GOP senator explains why she's voting for Biden nominee 1

GOP senator explains why she’s voting for Biden nominee


Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) explains on the Senate floor why she will break from her party and vote for President Biden's associate attorney general nominee Vanita Gupta. #CNN #News


    1. @Liberty Drive tbh honest theres nothing wrong about republican values except hatred of infastructure and 15$ wages

    2. @Avinash Garlapati well, and lack of care of gun violence, willingness to spend on the military but not programs to help people, lgbt rights, the separation of church and state, and many others. But other than those, yeah I guess they’re alright.

    1. @Jasmany Foch I bet you have. There are racist in every segment of society, not many of them wear hoods these days. Most of the flex their power at the polls, voting for politicians on all political levels who are of”like minds”.

    2. @dan dansen human beings are innately curious about the world, the universe and have an inherent desire for knowledge. it’s not because of “wokeness”. basically your argument is, any adult who can’t read or write isn’t woke. kids all over baltimore who can’t read or do math at grade level aren’t woke. this argument has gotten silly

    3. @Daniel Fisher We shouldn’t take people like Lisa for granted. Moderate Republicans seem to be in scarce supply when these days.

    4. How exactly Vanita Gupta is indigenous? Her parents are from India. She could be indigenous in Bombay the same like you based on your picture. This is pure tribalism.

    1. Biden is dismantling America here is your proof
      1) neglecting the boarder
      2) Russia has warned Biden to back off the Russian lines
      3) killing our cops
      4) Taking Americans guns away

    2. Biden is dismantling America here is your proof
      1) neglecting the boarder
      2) Russia has warned Biden to back off the Russian lines
      3) killing our cops
      4) Taking Americans guns away

    1. @Florida ManNo, it means treating each situation as being totally independent (from both parties), and first using her brain to discern the pros/cons before blindly siding with her other career politicians. She’s doing what’s right for her constituents, instead of all Bible Belt republicans who don’t necessarily align with her agenda. She can be a republican and also use her brain (surprise!).

    2. @Florida Man That’s not true. Like I mentioned, I value elected officials using their brain first before blindly voting — as they have a duty to representing their constituents (Democrat or republican, it doesn’t change the philosophy). There’s moderates on both sides.. and I wish there were even more critical thinkers present.

    1. @Muddy Water Someone who knows Alaska and its representatives better than I do already made relevant points. The only people raving about Rinos seem to be people who follow the teachings of Qanon and, by extension, Trump. They’re the ones who seem to not comprehend how Fox News has publicly stated they are not a news channel and rather an entertainment channel that no sane person would take seriously. If someone is spouting far right rhetoric, I can make an educated guess drawn from the common influences that are related to a subculture with its own slang. Nice try, Muddy Water.

    2. You guys are so dumb her poops show she’s going to lose badly and has no support. Most people in her state support Trump. Period

    3. @MyNameIsJeff 123 apparently, you aren’t aware of Alaska’s politics. Lol ever heard of rank choice voting? lol i can’t with this comment.

    1. @Jen Suckie honestly she should switch. She’d still win her seat and give the Dems an extra seat in the Senate. If you guys don’t want her, we can have her.

    2. @Chad Sanislo You bring up communist/communism but you obviously don’t know what it means or how it applies in a democracy. The fact that you can’t use “you’re” properly, tells me everything I need to know about you.

    3. Chad Sanislo, first Democrats aren’t communist and you couldn’t define it if your life depended on it. Second, after the seditionists attacked the Capitol on January 6, the party of treason is no longer in question. The Republicans proved they have no regard for democracy, the Constitution, or the country. It is blasphemy that they dare call themselves patriots.

  1. She has an independent Spirit. She heard what she heard, she asked her questions and now she’s making her own decisions.

    1. @Lee Christmas word! I think there would be more widespread support for a choice voting if more people understood what it was. We need to put pressure on our politicians to introduced civics into the curriculum an earlier age. We need to get this next generation enthused about voting.

    2. @Finn MacCool Justice Antonin Scalia also said that no amendment is absolute including the Second Amendment. Antonym Scalia was no Daisy. So if you’re going to argue history, make sure you know what you’re talkin about

    3. @Washington05 B Donnie in Putin’s back pocket. Biden not so much.
      China and Russia are our enemies.
      North Korea too.

      Trump was a disgrace to democracy. See Jan 6.
      Don’t forget it.

    4. @Washington05 B the only reason Russia is flexing its muscles right now, is because it’s not relevant anymore. Now that Donnie is gone, his love affair with Putin is not a worldwide obsession. Russia is not going to do anything, they just want the notoriety

    5. @Bobby Webber You sir do not realize that Arizona Governor is activating NATIONAL GAURD BECAUSE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION WILL NOT DO THERE JOBS. BIDEN HAS CAUSED A BIG PROBLEM YOUR ANTI CHRIST… I’m sorry to tell you this but you do not seem to smart or chose to want to see what is happening in the real world buddy. Lay off games and your 1 channel news station.. Get educated and maybe we can continue this conversation

    1. Then why do you watch CNN.
      They lie everday, every episode.
      Are you that simple of a person you actually beleive anything CNN reports?

      You see those hidden camera videos of the CNN executive producer bragging on multiple occasions about manipulating idiot viewers?
      Poor idiots.

  2. They love her so much in Alaska that one year when she ran they had to write her name in and spell it correctly and she still won

    1. She voted to defend police,and your proud to be an Alaskan with Lisa representing your communist

    2. The canidate has stocks in a company that supplies chemicals to.make fentanal. Research it. She is beimg paid to vote her in. Id assume

  3. Yes finally, this is how it is supposed to work. This is an example of what the Majority
    of common sense Americans want our elected officials to do. I hope this is a step
    in the right direction that other Republicans will get onboard with, both sides of the
    aisle working for the good of the country. ( i know what a concept). Thank you Sen.
    Murkowski for taking the time to listen and making a choice.

  4. This is how grown people with a real consciousness of issues of government should be ran. I truly appreciate being able to see this happen.

  5. I think, understand why I might as cheer for Afghanistan. Feels like I was born on enemy territory. Feel like, I’m in a country, I’m not from. I think, this comment was the first comment I should’ve realized, since I was a kid. There’s not one school, I’ve attended; where I wasn’t bothered by a psycho, who comes out of nowhere and bothered me.

  6. It’s about time they started standing up for what is good for the country rather than just obstructing everything out of spite and mean-spiritedness.

  7. Extremely well done.
    Nominees should be considered by their abilities to perform, not just by their party affiliation.

    1. Then Biden and Kamala should not be in charge of our country.
      Look at the Border
      Mass killings every week
      BLM debacle
      Kamala flying all over the wrong places across the country wasting tax payers money ( jet fuel and environment )???!!!
      Biden ( Usurper in Chief)
      Can’t even say a full sentence before he can’t remember his own name
      Democrats are

  8. I’ve helped many women obtain their legal immigration status through the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). The hardest part for me was getting their story down. I tried to distance myself so as to not experience any of the trauma. I had to go through special training in order to not internalize it I’m proud to have helped many women escape their abusers. I’m also proud of the fact that many of them taught me what it means to forgive their abuser. I’m more proud to say that I call many friends, and one my “daughter.”

    1. Well that’s very nice just hopefully the ones coming through the gates all those cartels are going to move anywhere hopefully God knows that they moved next door to you and not somebody else yes, so you can hear their stories.
      Cuz I listen to the cries of Americans that suffer from it, and those american children’s been raped and kidnapped and killed they’re my priority you stick to yours and I will keep praying for MS-13 and cartels to become your neighbor so you can hear their stories Amen.

    2. @Nra,Morris G Just curious where do you live? You ever met an ms-13 member? I’d be willing to bet you haven’t

  9. Good to see someone looking at credentials and experience! That’s what will push us forward

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