GOP Support Of Trumpism May ‘Scare Off’ Independent Voters 1

GOP Support Of Trumpism May ‘Scare Off’ Independent Voters


NBC News' Henry Gomez reports on the upcoming 2022 GOP primaries and the upcoming voter challenges they may face.  

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GOP Support Of Trumpism May ‘Scare Off’ Independent Voters


  1. “GOP Support Of Trumpism May ‘Scare Off’ Independent Voters” Next up….’Water is Wet.”

    1. @A T …trump supporters have as much appreciation for “facts” as chickens appreciate argyle socks…

    2. @Louis Tully Louis – all silliness and insults aside, can I ask you an honest question about your beliefs? I won’t be offensive at all. Scouts honor.

    3. @Romeo I know that you are inculcated by propaganda, and propagandists love to repeat their lies as it gives them credence with the really stupid. But it doesn’t work for the rest of us.

      Trump was and is despised in America and all over the world. You can’t lie enough to change that fact.

    1. I’m registered non-partisan. The only Republican I’ll be voting for is Lisa Murkowski. No way that corrupt p.o.s. dolly Trump is supporting is taking Lisa down. We are lacking in Dems here, but Lisa is moderate and we tolerate her. We may be more red than purple or blue, but half the state population isn’t Republican. Murkowski for Senate 2022! Go Lisa!

    2. ​@Jokeleth KuruEisner there is no real left in the US. The political spectrum is skewed so far to the right that the normal right seems centrist, centrists seem left-wing and social democrats like Bernie and AOC seem “far left”. The “far left” policies advocated by progressives are totally mainstream everywhere else. For instance, we in Canada have had Medicare for All since 1962 and it’s wildly popular. The “Green New Deal” – creating jobs by investing in action on climate change – is in full swing elsewhere, especially in Germany, France and Scandinavia. Big spending programs like FDR’s New Deal, the GI Bill, the Interstate Highway program, the Apollo program, not to mention WWII, have not had the dire consequences predicted by the right, because they were investments that have paid their cost back many times over, either directly or through spinoffs, like NASA. The US economy has just suffered the biggest shock since the 1929 crash, yet it did not spiral into depression because of timely action by the Fed and a timely (bipartisan for once) relief bill. Although the GDP has bounced back, there is still a lot of dislocation – businesses going under, leaving a mismatch between workers and jobs, whole industries like airlines and hospitality in trouble. The right wrings its hands over inflation and babbles about hyperinflation. There is no chance of hyperinflation, and you don’t worry about inflation as an aftershock of a recession. Deflation and stagnation, like in Japan, is a much bigger worry.

    3. @reality you realize that Defunding the police actually means limiting their scope of responsibility, higher pay rates, more education and emotional support, right? Qualified immunity is bs and should be abolished. But expecting cops to be social workers, emts, mental health experts, dog catchers and everything else that’s thrown into their laps is crap. Instead of giving cops half or more of local budgets, state funds and federal funds, complete immunity from wrong doing, maybe we should have better trained and supported cops that aren’t killing innocent people at welfare checks, feel justified in breaking the law on a whim and suffer from PTSD, untreated. Limit the scope of their jobs and power, educate them to the actual laws and rights we have as citizens and spread some of those funds out across other types of programs that dont require assault weapons and overuse of force to the point of death, mutilation, mass incarceration etc

    4. @reality ~ that’s a poor choice of name for one so delusional. The retrumplickkkans are the ones who actually voted to defund the police by voting against the relief bill which contained many millions for law enforcement.

  2. I’m an independent and there is no way shape or form that I will ever vote for somebody that supports individual number one. Unfortunately, in the last presidential election, Texas did not allow a person to vote a straight line ticket. Yep they took that away. You couldn’t even write in a candidate because that too was taken away. To top it off, if all of the boxes were not filled in on your individual ballot, then the ballot would not count as it was fed into the voting machine. I can attest to all of these facts for I live in the state of Texas. Now this state wants to do a monthly citizenship check on all of its citizens. It’s starting to make me wonder if they will start requiring you to have travel papers to go from one county to the next? The rest of you may think Texas is a democracy because you don’t live here but in reality is some type of weird monarchy mixed with autocratic rule that is happening in this state. This is definitely not the same state that I first came to in 1977 all because we have a governor who wants to be king and many lawmakers that want to be Lords and dukes.

    1. @Doug Ohaver you mean 4 states. Texas, Az, MI and GA. Those trump lost but had republicans in control of state houses. I think Florida is the only outlier, but I chalk that up to Ron wanting to be Trump’s next VP.

    2. @Erik Anderson don’t forget that the mess that they tried to create in Pennsylvania. I still say that we need the same voting laws in every single state. Do not read anything into that because all I am saying is as it pertains to voting laws. Not in the way that taxes are enacted on a state to state basis or any number of things that could have variables because of the state that laws are enacted.

    3. @Aedammair Ornóra you do know that you make the same comment, word for word, on every post. Maybe you’re a troll, maybe a bot, most likely just not very smart. Use all your words, sweetie, and a bit more imagination. Otherwise you’re just boring the $hit out of everyone and should probably go sit in the corner.

    4. @gin-N-aujus the stats don’t lie. There’s been an increase in apprehensions. Partially the usual waxing and waning of immigrants. Reports are the current surge is “the biggest since 2019”. Not some uncontained flood. Immigration department reports many are repeat attempts to cross due to a “catch and release” policy when they simply ship detainees across the border to try again. No matter how hard the huffing and puffing the border situation is far from unprecedented even if it is and has been a crisis for decades. Until it’s treated as a humanitarian crisis not political football we won’t get anywhere.

  3. its bizarre that the fascist right is so devoted to the worst president we’ve ever had.

    1. Trump? I can’t believe that his cult is still unscathed by the fact that he almost destroyed our country.

    2. @Aedammair Ornóra I’m just going to assume you’re making fun of the deranged right, as nothing you said was remotely close to true.

    3. @Traci Bolen honestly they do not care about the country, its all sycophantic love of a strong man ideal.

    1. @Linda Scott
      Tweatles, William H, and reality are definitely the same person, if you can describe such a wind-up toy as a “person.”

    2. Yes, only right-wing extremists love being told what to do by a lying grifter who feels no love for them or anyone else. His heart and brain are both putrid.

  4. I’m an independent and the GOP lost my vote when they did not support a bipartisan investigation of Jan 6th Insurrection. What else are they hiding? Voting Blue in 22!

    1. @E Garza Lot of Meth heads…..getting paid. OHIO IS A ZOMBIE STATE AND MORE THEN 2 GENERATION ON DRUGS

  5. As a fiscal conservative who would have once aligned with Republicans (on a number of issues if not most issues), the authoritarianism and racism on display by the GOP forces me to distance myself from the conservative agenda. If a “conservative” cannot denounce white supremacy, isolationism and party-over-country (and other repugnant attitudes) then I cannot support them. (edit: realized I accidentally wrote: country-over-party instead of vice versa. Corrected mistake.)

    1. Same situation. Feel the exact same way. Some lines once crossed can never be uncrossed. I’ve been backing away since the first election. Now ? Not going back short of a point blank miracle. ( and several arrests )

    2. @Minute Meditations even if it’s the choice of between two evils you need to make a choice as to which one will not destroy America. VOTE

    3. “fiscal conservatives” built the vast majority of the national debt giving handouts to the wealthiest.

    4. @Doug Ohaver yes Doug. The really funny thing is i just can’t see the rest of the free world standing by and watch the rise of fascism in America. These are truly STRANGE times, also under educated republican voter base has been brainwashed for years to see anyone who doesn’t share their views as a ” commie “. These people need to take some history lessons about the rise of fascism.

  6. Not just Independents.
    It’s driving away at least 25% of people who identify as Republicans.
    Americans, in general, just don’t want to prostrate themselves before Trump (or anyone) and kiss his shoes,
    and they are disgusted by the craven behavior of those who do.

    1. @Erik Anderson in 2012 the breakdown was 27% Republican registered and 30% dem registered, you would think 2018 massive switch in registration dropping Republicans to 23% would have been a wake up call, and that they have had even more change since last fall… dumb if you ask me, but whatever, they will never win the presidency loosing 15+ % of their base, especially considering they have scraped by with their wins since 2000 without winning the popular vote.

    2. @Justus it’s kind of irrelevant isn’t it? Trump lost by over 7 million votes, the largest loss for an incumbent since Jimmy Carter’s loss in 1980.

    3. @Andy Smitty On December 17, 2020, Gallup polling released results that 31% of Americans identified as Democrats, 23% identified as Republican, and 43% as Independent. The party has slipped that much since 2012.

    1. @Quitcherbitchin true, but the Dems have to learn to play hard ball because the GQP have shown they will stop at nothing to gain or keep power, up to and including violence.

    2. @Linda Scott Honestly i want them to remove all doubt from everyone’s minds and try it again.

  7. As a Republican my whole life, I will never vote for Trump or any of his goose stepping America First sycophants

    1. Dan Burnes; I am independent voter, i voted for Trump 2016 but never again nor any of his coward politician supporter.

    2. @Humberto Vazquez Nice glad you saw the light. One vote at a time. Take care and stay independent.

    3. @I’m just some Canadian guy, and I say unfortunately they did, a group of 124 not 320 low ranking generals and admirals (no 3 or 4 stars amongst them)who have been retired for decades signed it. They are probably all senile and were manipulated into signing it by their sons/daughter/grandchildren under false pretence.

    4. @Debbie Rushing you already have socialism, unfortunately people like you have no clue what it is

  8. My close family members who voted for trump have now quit the Republican Party and consider themselves Independents.

  9. Betting big on the Dumpster is betting big on failure, just as Trump Air, Trump Steaks, Trump University….

  10. This frivolous “stuff” being presented to federal judges may be “bogus” but it doesn’t matter. The GOP is still spreading the big lie and raising money.

  11. Saying “there were irregularities” is denying the many, many court cases and investigations which have proved the exact opposite.Ask him for proof, because Rudi and Sydney Powell still can’t produce any, even to save their own skins

  12. I can’t lie as a independent I won’t be voting Republican no time soon. Everything from the voter restrictions to Trumpism is very disturbing

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