Most of Quebec's Bill 21 secularism law upheld in court 1

Most of Quebec’s Bill 21 secularism law upheld in court


A Quebec judge has upheld most of Quebec’s Bill 21 secularism law, but some key parts have been overturned.

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  1. This is so stupid, why do you care what someone is wearing? As long as they are presentable and doing their job, what does it matter?

    1. It goes against western principles. It’s secularism. If you don’t like it, go to countries that allow you to. It’s really that simple

    2. @Cian MacGana This has nothing to do with secularism. The French, whether here in Quebec or over in the motherland, will always be racist lol. Not all of the French, but just a large proportion.

    3. Because they hide their faces and are not identifiable. You can’t even see their faces on a driver’s license. If you walked into a bank with a scarf on your face you’d be arrested. Post Covid.

    4. Actually it does matter. We are supposed to be a non-secular culture and they are thumbing their noses at your inferior culture by shoving their culture in your face.
      I’ll give them that much credit. They see you as weak, and they are not wrong. You are weak because you won’t stand up for your culture.

    1. @69Mach I CJ You mean America and Israel keeping funding and pushing countries to fight each other or creat proxy wars?

    2. @Peanut Butter It their call if they want to show their face. No one but the person should control that except when crossing the border, entering an airplane etc.

  2. If this type of law was even talked about in Alberta the Federal Government would be screaming Racist!
    In Quebec it is acceptable because as is now obvious to all Albertians we are not equal in confederation.

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