GOP-led House passes Parents Bill of Rights Act | USA TODAY

The Parents Bill of Rights Act passed the Republican-led House, as Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries called the legislation a "book ban."

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The Parents Bill of Rights Act passed the Republican-led House Friday in the latest salvo of a political and cultural battle over public education. GOP lawmakers campaigned on the Parents Bill of Rights as part of their midterm Commitment to America and introduced the act at the beginning of the month. The legislation grew out of backlash to COVID-19 shutdowns, when parents had a closer look at school curriculum during virtual learning, they said.

"In our commitment to America, we said we were going to have a parents bill of rights," House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., said in a news conference after the vote. "This is exactly what we just passed on the floor today. We're keeping our commitment. It's just another check-off on all that we said we would do."

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  1. This only puts the onus on parents. Doesn’t give them any more rights than they already had. In one sense it will make them ultimately responsible for their child actions like those parents who are now standing trial for manslaughter because of what their son did.

    1. B.S. It let’s a parent in on the B.S. they are feeding minors. That is not a book ban. You think porn should be on the school’s shelves? There’s such a thing as a public library. If you want your kid to have it, go check it out.🙄

  2. The state should never decide what is best for our children its the parents job , fight for parents right keep evil Ideology away from children at all cost .

    1. What is evil ideology? Is hate an evil ideology? Hiding past genocides? Respect for the rights of all? That as citizens we all have equal rights?

    2. ​@Jp D convincing children that the best thing they can do is mutilate themselves is evil. Teaching children to see each other through the lens of race instead of individuals is evil. You disagree?

  3. God Bless House Republicans. Thank you for standing up for parents and our children,
    God Bless America the Greatest Nation on Earth. Good News for God’s children. Bad News for the Devil’s Children. “The children of God and the children of the devil are revealed in this way: all who do not do what is right are not from God, nor are those who do not love their brothers and sisters.” 1 John 3:10

  4. The overall GOP legislative trend is all about minority rule. A rule against books that some may consider controversial sounds chilling. One or two parents can override 30 or 40 other parents. There are so many things wrong with that concept. But it flows with the whole idea of minority rule. I can just see it now when some parent objects to books about or the discussion of dinosaurs

    1. Find 30 or 40 parents in a room who would support books displaying explicit sex acts in elementary schools. Those that do are definitely not the majority.

  5. Im in favor of parents having more say in what their children are taught in public schools. However the liklihood of this passing is slim at best. All this time, effort and money wasted on bills that wont pass. Lets focus on the things both parties can agree upon. Political stalemates hinder the progression of our country. Like here’s an example, federally legalize marijuana.

  6. I hope this attack on teachers doesn’t have the same disastrous results as the No Child Left Behind Act did.

  7. God says: “Honor your father and mother so you can live long” God established parents right through its ten commandments. God created laws to show respect to fellow men and parents! Gov’t don’t have control or rule over parents’ rights.

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