1. From a political point, “don’t interrupt your enemies while they’re making mistakes”… from a basic common sense stance… “dumbasses.” They’re culling themselves.

    1. @R T dude if you were sick you were supposed to be at home not out of whatever for a single day Jesus Christ

    1. @ANDY do you sometimes have the feeling all people on street are staring at you with eyes and mouth wide open?

  2. I’m not going to mock a Deadman. That being said, I wish he didn’t encourage such actions and negligence

    1. Idk, he contributed to the deaths of the people he was supposed to be serving. I’d say he deserves all the ridicule he receives.

  3. It was said by a very tired nurse “We’re not your first line of defense. We’re your last!” They are not the front line. We are. All of us. And we need to take some responsibility for ourselves. Get vaxxed!! And wear the damn mask! Jeeze!!

  4. The sad thing is that the people wrapped in the mass psychosis will minimize this, or worse make it a conspiracy….

    1. Yes, it’s mass psychosis and a death cult, too. I actually think deep down inside they want to die. Hope they meet their jesus, at least.

    2. @A They might be surprised to find out that there is nothing after death (just my belief, there is obviously no evidence one way or another)

    3. @A Freud desribed this as “Thanatos” while examining WWI mass psychosis in Germany. However, so far this term did not enter (yet?) into scientific models..

  5. I’ve got no empathy left for people like them.
    I’m saving what remains for those who deserve it.

    1. You just gave me an idea. IF every Life Insurance Company sent out an e-mail or form stating they have 48 hours to SHOW PROOF that they’ve received their first vaccination shot and another 2 weeks or whatever it is to SHOW PROOF that they’ve completed both shots or their policies would be voided I bet people would get off their butts and do the right thing.

    1. I feel so owned right now jk jk I can’t stop laughing. What’s wrong with these people? They really gotta be right huh?

    1. i assume you mean blacks and mexicans, the least vaccinated people at 38% and 42%. Masks do not do anything (N-95 excluded) the largest covid droplets are 60m, masks stop 80 or higher. Passes right through

  6. “I hate socialism. Free market all the way.”
    “Also can everyone fund my healthcare, please?”

    1. “…or my husband’s funeral expenses?”

      This whole situation would be funny if it weren’t horribly, horribly tragic.

    2. @Ronnie Hopper lol what is then? Please, do tell what you think it is. Funds pooled from individuals in a society to fund collective services… yeah it’s socialism. We’ve always had some aspects of socialism in our capitalistic country

  7. Doctors -“Get a vaccine”
    Conservatives- ” my body my choice!”
    Liberals ” my body my choice ” when considering abortion
    Conservatives – “hey you cant do that!

    1. @Chris ONeill Dead Democrat have always been my favorite flavor too, It’s like Brian Or Gabby Gifford

    2. Unborn baby – my brain hasn’t developed so I can make a coherent thought.

      Republicunts – Derrrrr…. Guns goodness, me wants more! (Gasping) Why cants breev?

      2 abortions coming up!

    3. its just as funny, ironic, and hypocritical for pro choicers to now turn into pro lifers.
      2 way street buddy

  8. Here’s a simple solution: If you don’t take the vaccine, you’re at the back of the line when it comes to getting a bed in ICU.

  9. Freaking stupid….
    He had a wife, he had a kid.

    He failed to protect them by failing to protect himself…..

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