GOP strategist: McConnell will play key role in Trump impeachment and could turn on US president 1

GOP strategist: McConnell will play key role in Trump impeachment and could turn on US president


GOP strategist Cory Crowley breaks down the latest on the impeachment proceedings that could be launched against U.S. President Trump.


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  1. I wouldn’t hold your breath on McConnell doing the right thing. He is a literal walking corpse without a soul, who does everything he can to stop the gears of democracy, because he hates democracy. If it were up to Moscow Mitch, his corporate donors would run America.

    1. @albertannationalist Really how? Every ridiculous stupid “fact” that there was cheating has been proven to be utter nonsense.

    2. @albertannationalist Then prove it. Trump and his cronies were trying really hard and they couldn’t do it. I highly doubt you will do any better. Only reliable sources allowed though, which probably rules out anything you would link

    3. @Steve Fitz Well, Mitch isn’t quite a Russian, just a Russian sympathizer. I dunno how Elaine feels about that though.

    4. @peter lojewski Yeah, I hear alot have been pulling out. Its awesome, none of the republicans that sided with trump should get away with it.

  2. When the Presidents own term ends, other members of the congress carry on in power while Trump himself will have none.

    1. His anti-war platform is likely one of the biggest reasons he is enemy number 1 for the establishment powers.

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