1. “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power. “
    – Abraham Lincoln

    1. @Douglas Garcia Let’s forget about all the dems inciting the blm riots. Sure. There’s a reaosn why you’re agreeing with a CNN video.

    1. @Hector R from what ? FERNANDO LUIS GARCIA was awarded the MEDAL OF HONOR ,He is a real hero . what did this women do / ?

    2. @Zhen Niu Jesus Christ dude just learn to how to comprehend the English language. If I immigrated to a Spanish speaking country and hung around only English speakers/non Spaniards and spoke English half the time then yes I would be traitor

    1. @Scarlett S was in the media business for 10 years….a narrative and good editor can make a cook out look
      like a house fire…thats what the dems are doing

    2. @SuperThunderGoodGuy The SoS of the states in question changed the election rules without the state legislators, which is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, I am sure you had no idea since most people have no idea how the Constitution works. Then those states in question, the SoS outright refused any forensic audits of the votes, something a corrupt country would do and has done before e.i. Iraq, N Korea, Venezuela. They also used military forces to “peacefully” transition power, something biden copied from mao and other dictators. Also it was Trump who brought the troops back, the biden TYRRINCAL government sent them back to the middle East day 1.

  2. So unimaginable, that the painfully obvious facts, with video no less, has to be stated and explained to republicans, where common sense alone is more than enough to convict. The Republican party is the Q party now…..where truth, facts, values, are no longer worth the time of day.

  3. We want to move on along with all those who were responsible for the insurrection on 6-Jan-2021 are brought to justice.

  4. All the democratic managers, you have spoken the truth, you have showed the facts to the world but sadly Republicans senators have turned their head from truth. My Americans fellows you know the facts

    1. @The Football Planet Nah the American people have been keeping track of this for weeks unless this person lives under a rock o3o

  5. “We have the power to impeach the president” . “The president does not have the power to impeach us”
    The people have the power to impeach by request of a tweet thus, the birth of political cowardice.

  6. what a great speaker! I wish I could take a course in political science from this amazing Teacher… and I am 75 years “old” and I wish I could be his student.

    1. How many President’s that were “impeached” wound up getting acquitted? All of them. The question is why? Because both sides are the ELITE. The most powerful and richest individuals compared to us “regular American citizen’s.” It’s foul and disgusting, but it’s out of our hands. If anyone should be brought to justice; it’s Trump! But, history always, ALWAYS repeats itself. As far as a state level… Hopefully, they have him! Listening to his lies/conspiracies for the past 6 years; Trump never pardoned Snowden nor Assange. Trump’s cult was SURE he was going to. Instead, he pardoned two rappers. You think maybe he would receive “leniency” during his impeachment? Most definitely! Ironically, a statement was made by a lawyer that intermingled with Trump and Epstein. The lawyers’ statement: Epstein was murdered. Shocking? Conspiracy? These elite politician’s do not like rats that talk. As heartbreakingly, sad this riot was at the Capitol… It breaks my heart that one officer passed away and the other officers were severely injured during this rage of violence. I pray that Trump pays for all that he’s done along with his minions. 😞🇺🇸🕊

    2. @Going Against The Grain He’ll pay. Judgement day always comes 👍 But God will pardon him if he asks to be saved and asks for forgiveness before it’s too late 👍 John 3:16 🙏🕊️

  7. “Because history is edited, most people today don’t realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews. How is that any different from hating someone for their political views?”

    1. They’re saying once he gets acquitted he’ll probably be out in public doing rallies saying he actually won and they stole it, saying find the “Republicans” who went against me and going to countries to talk about foreign policy thinking hes president still. The guy is gonna spread hatred and a dangerous ideology

    2. If they get Trump this time, there isn’t anyone would stand for We The People any more. The Washington Political Swap, the high techs, and the MSM could do whatever to us. People basically are pigs in their pigpen

    1. If they get Trump this time, there isn’t anyone would stand for We The People any more. The Washington Political Swap, the high techs, and the MSM could do whatever to us. People basically are pigs in their pigpen

    2. He’s been a shining star in the House since 2017. I think the last 4 years have got us paying attention more than ever before. He’s awesome!

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