What Israel's Covid Increase Says About Who Needs A Booster 1

What Israel’s Covid Increase Says About Who Needs A Booster


Dr. Vin Gupta joins to react to the Biden administration's plan for boosters at eight months, plus the uptick in Covid cases in Israel where the vaccination rate is among the highest in the world.

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  1. Cases aren’t a problem in a vaccinated society, and a few deaths are sadly inevitable. The real issue is the capacity of the heathcare system to cope with those who become seriously ill.

    1. @Googly Goo
      Can’t you people think of anything new besides Sheep??
      You people either parrot 1 another constantly or like an old vinyl with a big scratch in it….

    2. @Googly Goo
      The only cowards I know are the un-vaccinated! Let us adults handle this!! You sit on the sidelines like you’ve done your whole life!
      And I’ve noticed 3 of your last 4 comments on stuff!! You’ve parroted
      You can’t even comment unless someone’s said it before
      That’s frickin pathetic

  2. There needs to be a congressional investigation into governors and Congress members that have investments into Regeneron pharmaceuticals Inc. and that may profit off our sickness rather than us being vaccinated to fight this virus.

  3. The latest data indicates that if you got the Pfizer jab in April .. still has 79% efficacy against symptomatic infection … but people who got their second jab in january have only 16% efficacy (and dropping still I believe). In 2-3 months from now … everybody jabbed May or before will have 16% efficacy (or less). Side note .. ironically it will be these vaccinated people that will be variant factories.

    As far as outcomes, it is claimed that breakthrough cases have better outcomes but as efficacy drops the outcomes will likely converge with the unvaccinated (perhaps if efficacy reaches 0% .. which it is trending toward but may flatten out before that .. we will see). A few “clusters” have shown similar outcomes btw breakthru and unvaccinated. 

    The latest data is from Israel … the canary in the coal mine for Pfizer … they vaxed many early all with Pfizer. 

    EU and CDC lag in their data release. They have tracked downward efficacy but have not caught up to Israeli Pfizer.

    I personally doubt outcomes will be better for vaxed when efficacy bottoms out and might be only marginally better at 16% efficacy. 


  4. So the lesson here is the experimental vaccines didn’t work. So now you need another one. But let’s just blame the whole thing on the unvaccinated so we don’t look stupid.

    1. 90+% of the hospitalizations today are of the unvaccinated, who are also potential breeding grounds for new variants. So who is stupid now?

    2. @Gordon MacWilliam That’s a lie Gordon and i’m an emt and the most of the patients i cared for all been single but mostly double jabbed.. Unvaccinated are the scapegoats of this

    3. @Joseph Escorian isreal has a 78% vax rate of 12yr olds and up and are currently under-going the biggest wave of infection since last year… today the head of the cdc said the infection rate numbers concerning the “pandemic of the unvax’d” that the cdc has been using are wrong… besides the emt’s comment above, there’s nurses and doctors all accross the country that have come out to say the exact samething… science requires data, not propaganda

    1. You can’t possibly be real. Are you a Russian or Chinese bot? “Proud to be white”? I can understand pride in ethnicity, but a lack of skin pigments, what’s so awfully great about that? Doctors doing crimes against humanity?

  5. Imagine those countries that only had access to the Chinese made vaccine. They’re probably gonna face increasing problems given that the efficacy of those vaccines are not as well documented.

    1. The cure is to turn off your taste put down your phones shut off your computers and get back out in to the real world and LIVE rather than just exist

  6. see racaniello on virology, right here in youtube, on why boosters are not indicated. when you get a booster, your anti-body production ramps up and then anti-bodies wane again. if you get another…as i get it, tis the memory of one’s system that vaccination triggers that will protect you…blessings to all

  7. I ask the one lord who has witness the story of prophet Joseph and how his brothers bring his shirt with blood to his father Jacob, the one who has witnessed his shirt being cut from the backside due to the women, I ask him who has witnessed the bringing of the shirt to his father to gave him the good news. I ask you Allah who you witness everything to protect the children and old man who has been kicked out of their homes and surrounded in stripes …Amen

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