GOP Rep. Mo Brooks Sympathetic With Capitol Bomb Plot Suspect 1

GOP Rep. Mo Brooks Sympathetic With Capitol Bomb Plot Suspect

Republican Rep. Mo Brooks released a statement about the bomb plot against the Capitol saying, in regards to the suspect, 'I understand citizenry anger.' MSNBC's Brian Williams has details.

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  1. Is there some kind of viral senility going through the GOP right now? What’s wrong with these people?

    1. @Robert Roberts It was a play on words Mr. Gore was using he was saying there no intelligence among Trump followers

    2. Sensationalism gets votes. Their voter base is easily motivated to vote by anything anti-left, no matter how radical it is.

  2. Brooks sounds and acts like a Fascist. Gaslighting Ole Party have abandoned Democracy in favor of Authoritarian rule.

  3. The problem is that the “fabric of America” that the GOP offers is old and white. They slam socialism yet they want an America that only looks and thinks like them. Hmm, fascism anyone?

    1. @Republitarian I have a problem with certain people trying to re-write history and try and say that the Nazis were ‘socialist’. You’re actually correct. There WAS a socialist part of the Nazi party. Anyone who wants to read about Strasser and Strasserism versus Authoritarian Hitlerism will learn that Strasserism was utterly destroyed in the National Socialist party before WWII and there was no ‘Socialist’ bent to Hitler at all. None. Hitler took the NSDAP and turned it into his own party, despite it having ‘Socialist’ in the name. Yes, Antifa in 1920s Germany were communists, and against the Nazis, but being ‘Antifa’ today is basically against fascist and authoritarian people and parties.

    2. @Carbonated Lithium . . . Sorry, but ANTIFA are Soy Boy Communists and deserve to get pummeled by the Proud Boys. Why are so many weak beta males attracted to Socialism? Even Liberal publications have posted articles and studies done on weak men preferring Socialism?

    3. @Republitarian Patton’s biggest grievance was with Russia and the fact that the US let them walk after WWII. He had not forgotten the atrocities they had committed prior to joining the allies, and he believed we needed to finish the job. After it was over, he openly expressed his frustration with the decision to let them advance into Germany, he expressed that he believed Britain had signed a Faustian pact with Uncle Joe, and he expressed that he did not like Eisenhower’s decision to honor this pact because he believed the decision would come back to haunt the western world at a later date. Now that we cleared that up, feel free to say the quiet part out loud. Tell us who you think was wrongfully defeated, and why?

    4. @John Sanity. . .Patton’s biggest grievance wasn’t just with the Soviet Union, but those back home that refused to portray the Soviet Union as an evil communist dictatorship that they deserved to be portrayed. And do you not see the glaring hypocrisy of stating the United States had to enter WWII to prevent Hitler from “taking over the world” by allying with 3 large Imperialist nations? There are reasons that come even before WWI that explain why Germany wanted to expand their influence and practice Lebensraum. And let’s not even bring into the equation the Pacific front and how WWII paved the way for China to become Communist. How’s that working out for us now?

      What quiet part? That many people are starting to question the real history of WWI and WWII? That many people are starting to ask why did Hitler rise to power and why did so many Germans support him? Do people think Hitler went too far? Of course. Do people think he became/was an evil dictator? Of course. At least Germany and people on the right have acknowledged when they’ve went too far. Heck, that’s all we ever hear about is evil and Hitler and how it’s always used as a tool to silence those on the right. And yet, Communism has killed, murdered, starved, imprisoned, etc. many millions upon millions more and yet you still have people on the Left espousing the Communist ideology as though it still hasn’t taken place yet. “That wasn’t REAL Communism”.

      And how is the Western World doing since 1960? Seems like those ghosts from pre-WWII have come to haunt the West as we’re in decline and are being replaced by people that have no ties to our history and could care less if Western Civilization lives on.

    1. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith . . . . LOL. . .”integration”. Well when are these “immigrants” going to start assimilating? All white Americans are hearing more and more is about how racist they are and how they need to accommodate their lifestyle and viewpoints for “immigrants”. If the people who emigrate here legally love this country then why are we so divided? Why does there seem to be so many “racist” labels being thrown around at those that welcomed you in? Maybe it’s because once those immigrants are fully established they trend politically and socially to change this country to something it wasn’t founded on? Maybe it’s because mass immigration was done on purpose? Maybe it’s because the different races are just that. . . different, and that multiculturalism/multiracialism brings division and conflict? Where has a country with large groups of different races lived together peacefully for a long period of time?

    2. ​@Frank LaFerriere . . . my ancestors never stole any lands on North America nor practiced in the Atlantic Slave Trade. You do realize that many white people are Polish, Swedish, Irish, German, Hungarian, etc. and were just white immigrants that came to the United States after slavery and after colonialism. Do we blame the Chinese for bombing Pearl Harbor? After all. . they’re Asians too. So why should a White Polish American be demonized and saddled with guilt for slavery and colonialism while an Indian/Asian/Arab/etc. immigrant does not get saddled with that guilt and actually can benefit from their “minority” privilege and call themselves a “person of color”?

      And when are “Hispanics”, such as AOC, that have Spanish Ancestry going to be called out and held responsible for their ancestors involvement in Colonialism and Slavery? The Spanish Conquistadors were probably some of the worst colonizers to walk the earth and they also participated in Slavery. Do they get a pass because their skin a brown?

      And let’s not forget that white European lands were invaded many times over long before the white man sailed the ocean looking to settle land on other continents.

    3. @Frank LaFerriere liar? About what? About my ancestors, and tens of millions of other white people’s ancestors, not having any involvement with slavery or colonialism? So was it the Polish that ran the Atlantic Slave trade? Was it the Hungarians that broke all the treaties with the Native Indigenous people of North America? Was it the Swedes that colonized the Americas?

  4. Another piece of the complicit puzzle, means he admits to inciting and knowledge of forethought before Jan 6th, that there was insurrection afoot and he had a great part in the sedition,…


    1. @Nick Lawson
      Fascism is when the government tells you to get a vaccine, then media tells you to get a vaccine, then businesses like YT ban you or deletes comments for “misinformation”, then your friends and family isolate you.

      Don’t forget the police coming to you saying “ihre papire bitte” for your pass.

      Yeah…I dont know what fascism is

    2. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith Oh, you mean forcible suppression of opposition like all the new voter suppression laws?

    3. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith – Then Fascism is also the government that erects stop signs and traffic lights and orders women what to do with their own bodies.

  5. America is on a dangerous path with all these right wing crazies. I’m glad I’m Canadian but it’s still concerning to see what our historically friendly neighbor is becoming.

    1. @KadiusBlack – Good point. Even Greenland should watch out. Remember what happened to Indians that didn’t sell land to the fascists of their day (or even if they did–never trust a fascist! Chamberlain also made that mistake).

    2. @mdo686 I’m not a Trump supporting fascist soo… Also you get that absolutely wouldn’t go your way. Don’t be dumb.

    3. @Mike D true enough. The infection is spreading up here too, but we’re still relatively sane. Our vaccination rates provides a little proof. Although, some people I have known for years won’t get the vaccine for the same stupid talking points you hear in America.

    4. @Mike D Actually it’s a real threat across the globe. I couldn’t believe that right wing nuttery has exploded even in Germany of all places, would have thought they learned the first time around.

  6. I’m saying since the beginning make them pay. They will continue until the top traitors are arrest.

  7. Mo Brooks looks for socialism in everything, but can’t see the communist influence on Trump, and looks the other way on Facism in his colleagues and supporters. And thinks he’s a true patriot.

    Truth is getting as hard to find, in the Retrumplican Party, as it is a real patriot in there too.

    1. @N Gonzales Yeah, Trump’s mind is even worse now then back when he was in office. Give the guy a break, he’s going to jail soon.

  8. You think all the Republicans screaming about “socialism” will deny collecting their social security when they get old enough to collect it?

    1. @The Seeker Yep. Despite the Republican rhetoric, we *are* a socialist country – we have socialism for the rich. 2009 Wall Street bailout, anyone?

    2. @Peter B yeah I know, I didn’t say it was 🙂 relax. PS: the GOP wants to take it away, (after they tapped into it, tanking it, now saying it is not viable LOL).

  9. There is a law on the books saying CON-federates cannot be lawmakers.

  10. Wow, so he is encouraging bloodshed. As long as its not his. Now inciting another. Openly. He wants the uneducated to throw away their lives for them.

    1. Eventually, people will get fed up and throw guys like Brooks in jail. Imagine, a member of Congress with anti American rhetoric? He should be jailed on that alone. Violating the Oath of Office should come with severe penalties.

    2. @The Seeker Every one of the reps and senators who voted to not certify President Biden’s election in their pro forma vote is a traitor to the US and his or her oath of office.

  11. if I was a terrorist sympathizer the FBI would be knocking at my doorstep, but this clown can get away with it, amazing isn’t it

    1. @mike brigs Protesters had altercations with Trump’s Goon Squad who decided to bring the beef to a federal building in Portland. I’m sure that Wall Of Moms was so scary that Trump needed to send all those unmarked military looking goons to the Federal building to stop a peaceful protest. SO SCARY! LOL Oh yeah, BLM was there too!! OH NO!! LOL Not even close to a “storm” like we saw on Jan 6th. No attempted takeover of anything. It was a protest against police brutality and systemic racism – the exact thing that Trump purposely exacerbated by sending in those unauthorized and unmarked GOONS who were abducting random people into minivans without saying who they were or why they were doing it in broad daylight. But, you know, you’d have to actually acknowledge reality to have this conversation.

  12. The Republican interpretation of “Patriot Americans” is “White American!” They like “white” word so they should use it more as fits their ideology well!

  13. Mo Brooks: “How could I possibly know that those people would actually, you know, FIGHT for America? I don’t know where they got that idea.”

    1. Such a statement reflects either willful ignorance or outright lying. In Brooks’ case, it could be both.

    1. Because you use a phrase he used in January to apply to something today.

      So if I told someone to jump from a bridge 10 years ago, does it become my fault if they take up bungee cording?

    2. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith this is what he tweeted today about the bomber…
      “understood citizenry anger directed at dictatorial Socialism and its threat to liberty, freedom, and the very fabric of American society.”

      That is inciting more violence on something that is totally false, just like the big lie.

    1. @Jim Hibbits How so? A patriot is a person proud to be an American. As well as one who is willing to fight for this country anyway they can. How is that hard to understand?

    2. @Jackie B. 1% of American’s are in the military. And what you decide to fight for is utterly subjective. So were the criminals who stormed the Capitol ‘patriots’? By who’s measure??

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