Rep. Jamie Raskin calls out Republicans over proposed book bans #Shorts

Rep. Jamie Raskin made an impassioned speech that criticized Republican efforts to ban books in the wake of a new report that found that banned book attempts reached a record high in 2022.

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Attempted book bans and restrictions at school and public libraries continue to surge, setting a record in 2022, according to a new report from the American Library Association released Thursday. More than 1,200 challenges were compiled by the association in 2022, nearly double the then-record total from 2021 and by far the most since the ALA began keeping data 20 years ago.

"I've never seen anything like this," says Deborah Caldwell-Stone, who directs the ALA's Office for Intellectual Freedom. "The last two years have been exhausting, frightening, outrage inducing."

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  1. Bless you Jamie. We are so lucky to have you. You must run for POTUS. We need you and your brilliant mind! ❤

  2. nobody wants to ban 1984 stand up there and lie read your Constitution mr. Raskin. the Constitution should be taught in all the schools. no we’d rather teach them woke gay ideology

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