1. I can picture a secret service agent trying not to laugh as Trump’s tiny hands reach helplessly for his throat. Silly Donald, you need big boy hands for such things!

    1. remember please: there are also the kgb trollskis: team rasPutin. same difference.

    2. I’m more concerned about world War 3, a collapsing economy and our current president, who can’t complete a sentence, than I am about Trump

  2. Somebody needs to tell Ron Johnson that we all think he’s an idiot and that we don’t need anymore proof.

    1. @Diamerald Hey it’s a line I’m not crossing. God gives everyone free will and he makes the final call anyways. Peace brother…

    2. @Gabriel Adkins you’re a hypocrite. You ask someone if they are 12 and then proceed to judge people in the comments. Pot. Meet kettle.

    3. @Billy The Kidder Judge not as He judges. Where did I judge? I reckon in your head I did something wrong which is an increasing issue in our society. In any case I apologize. Take care and God bless…

  3. Like Trump, Ron Johnson needs a note from his doctor to get out of the Senate hearings:
    Phone Spurs.

    1. @Jamtommy 5 for student deferment, the one in 1968 was for asthma. Medical disqualification unless in cases of national emergency.

    1. @old man Few people were even arrested that day. So, it’s really hard to say how many may have had guns. Many of the people near the rally refused to go through security. From the videos you can see how many used bear spray and other objects as weapons.

    1. Uvalde is looking for new cops, Johnson appears to be eminently qualified to go there and not do his job.

  4. We need more reporters like that!
    EDIT: Like the FIRST one! (“I’m on the phone.” “No you’re not!”)

    1. @Brent M I think we all know that, but he wasn’t talking and didn’t say anything before hanging up. Who just hangs up without saying “thank you” or “bye”?

    2. @phanatic215 We definitely do not all know that because about 50 people online have said, directly, I’m wrong, and the news reports and original reporter based their conclusion on the fact that “I can see your phone”. …

      I don’t know if he was talking to anyone or not. However, I could reasonably think of scenerios where he’d be listening to a list of items or members who are voting a certain way or his kid talking about her softball game – a million things where someone would just be on the phone listening for a couple minutes. I can also envision the person on the other end hearing the commotion and saying ‘Is that press, I’ll let you go”…

      DO I think that’s likely? No. But its possible. And making up the alternative is stupid when if he’s not lying, he could easily produce a call log and leave every network that reported it with egg on their face further undermining their credibility.

      it’s a stupid ‘gotcha’ moment that isn’t relevant to the legislation or supreme court decision or hearings. It’s pure hyperbole and a nothingburger of internet stupid that the Right usually does so often.

      Again, we don’t need to do that if facts and empathy are on our sides. They are dragging us down and too many left-wing, good intentioned people (and media) are falling for it.

    3. @Brent M fair enough. I think it’s overblown, but they’re looking for any opportunity to have a story about these weasel politicians.

  5. That’s what I’ve been saying is the love those individuals have for Trump that strong that they are going to sit in prison while he’s running around free without a care in the world. If so oh okay then.

  6. The ol’ ” I’m on the phone, bub so I don’t have to hear your shenanigans.” trick…

  7. All i know is, there should never be another Trump flag, hanging over the Capitol or the Confederate flag.

  8. Simply asking loudly “why do you keep running away when asked about January the 6th mr Johnson” would be far more effective and make him look far worse,why can’t American journalists ever go for the jugular 🤷‍♂️

    1. @super buddy Because it was specifically set up in it charter,to be a public broadcaster and NOT a state broadcaster. It’s is PUBLICLY funded through a tv licence,2 minutes googling will adequately enlighten you👍

    2. @Mark Hepworth I’m not arguing. I rely on BBC for accuracy. I’ve been taken to task for it and people have said BBC is state sponsored information. Thank you for backing me.

  9. Mr. Johnson, do you agree with this quote from your supporters: “Traitors get the rope”?

  10. Pretending to be on a fake phone call, so typical of these gutless reps. He should have watched today’s Jan 6th hearing, if only to see what courage and guts look like!

  11. In a functioning democracy the political parties weed out the bad actors themselves as it casts the entire party in a bad light. We haven’t seen this in the GOP for the past 5+ years since it long normalized such behavior, Madison Cawthorn being the lone exception. Until this changes, it is highly unlikely the political landscape in the US will improve.

    1. ‘Corrupt to the core’: World reacts to Joe Biden’s bombshell voicemail to Hunter

  12. Raju: “He’s up for re-election?”

    Man, Ron Johnson might actually be on his way to prison after all of this 🤔

    1. @LP Work So… nothing? That’s right… your desperation is strong.
      (Grinning from ear to ear)
      You need to send more money to the (tee he he) “stop the steal” thing.

  13. “Im on my phone…. No you are not, i can see your screen.” His aid smiling says everything! #January6 is a blockbuster hit. It should be given an Emmy!

    1. @Brent M true, I just checked my oldest 4s and it blacks the screen out when up to your cheek, my 5s 6 7 and now 13 also does this

    2. @mikef1570 Yup. Like I said, very easy to verify on google and in practice.

      I msg’d MSNBC this as well as they were the worst of the reports citing a blank screen as ‘proof’… smh. We need to be better than them.

    3. @Brent M Just had my friend try it on a newer phone. The screen stayed on with options for Bluetooth, volume, and so on but no numbers to hit with your ear.

  14. The “no your not, I can see you screen” always makes me laugh. Doesn’t get better than that

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