GOP Succeeds In Wasting Democrats’ Time In Power

Rachel Maddow shares the unsurprising news that White House negotiations with Republicans on an infrastructure bill have ended with no deal but with Republicans having successfully wasted almost two weeks of time that Democrats could have been putting to more productive use.
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    1. @B L – Biden knows that McConnell would not cooperate. It was all for show. The image policy is very successful.

    2. @Mike N From: “How to Fight Fascism: it Might Seem Obvious, But Is It?”
      “… how do we fight against the emergence of the far-right? The first step is to combat any fascist organising in public, without any exceptions. When fascists feel free to organise in public, their discourse becomes normalised and can gain hegemony. This does not necessarily imply that a fascist party will enter electorally into government, although it is not a far-fetched reality at the moment – but that their discourse can gain hegemony within status quo mainstream politics. Furthermore, fascist organising is a threat to the lives of the people they Other/scapegoat, that being predominantly women, non-binary and BAME communities, who experience the first attacks of the far right’s hegemonic materialisations. Finally, it is imperative of the radical left to seek for alternatives. Capitalism presents itself as eternal, thus becoming increasingly impossible to imagine any alternatives to it. The radical left’s task should be to build bridges into imagining a post-capitalist reality, thereby disrupting reactionary narratives, such as that of the far Right, which present itself as a molotov to the establishment whereas in reality it is a mere exasperation of the status quo reproducing itself. We must present new alternatives so as to disrupt any hegemonic ground that the far Right is trying to gain.

    3. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr Its not just Manchin with regards to the filibuster..theres more of them ..they just aren’t vocal about it. So the reality is Dems are going to do one reconciliation bill and thats the end. They won’t even protect the right to vote…or change the filibuster to where the minority has to be there to block with 40 votes against…instead of the majority gets 60 votes while the obstructionists don’t even have to show up.
      When you have control of all parts of government..and you can’t even protect the right to vote, what good are dems then? This is how dems lose elections.

  1. We need to get infrastructure done, fast, before we lose our last 2020 reconciliation.

  2. And the strange, dysfunctional circus that performs for a deeply divided audience continues.

    1. I don’t see us as divided. I see us more like a goulash. Most americans, both sides, want the same things for their families. For the country. It’s the politicians, the corporations and the media that want something different for our country…THIS.

    1. @Lex Ruptor I replied to one of your other sock accounts in this thread, DNCbot

    2. Tell me about it. Covid reminded me of the black death. It’s nice to talk to a fellow immortal vampire

  3. It’s time to grant statehood to dc, pr and Guam. Had enough of being held hostage by minority rule from welfare red states

    1. What do blue states with a high gdp mainly produce that makes them wealthy? Entertainment. Broadcast networks, games, movies, internet start ups. Could the world live without you? Why, yes, because they did for a very long time. California’s agriculture system only exists due to piped in water. When the blue states stop being dependent on those red states for their food supply, you can call them welfare states. All you’re really saying is that you’re more willing to pay to entertain yourself than you are to feed yourself so you’re making the red states poor. Perhaps they should just cut your food chain if you care so little about them. You can eat all the avocados you want!!! (Provided they don’t decide to cut California’s water supply, too)

    2. Or just separate the red and blue counties… Then you guys can do whatever you want on the tiny portion of America that actually supports you.

    3. @DJ Jones
      You forgot to mention best universities, science, international banks and businesses who require best educated ppl.

    4. @Dizzy Duke you wont be saying good when it ends in war. You think the civil war was over in a week and everyone was just fine at home?

    5. @Skankhunt42 In the same way splitting up the Dakotas was a power grab when it was supposed to be one state? So what? Republicans are constantly on a power grab.

  4. Mitch McConnell’s plan was to waste time. Joe Biden couldn’t figure that out by now?

    1. @Skankhunt42 Democrats aren’t the ones that have been near completely obstructionist since the Obama era..

    2. @Skankhunt42 You need to give actual real examples that exist in the real world, because this question is in bad faith and just waste everyone’s time.

  5. The democrats have control of the WH, the House and the Senate, and the Republicans still seem to be accomplishing as much as they did during Trump. Wtf?? Twisted.

    1. They haven’t been able to radicalize the Senate as you see with Manchin crossing the line. Nor is the court radicalized. So it will be a gridlock for the next year and a half. Biden’s biggest accomplishment will probably be the stimulus bill already passed.

    2. because they are all in the corporation pocket. We need to find out why they are no longer taxing the rich.

  6. I think Maddow is simply right: the democrats should do whatever they want to do on their own, and if the Republicans start complaining, show them the tape in which McConnell claims that their main goal will be to block anything the Biden Administration aims at doing.

    1. @JM B, it’s the same here. I’ve never waited a significant amount of time to vote and I never heard of anyone that had trouble voting.

      What districts are you referring to?

      You agree with voter ID in which the Democrat Party strongly opposes. You are definitely on the right of this issue by believing we need to require ID. As far as accessibility to in-person ID voting, conservatives do not oppose.

      “Call the election if there was a fraud without having to proove it,” where did you get that? I’m a conservative and this is news to me.

      America has always voted on Election Day (Tuesday) up until the covid pandemic. So this myth of a long history of blacks voting on Sunday is just false. Why do you even think that black people vote on Sunday? But I don’t oppose voting on Sunday if that’s what the state’s legislature decides.

      I read the highlights of HR1. But it isn’t the contents I oppose, but the further federalization of the country. If CA (or any state) passed HR1, then I have no opposition to it. The two parties are far too divided at this point to have a united path forward with federalization.

      It’s obviously much easier to cheat by mail. The postman could just simply keep ballots for himself or throw away ballots from areas known to vote for the opposition. This has happened. Or ballot harvesting is another example. You think that’s impossible? It has happened already.

      I’m not opposed to having more days to vote and Republicans are expanding the available time from pre-pandemic, not reducing it.

      I haven’t heard of the car pooling law. Where did you get that information from?

      I’m a bit confused why you have some much interest in this topic and claim to have extensive knowledge on the desires of the left and right when you are neither. I have basically zero knowledge about the voting system in France. 😂 But I know many countries are very interested in what happens in America due to our global influence.

      What happened to Notre Dame is a tragedy but it looks like most of the building and artifacts will be saved. I was absolutely shocked seeing it burning that day on the news. I’m glad they are building it back the way it was. It’s amazing there was so little planning for fire in one of the most important structures ever built by man.

    2. Because joey isn’t running the show. The marxists Obama appointees are. Unbelievable destruction done in 6 months. Buddy up to iran. And on the take from china.

    3. @Super Scary Russian Bot Underneath, found on a CBSNEWS article, explaining the bill that the democrats in Texas managed to stall after leaving the Capitol to prevent quorum. The vote was nulled as a result.
      ===) Sunday voting is possible in some states like Texas (see 5 below)

      1/ The bill had a provision that said if the number of “illegally cast” votes in an election is “equal to or greater than the number of votes necessary to change the outcome of the election, the court may declare the election void without attempting to determine how individual voters voted.” The bill says that someone challenging the results would have to prove the allegation by a “preponderance of the evidence,” which means there’s a greater than 50% chance that the claim is true. 

      This would lower the standard for overturning an election in the state. Courts in Texas previously found that a contestant challenging the results of an election had the burden of “proving by clear and convincing evidence that voting irregularities were present and that they materially affected the election’s results.”

      2/ If someone drives voters to the polls, the bill said that a person could only remain in the car with a voter if that person  would otherwise be able to provide assistance to the voter. If someone drives three or more voters, they have to fill out a form with their contact information and whether they assisted the voter. There are some exceptions for close relatives. The bill did allow poll watchers to observe people voting in cars.

      3/ The bill would make it a felony for a public official to send out applications to vote by mail to voters who did not request one. Harris County tried to send absentee ballot applications to all voters ahead of the general election, but the Texas Supreme Court blocked that. Harris County noted that the state did not try to stop the county when officials “distributed unsolicited applications to Harris County voters over 65 years of age” earlier in 2020. 

      4/ The bill set limits on the hours of early voting, which comes after Harris County, home to Houston, offered a handful of 24-hour early voting days before the November election. The bill would allow counties to set their hours, but early voting could only take place between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. 

      5/ The bill also would have delayed Sunday voting, a time typically used by Black churches for Souls to the Polls events, until 1:00 p.m., but that may change in future versions. Republican state Representative Travis Clardy told NPR on Tuesday that was not what lawmakers intended. 
      “I think there was a, call it a mistake if you want to, what should’ve been 11 was actually printed up as 1,” Clardy said.

      6/ Ban on Drive-Thru Voting
      The bill sought to ban drive-through voting, something Harris County used during November 2020 and in the recent May elections. A judge dismissed a lawsuit on the eve of the general election filed by four Republicans that tried to prevent officials from counting about 127,000 ballots cast at drive-thru voting sites.

      I’m interested in what is going on in the states, because I find it scary – for your country and the rest of the world, and concerned by the precedent it creates. The GOP are wannabe autocrats or worse, IMHO. And we have enough autocracies and dictatorships all over the planet.

    4. @Super Scary Russian Bot as far as Notre Dame is concerned, it was alleged that one of the workers working under the spire, a place almost entirely composed of wood (large beams etc.), smoked and left his cigarette butt which wasn’t properly put out. After the workers had left, the wind blowing through the gables of the roof caused the still burning cigarette to cause the fire. I don’t remember if there wasn’t also a malfunctioning fire alarm that had gone off for no reason a few days before, so the people in the cathedral thought it was a false alarm again and didn’t react immediately (not sure about that).

    5. @Super Scary Russian Bot The districts I’m referring to are obviously black and brown districts in Georgia, for example, where POC have to stand in line much longer than in other (white) districts. Many videos testify to it, filmed by the people waiting in line themselves.
      You know, Georgia, the state where Republicans have decided to criminalize people standing in line for giving water or food to another person also waiting. 🙁

  7. Can’t see what all the fuss is about, the GOP’s gameplan hasn’t changed since Obama was president : obstruct, obstruct, and then obstruct some more. It’s a given isn’t it?

    1. @Brad Kernot
      I take your point. They had no objection to multi millionaires and billionaires becoming even wealthier, in fact they enabled it.
      Also they did nothing to obstruct the rampant spread of the “Democrat Hoax” virus Covid 19.

    2. @Jay Buck just uneducated.. he thinks giving tax breaks for big companies and screwing over regular folks is a good thing .. that or he has no idea what his good party actually does.

    1. Harris was put in charge of the immigration crisis that the Dems created and guess where she still has not gone yet….lol

    2. And democrats are always trying to look busy. And when they actually accomplish something MINOR, they spend two months patting themselves on the back

    1. Its worse then that the GOP is the abusive husband telling the DEMS he did not mean to hurt them and want to make things better right after he gives her a beating. This is an abusive relationship.

  8. Biden should have learned this lesson with the COVID relief bill. Get on board or get out of the way. In any case, the American people and business community will know who to thank.

    1. The “COVID relief” bill. You mean the one that increased our national debt by a few trillion?

    2. @Jack T Really? NOW you worry about debt? So paying for vaccines after a half million dead due to The Idiot’s incompetence is a bad idea? Oh let’s not forget about his tax giveaways to the rich and corporations. Please. Onky reason conservatives whine is they didnt get to spend the money.

  9. How about a DEEP DIVE into manchin’s finances? HOW does he make his m I l l I o n s?

    1. My guess would be the same way Pelosi & Feinstein along with their spouses made their 100’s of millions off of government contracts.

    2. @Chris Cook the others aren’t stalling democratic legislation – this guy makes Republicans blush

  10. I don’t understand why Democrats keep allowing themselves to be played. This is infuriating. Stop thinking Republicans care when you know they don’t!

    1. Because they don’t want to pass anything! They are there to earn a good wage and to put on a good show to get re-elected!

    2. Us Bernie people kept telling you people that and you screamed at us, accusing us of being brown shirts and russians. It’s on you. You chose a corporate democrat over a progressive yet again. None of this should surprise you including Biden increasing interest rates on student loans. So thanks

  11. I wouldn’t even negotiated until Mitch publicly announced that the GOP is willing to work with them.

    1. Oh yeah. The same way Mitch shook hands with Harry Reid the proceeded to undermine and block everything. The same way the asked Obama for a thousand concessions, got em them proceeded to block everything. Now the Democrats conceded to everything and not 1single Republican voted for what they asked for. Here we are again. The Dems are Stupid or complicit with the Republicans to accomplish nothing.

  12. I’m the most optimistic person in the world & even I knew republicans would not join in on ANYTHING the democrats want to do & they never will as long as McConnell is in office!!!

    1. They’ve been this way for decades; Democratic politicians remind me of a superstitious cult who think one day magically the Republicans will suddenly convert.

    2. Well you have a short memory….you may recall that they resisted Trump’s administration the entire 4 years and did nothing for the people. They were obsessed with Trump. He drove them nuts.

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