1. This should not be about party interests! This should be what’s right or wrong! The American ppl needs justice…

    1. @Brian Jones I would have thought if there was anything they could really nail him for, that it would be happening by now. Regardless, I guess things can come out at anytime. Laptops appear, so on.

    2. @Brian Jones I agree we should get all the religious people out of government they have no business being there. If their loyalty is to the bible first then they should not be running our country because as you said the bible can’t tell you how to run a government. No more swearing-in on the bible no more prayer on the government floor. The bible is only useful for keeping slaves obedient to the masters. You said it, brother!

    3. @Brian Jones Boo hoo, people tore down a bunch of statues, most of which were erected by white supremacists to remind black people of ‘their place’ by honoring traitors to America. So saaaaaaaaaad.

      “Oh but some weren’t, checkmate!” Yes, angry people do do dumb things, but so long as no people were hurt, unlike the insurrection at the capitol, it’s not a big deal. Erect some replacements once the anger calms, if they were worth honoring, unlike the people in the *slavery rights* focused Confederacy that lasted five years and is far less a part of people’s ‘heritage’ than frigging *Starbucks* which has been around for ten times as long.

    1. @kac0404 we did it in Georgia and we can do it everywhere. It’s time for Trump and Republicans to answer to us and were going to convict.

    1. @John B – you say that “rabid CNN fans” don’t care about the Time article. Perhaps you ought the read it yourself. It’s about the campaign to hold a free and fair election during a pandemic, not about rigging an election. But maybe you don’t care about that? You know, because it doesn’t fit your narrative?

    2. @John B – look up the history of impeachment in the US. Loads of the early trials were conducted when the accused was out of office. It is constitutional. And the Chief Justice didn’t want to preside as the usually preside when it’s a sitting president, he wasn’t worried about the constitutionality.

    3. Hey Michael, 1st person to meme Republican as mindless sheep breaks the internet! Facts matter! Its like critical thinking doesn’t exist in the Republican mindset at all.

    4. @Chris Canzanese Oh, so you mean we should wait around for the Teapublicans to embrace and practice the moral/ethical concept of legal fairness and impartiality? Since when have they ever exhibited the LEAST tendency to do that?
      What a DUMB question!

  2. The system is so messed up. How can the defense collaborate with the jurors?!?! How is this freaking allowed?

    1. @Mark In Trump’s speech Thursday after the insurrection he stated… Quote to those who rioted and engaged in acts of violence and destruction you do not represent our country.
      He through his own supporters under the bus and has separated himself from those who trespassed at the Capitol building now calling for their arrest.A president’s words matter, he betrays the Constitution continuously when he oversees a campaign to overturn a free election guaranteed by that Constitution, and when he galvanizes rioters to overpower our democratic process.
       He tried to deceptively present himself as the law-and-order president and denounced protesters as rioters, he summoned supporters to Washington and unleashed them as violent obstructionist on the Capitol as the Electoral College votes were being presented. “Be there, it will be wild,”
      protests sometimes did become violent and destructive in Portland and other cities, and when that happened Biden repeatedly denounced them; he stood up to his base. Trump in contrast incited violence by his base on the January 6th Capitol attack.
      invoking the Insurrection Act and deploying forces to interrupt the presidential transition. We should all be on alert and remember the warning of every living former U.S. defense secretary that the military should stay out of such a crisis.
      But, hypocritically, Trump fails to take any responsibility after a term in which he has lost the House, the presidency and the Senate — and then unleashes mobs to terrorize the Capitol. History usually catches up to autocrats and thugs — eventually. They end up in prison, exile or disgrace, whining about the unfairness of it all, monuments to the perils of demagogy and authoritarianism.
      I bounce back and forth between understanding the passions of the people who assaulted the world’s symbol of democracy versus, the lack of realization and total stupidity of the damage that these misdirected actions achieved against the American economy, United States Universal moral standing and the generational substantial widely encompassed weakening of American forces and diplomacy worldwide. Lack of acceptance of the election results and continued sycophantic worship of Donald Trump , at this point only serves to strengthen foreign dictators and domestic terrorist.

    2. @Fk Ya correction , that would be 74,000,000 not 77,000,000 (and you want to call out the intelligence level of liberals? Try finding the chromosome you lost somewhere down the road ) I will say though, 74,000,000 is a lot of freaking votes,,,,, but not as much as 83,000,000 last time I past basic math lol!!

    1. @Gwen Morrison exactly. 81m democratic voters last election vs the 75m trumpists. Next time let it be the 81 million against two parties of about 35 million apiece 🤣🤣🤣 republicans will never win again 🤣🤣 reap what you sow 🎻😭

    1. So true. The GOP lies and scheming has finally come home to roost. Which ever way you look at it, they have already damn their party’s integrity to hell. Let the chips fall wherever it may.

    2. THIS! Thank you! Let’s just enjoy the entertainment, now that we know decent, good people will come through.🍻🍾🍿

    1. The demon crats are the disgrace lmao bunch of morons President Trump was saying to fight against the fraud not physically fight lmao people are pathetic

    1. @Raven GTR 👈. How were the riots and looting a last summer? Did you have a good time torching some cars? Did you kick some people wearing MAGA hats? Did you punch some Republicans because you didn’t like what they said? You’re pathetic

    2. If the trial is in any State of the United States, the lawyers and judge are turning away from the jurors for anything extracurricular, so nowhere in this country.

    3. @M Hall Maybe you should watch the yards of videotape showing the Trump flag invading the Capita screaming “Fight for Trump” ….that would be quite a hoax…how do you employ 40,000 people to commit such a hoax? You are a demented fool

  3. These three disgraced “Senators” should have been disqualified for their roles in spreading the big lie.

  4. The decision was already made by the Republican party – they will never vote to convict Trump. The GOP is corrupt and only concerned with themselves.

    1. @Jeff’s Boy Nicky please take a moment to explain to the families of the cops injured and killed by the trump faithful, ….you seriously have to be kidding .

    2. Oh your so right ! No accountability for joe Biden and his son for prid pro quo ! Nothing about Adam schiff saying he has proof trump was colluding with Russia ! O you got us ! Gfy

  5. Now can anyone NOT convict him after seeing his speech? It’s insane . These senators are COMPLICIT. Makes me SICK.😡

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