Trump Downplays Company's Tax Charges At Rally | MSNBC 1

Trump Downplays Company’s Tax Charges At Rally | MSNBC


Former President Donald Trump made his first public remarks on the charges facing the Trump Organization. Reuters White House Correspondent Jeff Mason, Associate Editor and Columnist for Real Clear Politics A.B. Stoddard, and former U.S. Attorney and Senior FBI official Chuck Rosenberg join Kasie Hunt with more.

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Trump Downplays Company's Tax Charges At Rally | MSNBC


  1. His plea’s of ignorance are pathetic. He was President Of The United States and if he doesn’t know, or understand Tax Laws… then shame on him!! He is surrounded by “The Greatest People” and not one of them told him he could be in trouble…..I call BS on this defense.

    1. Lol you’re delusional if you think being the president means he knows every single piece of tax law.

    2. @3 wolfs down who’s fault is that? You do realize he didn’t literally write the entire tax code. Everyone goes by the tax laws to try to pay the least amount possible.

    3. @dabe Vautista HE said that! As a matter of fact, he said he knows more about tax laws than tax attorneys!

  2. Why waste your time reporting this liar. I wonder how many of his supporters thinks it’s ok not to pay their taxes? Having Grifting COVID rallies lying on a loop. Hopefully he will be indicted soon.


    2. @Aliza Kessler they are, cuomo talked today about it. doesn’t mean we let trump off for his crimes.

  3. Compared to the BS Biden is putting this country through, Trump’s tax issues are like arresting a kid for stealing candy while ignoring a bank robbery next door.

  4. Hey everybody, this guy isn’t the president anymore…why don’t you cover the people in office?
    Oh wait, you said why: because this is about politics…

  5. He can’t help admitting to it. It wasn’t for the prosecutors, it was for his supporters. He doesn’t understand that EVERYONE can hear it. Nor does he understand what constitutes as a crime, because he’s never had to face the consequences.

  6. Trump’s just angry because he got popped. Yes Donald, you have to pay taxes on vehicles like the rest of us do.

  7. When you consider the prosecutor on the case is not a Federal Prosecutor and it’s tax law that is being used erroneously, there is little to downplay. This is all a joke and proprietorial malpractice. Time for this clown to get disbarred.

  8. Trump doesn’t file his own taxes, every state has their own tax laws dummies. He did what any smart person with money would do, and that’s hiring an accountant to handle his business tax. In other-words he can’t be held responsible for tax fraud because it’s not him filing taxes.

    Here’s a hint, that’s why he hasn’t been charged with anything and most likely won’t be.

  9. She literally called Trump the president, like it slipped. These media robots need to have there software updated.

  10. Five years of name the man and try to find some crime, any crime, doesn’t matter how trivial. As Biden would say Come on Man!!!!!! Idiots all that have drunk the liberal tea!!

  11. Trump doesn’t report his income and when you don’t report it Uncle Sam is watching. When you brag about it not paying taxes and not reporting your income,your screwed!

  12. I still cannot understand how this guy was elected president!!!! It does in fact make you think about the level of intelligence regarding his supporters

  13. *Its touching, meaningfull and encouraging that an MSNBC All Faiths Corporate Chapel has come to my attention. To hear tell its chock full of wreaths and votary candles in piously fervent thanks that Trump exists.*

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