Psychological Pressure & The Pro Athletes | TVJ Smile Jamaica 1

Psychological Pressure & The Pro Athletes | TVJ Smile Jamaica

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  1. Nevil Bell uh not aging at all! Still look perfectly young and fresh! It’s been awhile haven’t watched smile Ja since leaving Jamaica! Hi Simone looking great as usual bless up yourselves guys!

  2. In my own personal opinion I think Natoya need counselling after this Olympic because she is so dissatisfied that she didn’t get a medal because she say she disappointed her country but we still need to support her she made it to the final that’s a good look

  3. Other than a two or three athletes that Jamaica contributes to,does Jamaica help their athletes financially?

  4. You should not even mention Puers Mirgan because he is crap and doesn’t bgavecempsthyvfir anyone. He is playing the numbers game that is how many viewers can he.get to react. Maybe he wasn’t very loved as a child hence his behaviour

  5. Athletics is one physically and mentally strenuous occupation, my respect to all athletes no matter the amount of medals they have

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