GOP lawmakers are claiming record-breaking crime in Manhattan. Here’s why they’re wrong

House Republicans are seeking to make the case that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is more focused on going after Trump for political reasons than addressing crime in New York City, a claim Bragg vehemently denies. CNN's Daniel Dale takes a closer look at claims of record-breaking crime in Manhattan. #CNN #News


    1. Check out McCarthys district
      Bakersfield is literally the armpit of California
      I won’t even drive through
      It horrible!

    2. @Sharon Ireland Gee, you’d think the Republican’ts don’t want to talk about how great they are for their own districts.

  1. The GQP level of incompetence is uncanny. You know Jim Jordan sucks at his job when someone outside the building knows it better than he does.

    1. As much as I dislike Giuliani, the figures from 1990 have nothing to do with him. Crime peaked then and started coming down. That’s where Law and Order came from, the high crime in late 80s.

    2. @nwaeze1  much like crime rising before Bragg was elected and now coming down. Besides, Bragg is DA, not a mayor. The police reduce crime by making arrests. If we really want to look at the DA’s office, we should look at his conviction stats.

    3. @Man O’ War He lowered it but he did not ‘clean it up’. Crime today is about 1/3 of what it was during Giuliani’s term.

  2. If crime is so bad in NYCity and Manhattan specifically then why do I feel much safer there than whenever I’m in Florida or passing through Kentucky, Georgia, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennesseee,Texas and Lousiiana for example?

  3. I believed that too until I spent 4 days there last week and it’s fine. The scare tactics got me until I went there walked at night took the subway , walked in the park ect.

    1. I have lived here for 20 years. Outside of a few neighborhoods it is pretty safe. It does have a lot of crime but 9 million people smushed into a place, it is bound to happen.

  4. Of course Jim Jordan won’t tell you that all of the cities in his state of Ohio have worse crime than NYC which is probably the safest big city in the country.

  5. Gym Jordan wasn’t worried about crime when students under his watch were being abused. He actually turned a blind eye and deaf ear.

    1. @joe blo “then you should have no problem pointing me to an article or video or anything else that links to the story, right? ” Would that convince you? I did a search on Google and found dozens of articles. That fact alone does not convince me. But where do you get your information? Which sources do you trust more or less? And what role does confirmation bias play?

    1. Yeah, they should worry about the democrat mayors in the crime ridden cities in my state.

  6. Atlanta GA has a MUCH higher crime index, particularly in violent crimes, than NYC. an average of 14-22 points.

    1. Actually OHIO, Gym Jordan’s State does. 😂 NY has a 5.2 murder rate, while Ohio has a 12.5 murder rate. Homeboy needs to focus on his own state.

    1. ​@chewitt O I expect him to eventually accumulate quite a diverse list of convictions, not just fraud.

  7. I can never forget this guy once said “grab her by the…”. All of us say the wrong thing sometimes, but not stuff like that.

  8. Jordan needs to investigate Ohio where he doesn’t report sex crimes and where crime is 3 times higher.

  9. It’s a bit weird to focus attention on Manhattan crime while the whole purpose of the committee is to let one of New York’s biggest criminals get away with his crimes.

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