1. How is it the the people who lie the most accuse others of lying, even when they have proof? SMH

    1. There is a clinical word that fits the GOP very well: “projection” – what they say others are doing is exactly what they are doing themselves.

  2. On behalf of all Americans and their families that paid the ultimate sacrifice fighting in all past wars in the name of Democracy/Constitutional Republic,,,please for God sake,,,,hold these traitors accountable.

    1. But they won’t – the leaders of the GOP are as guilty as the rest. You don’t point the finger at the others who have done exactly what you have done.

  3. Unfortunately for Perry and his gaggle of co-conspirators, they’re not the sharpest knifes in the drawer!

    1. Pretty damn accurate. Actually Perry her and his gang are not sharp knifes, or sharp knife throwers. More like Knife Handle Throwers—Rick Perry’s guys in action:


      BTW, if you have not seen Kung Fu Hustle, it is a really great movie, even if you are not a Kung Fu movie bit. There are two versions—-English dubbed and non-English dubbed. The English dubbed is better. The English voice actors are very good and add an additional comedic layer to the movie. More importantly they wording is better actual English usage than what is written in the English Subtitles. Cheers.

  4. They have the receipts, of course they are going to lie about it. They didn’t want this to be investigated and we all know why.

  5. He also said it was a lie when he proposed raising taxes. It was in his plan…in writing. Even Faux News called him on it.

    1. That was my low life Senator, Rick Scott. Thing is, I ABSOLUTELY understand why you confused them, they all come from the same snake….

  6. If you started lying at some point, you can’t stop continuing to do so. Perry is a prime example of this ‘rationale’.

    1. @William Winn

      Good Day to you William,

      That would depend on whom he’s running against. The answer is yes in Trump’s case.

  7. The loudest people are usually the guiltiest like Scott Perry. Its time to reveal every single one of them and hold them accountable.

    1. @Frenchblue8 Trespassing is a misdemeanor. Those who broke windows should pay to have them replaced.

    2. @Frenchblue8 You don’t try to overthrow democracy with flag poles. Don’t be ridiculous. There was a lack of security on a day a massive crowd was expected. That is the issue.Who dropped the ball?

    3. @Elizabeth Stanley So if someone broke into your house, that is trespassing, not breaking and entering.

  8. Lol, Scott Perry – Willing to tweet out that he didn’t do anything wrong – Not willing to sit in front of the committee and say that same thing under oath. Strange…

  9. I could not have more respect for anyone than I do for Liz Cheney right now. If I lived in Wyoming, I wouldn’t hesitate to vote for her. At this time in history, the most important thing we can do is vote for politicians who have integrity and her integrity is beyond reproach.

    1. @M’iaq The Spinner of Yarns True..but in time,people see what a person really is,and thinks.Im from Wyoming,now living in Colorado,and vote independant.Cheney watched his
      maddness,and self-centered personality,and came to the same conclusion as many of us.

    2. @Jennifer Fraychineaud If she’s not reelected, she will take a few years off, talk to her constituents about her plans for a Trump-free future and run for Senate in 2026. She’s definitely ambitious.

  10. If we do don’t hold these traitors accountable for their acts against this country we are failing all those that went before us.

    1. @zan Lehman


      I suspect rather more people would like to see him behind bars.

      The only (?) problem is that there are a lot of other people again would be unhappy he wouldn’t be facing trial for all the other issues relating to financial issues and inappropriate behaviour towards women.

      From a remote observer’s pov the wonder is how he has managed to stay out of jail for so long.

      I don’t suppose Trump will be missed by the international political community either.

  11. Never would’ve though I would applaud a Cheney for their political integrity!!! Just shows how far the Republicans have fallen, that believing in basic decency and justice now makes you a hero amongst other members of the GOP 😑.

  12. I’m proud of Liz Cheney; she has had many opportunities to make judgmental statements and seek glory for herself because of her position on the committee and yet she hasn’t. History will show her to be the best and most honorable of Republicans.

  13. Scott Perry shouldn’t call anyone else “soul-less” as lacks one himself. I may not support Liz Cheney, but when push came to shove, she put the Constitution and America above party. Thank you, Liz.

  14. *It’s just unimaginable* EVERY-DAYS.ML
    Let’s take a moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into content for us. 🔆

  15. As a dedicated lifelong Democrat, I have incredible admiration for Liz Cheney. She is truly a profile in courage. Knowing this will probably end her political career, she puts her country first. Her legacy will be one of honor and she will go down in history as heroic for doing what she could to save our democracy. Her family should be incredibly proud of her.

    1. Exactly. Liz Cheney reminded me of the senators of bravery and integrity depicted in “Profiles in Courage.”

    2. She’ll run for Congress in 2024 or Senate in 2026 if not reelected in 2022. She has a lot of ambition!

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