Ontarians confused about what they can buy in stores 1

Ontarians confused about what they can buy in stores


Sparkly hair clips? Yes. Socks? No. There is confusion and inconsistencies over what stores are selling during Ontario's stay-at-home order.

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    1. That’s not right! I hope you spoke to someone on site about that! Diapers (both infant, and adult), feminine products, and birth control, are all essential items. (I worked at Herbie’s Food & Drug Warehouse in London in the late 80’s when it was still illegal in Ontario for non-pharmacy stores to open on Sundays, and we had to rope off some aisles. )

  1. I needed a kettle as mine broke. Couldn’t buy it at Walmart. But bought it at Independant, as the aisle it was in had to be opened due to long lines at the cash (I asked about this discrepancy!)

  2. Walmart management still letting seniors do laps for exercise . No cart not buying anything. Also still long line ups. Yet I can’t by motor oil for my vehicle. Thunder bay.

    1. Laps!!!! Bahahaha. You’re not lieing, them seniors out in force. Busses drop them off at the malls here for laps during lockdown but Ford blames younger individuals

  3. I can’t wait till my cothes get a holy and unwearable, when I go to buy new clothes so I don’t get charged for being naked I wont be able to. Clothign is essential, why can’t I buy them?

  4. You can buy anything at Walmart but the non-essential can only be ordered online and picked up or delivered.

  5. Lmao yeah you can buy video games and other electronics at Shoppers still.
    The entire idea was insane

  6. The isolated class want safety without compromise and expect the world to perfectly organize around their demands on a moment’s notice.

  7. My car battery was dead. Went to Costco to buy a replacment and was told that car batteries were non-essential items and were not for sale. But the Duracell batteries on the end of the aisle were not a problem.

  8. I was at Walmart just now and I was told I could not buy engine oil. I asked if car requires oil change or oil top up, what do I do

  9. It’s my opinion that if it’s safe enough for me to enter your store, than its fine for me to purchase whatever you sell. Can go into Wal-Mart to buy groceries but I can’t buy anything else? Why? What is the difference if I am already there shopping?

  10. The entire baby section, including diapers and formula, at my local Walmart is blocked off. How is that possibly non essential???

  11. this government is honestly pathetic…simply because this whole “essential vs. non essential” meaning seems to be pulled out of their asses

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