. If there’s nothing to hide then why are the dems so determined to stop an audit? If the election was prefect then why the bills in congress to rewrite election laws?

    1. It isn’t an audit. It’s a BS spectacle pretending to be an audit for people who wouldn’t know an audit from a horses patootie!

  12. I spent 80+ hours on the audit floor. The process has redundancy, transparency, and no one individual could affect the results…

    How about the ideologically blind, wait until the results and evidence are released before you start screaming about the sand in your Mangina…

  13. Can’t wait to see what they find! I’m excited to see all your faces, and how you’re going to try to spin it! Your noses are growing, but not your audience! lol!

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