Immense Pressure On Biden To Speed Up Afghanistan Evacuations 1

Immense Pressure On Biden To Speed Up Afghanistan Evacuations


The Biden administration is facing growing pressure to speed up evacuations out of Afghanistan as reports say the situation on the ground is becoming more and more uncertain. We discuss that with Shannon Pettypiece and Adm. James Stavridis.

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    1. Haven’t you all shallow liberals voted for this demented dude out of Trump’s hate ?
      Kamala or Pelosi won’t be any better..With the Talaban and Isis roaming the earth and with thousands of folks flooding thru an open boarder I don’t see why not having worse than the nine eleven soon

  1. “Immense pressure” OMG!! More scary language. Can’t you write a title for grownups? Just get to the point. Don’t sugar coat it. Here’s a tip. When you do a sequel, make it good this time.

    1. @Win Big with Lena & Mike protection was also part of the agreement. Ntm its straight up inhumane to leave them there to die.

  2. I like Brian Williams. He is a truth teller who risked his life many times to get the news to me. Great journalist!

  3. I voted for Biden and even I’m disappointed in him regarding his rushed withdrawal from Afghanistan. Should have definitely left at least 2,500 troops to make it a smoother process and evacuate Americans before the Taliban could take over. Not to mention we left BILLIONS of dollars of military equipment and vehicles that are now under Taliban control which seems like a waste of tax dollars.

    1. You voted for Biden because things were said about the Trump administration. Horrible things that made you believe the world was in peril. These were words.
      Biden you can feel when you go to the gas pump, buy a cheese burger or walk down a street in a modern city.

  4. “……And to tie his bathrobe when he wanders the White House corridors at 2:30a.m.looking for some more pudding”.

    1. @Benjamin Berlinsky The thing you people are too ignorant to take in is the fact that you SPREAD it to others. That is the whole idea for a mask. You stop it spreading. It is not rocket science. .

    2. @Trudie S so long as I don’t breathe directly onto their face, they’re fine. PS my girlfriend and I both had covid despite wearing masks regularly. No more masks for us, and no mystery jab. The scamdemic is over as far as we’re concerned.

    3. @Benjamin Berlinsky Why is it that the hospitals in Florida and Texas in particular are so full of people on ventilators and are dying in great numbers? What illness are they suffering with and dying from? A head cold, a mere sore throat, some hysterical condition? Why are there so many cases and deaths in those states? There is a reason for that and it has to do with the demonising of masks and jabs by the leaders there, whilst being vaccinated themselves. So, what is over? You didn’t even acknowledge that there is anything in the first place. Or is there?

    4. @Trudie S you’re so ignorant that you don’t know that the masks don’t work and the vaccine doesn’t work either because people that got both shots they’re still getting Covid

    5. @Donald Pimentel That is because the people that refuse to wear them could be spreading the virus. For the hundredth time: the masks are there to stop you spreading the virus IF you carry it. It stops the wearer spreading it and is not so much a method of not catching it. Sigh…..

    1. More proof Joe Biden is incompetent to be President and his advisors and Generals should be fired.
      TALIBAN’S U.S.-MADE WAR CHEST: Pentagon officials estimate that the Taliban has captured 2,000 armored vehicles and up to 40 aircraft (including Black Hawk helicopters). Social media photos have shown Taliban fighters driving U.S. Humvees and wearing special forces tactical uniforms. It is believed that the Taliban also control the vast majority of the supplies once held by the Afghan army. Since 2003, the United States has equipped the Afghan army with more than 600,000 infantry weapons, 162,000 pieces of communications equipment, and 16,000 night-vision goggles. All paid $$$ for by US taxpayers.

  5. Big surprise there is no passage to the airport after all Afghan intl. funds and accounts have been frozen.

  6. Pulling out the military and leaving American civilians behind and going back later to rescue them is like going on vacation, arriving at your destination, and then going back home to get your luggage.

    1. The American 20 year disaster in Afghanistan was not a holiday. It was a 20 year crime and it is lucky that unlike in Vietnam so far US forces are not being attacked at the airport and are being allowed to leave. This was never going to end well but it has to end.

    2. @Robert van Ruyssevelt But evacuating the US citizens and Afghan allies is a NO BRAINER. It’s makes you wonder what kind of deal Hunter made with the Taliban, maybe they prepaid for a bunch of his so called “art”.

  7. So we’ve known for over a year we were leaving, Biden even delayed leaving on Trumps negotiated timeline and yet it’s only at the last possible second that we start evacuation?
    Da faq?

    1. @Eljan Rimsa no one’s saying the biden administration is smart, what we are saying is this should have been done months ago, not literally at the last moment.

    2. The smart money left long ago. Most of the contractors took their pile of gold and left. The greedy ones stayed to make a few more dollars and got their timing wrong.

    3. @Robert van Ruyssevelt yea, those silly contractors, how dare they take the US government at their word.

  8. They way Joe “handled” this makes you wonder if the Taliban prepaid for some of Hunter’s so called “art”.

    1. 10s of thousands of lives lost, trillions spent to keep the Talibans away and, 1000s of American are stuck there. This senile guy has messed up everything in few months! He is not leading the country, being led by teleprompter and cue cards!!

  9. When the US has two immoral, incompetent political factions fighting too make each other look worse than themselves and squabbling for power don’t expect much good. .

  10. So we support the Afghan people for 20 years pay for the salaries hook him up with electricity and water schools for their kids and somehow we still owe them I guess 2500Americas it’s not enough

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