GOP Planning To Use Crime As Central Midterm Message | MSNBC 1

GOP Planning To Use Crime As Central Midterm Message | MSNBC


GOP operatives in Washington see the debate over rising crime rates and police funding levels as a potent issue that will be the centerpiece of their midterm campaign.

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GOP Planning To Use Crime As Central Midterm Message | MSNBC


  1. They fear 😨 the voting rights of all citizens judging by the supreme Court cases on during the week & friday.

    1. @R Stedler Guess you missed all the news about Antrim Mi….. “The results in Antrim County, a Republican-leaning county in Northern Michigan with about 23,000 residents, initially showed President Joe Biden winning the race, but tabulation errors were quickly discovered, and once rectified, Trump was shown to be the victor. State and county officials have blamed human error, a failure to properly update software across the county, for the mishap, but Bailey and DePerno contend Dominion Voting Systems machines could have been used to manipulate the election in a lawsuit that initially concerned a local marijuana retailer proposal.” Fraud that got busted.

    2. @R Stedler It was fraud that go caught and changed wonder what would have happened had it not been caught. Fact is it did happen …. human error right.

  2. Must See: The New York Times: How Trump Supporters Took the U>S> CAPITOL / Visual Investigations.
    The Damage Report: Terrifying GOP Election Plot No One Is Talking About.

    1. What!!! From the famous NY Times?? Visual investigations?? Not truth investigations? But look see..told ya so kinda investigation?. Did they include the hours of footage from the capital bldg camera’s or other views from witnesses? Or is it the same 5 videos the MSM shows constantly? Any footage from the FBI informants working with protesters or oath keepers?

  3. Crime goes up when people get desperate due to no money to feed themselves and their family. This is partly republicans fault when they keep working against living wages for people so they can just STFU!

    1. Will Biden through them an extra 600 a week for months on end so your defense does not make any sense nice try though

    1. Because idiotic conservative programs like this one help push corporate propaganda that intentionally confuses issues.

    2. So let me get this straight: the party that advocated for free will during the authoritarian lockdowns is for “power grabbing” but the party whos every action is towards more power isnt?

      Cognitive dissonance.

  4. You media folks need to promote Nina Turner’s true message since Cliburn is misinformed? Please stop sitting around chewing the fat and acting all surprised or curious re: Dems. Promote Nina’s message. You owe it to your audience to tell the truth. Stop pushing so-called Moderate Dems. Do your job please!

    1. You can’t expect that out of these old propagandists. Bernie Sanders was never for defund-police and was in favor of giving police more money.

    2. @ScootMagoot46 De-fund the police is not take all the money away either. Old, neo-liberal propagandists indeed.

  5. By supporting Trump at all cost, Republicans have lost all credibility on any issue, especially this one.

  6. Well that will be very poor strategies for them.

  7. Solutions for a stressed society don’t have a chance when the next election is always the motivation.

  8. Police are very important to Republicans in preventing crime just not when it’s time to recognize them for it.

  9. The GOP has a lot of nerve we do need to punish criminals especially them trump gates Rudy ivanka but I guess there selective on who they want to be tough on give us all a break

  10. Crime spikes? Crime always has spikes. Also, when you consider comparing current crimes rates to rates during lockdown- yeah there’s gonna be a HUGE spike. Also did we forget that there was a huge economic shift that many people are still stuck in? Yeah, that’ll also affect crime. And considering that their crime focus is on areas they don’t even live in- why do they care?

  11. “In New York’s mayoral race that one guy almost one, you know the black cop guy. Sorry they all look alike to me”

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