1. For those of you who think Cassidy tells lies, her claims have already been corroborated by all workers within earshot and visual range. She wasn’t the only witness, she’s just really only one you know about.

    1. @Relevant Elevant cool, they testify on the record? And their thoughts on the more important stuff like “they are here for me, remove the mags”?

  2. Trump in the “beast” there may be some to dispute what went on as he left But as the vehicle is leaving you can see through the windows, something was going on inside vehicle. There was a lot of arm movements by Trump. That is recorded on film.

  3. So what about the Willard War Room and Members of Congress? I want names and indictments.

  4. For those of us that have always seen Trump for what he truly is, none of this is shocking. They can keep piling on the evidence, at this point all I care about is what can and will be done about it.

  5. To those attacking Cassidy Hutchinson on social media: Go under oath and prove her wrong.
    Yes, I’m talking to you, Marjorie Taylor GROSS.

    1. @Michael Myers
      No, I don’t watch Fox…
      *NBC, ABC, and now even CNN…*
      Tryn’ pay attention here and educate yourself before further making yourself look a fool.

    2. @Jamtommy You are watching a CNN clip here and you claim you don’t watch it?
      Not the sharpest knife in the kitchen, are you?
      English is not your forte either so….

  6. Time to get Ornato, Cipollone, Engle, and Meadows on the stand. If they refuse jail them immediately. This is straight-up attempted murder and treason!!!

    1. @William Crowley …and when the FBI picks them up, “Please don’t be too nice while arresting [them], and don’t worry about their heads when […] tossing them in the ‘paddy wagon’.”

    2. @Sophie Dockx i definitely approve of the course, if the DOJ had been first, all of this would be hidden until the trial, this has allowed we the people to be informed prior to the election. Hopefully it will wake up enough to avoid the downfall of the country.

  7. Previous inconsistent statements, such as Ornato’s contemporaneous statement to Hutchinson, may be admissible as rebuttal evidence if Ornato denies it.

  8. I don’t understand why we’re wasting a minute talking about ketchup on the wall, or grabbing the truck’s steering wheel. It’s clear enough that Trump knew “his people” were armed, and headed to the Capitol after the rally, and rather than stopping them, he egged them on. What else needs to be discussed?

  9. It’s interesting to me that if MS.Cassidy was a Liar; a frequent Liar, then WHY the Witness Tampering? Oh yeah; because clearly She was speaking the Truth! And WE the American Public have a Right to know! Accountability to the People!

  10. “Hear 15 warnings of Jan. 6 violence cited in shocking hearing” and #ConvinceItForward

  11. Were any of the people observed with weapons arrested and prosecuted?
    If they were not arrested, why not.???
    What did the police and Secret Service do about the people with weapons. Who was working in support of the insurrection and who was working in support of their oath to the Constitution of the USA.

  12. I’m kinda sorry the Secret Service stopped DJT from going to the Capitol. If he did there would be hundreds of videos of him leading the charge, or at least urging them on. Maybe even hearing him chant – Hang Mike Pence. It would have resulted in the 25th Amendment before the day was out followed by jail.

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  15. I’m a citizen of a completely different country, who was simply observing US politics from afar in the weeks after the 2020 election. As it got closer and closer to Jan 6, and Pence made it clear he wouldn’t give in to Trump’s demands, it was perfectly clear even to me that violence on that day was inevitable. The idea that anybody in the White House didn’t realise it is ludicrous.

  16. Much respect to this brave young lady. As an Army brat, I have always loved my country. I see this young lady as a role model for today’s youth!!! Cassidy Hutchinson ROCKS!!!

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