Gordon Sondland Sues Pompeo For Legal Fees From Trump Impeachment Probe 1

Gordon Sondland Sues Pompeo For Legal Fees From Trump Impeachment Probe


Former ambassador Gordon Sondland has filed a lawsuit against former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the federal government for $1.8 million to pay for legal fees from probe into the first impeachment of former President Trump.

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Gordon Sondland Sues Pompeo For Legal Fees From Trump Impeachment Probe


    1. @Petit Ben The vast majority of directors appointed by both parties were never case officers, agents or employees.
      It can be a break against the inevitable institutional corruption that happens in organizations, especially ones with ability to manipulate “secret”.

    2. @john regan political appointee are not better either. I don’t know about your country but in Canada, the process called patronage is riddled with corruption, where by ruling party cadre and donor are rewarded to plum crown appointment in Canada or overseas. I would rather deal with compétent career officials than those loyal to their party first instead of the country. Btw, my home province of Quebec is not better. Ils sont tous des incompétents malhonnêtes.

    3. Like that would matter. It was the Trump admin and that man stiffed so many regular contractors and they all had contracts.

  1. Yeah checks in the mail Gordy but it will take a little longer to get there because we have a corrupt Post Master General.

    1. The only thing Sondland is gonna get from pompeo is the cold shoulder and “who is sondland again?” Once you try to ‘back door’ the mob you’re on the outs.
      Maybe even ‘out of a 10th floor window’.

  2. Wanted to brown nose Donnie and it cost him over a million dollars to do so. What did he think would happen.

    1. @LK Oooh! Fat shaming, eh? So much for the party of “inclusive”, right? What did you say about Stacey Abrams? crickets….

    2. St. Louis’ murder rate, already highest in US, soared last year; mayor vows to defund the police

    3. @mike briganti Totally. The people commenting that Sondland “brown nosed” Trump never saw the testimony that he provided AGAINST Trump. Useful Idiots.

    4. @EC Stanton The adults (call us what you like – whatever helps you) watched his testimony and saw the exact opposite of brown-nosing.

      But hey, why am I trying to argue with a follower of the “individual truth” mantra. Enjoy your reality, just know it’s not actually real.

  3. If sondland didn’t get it in writing, and witnessed, certified, you’re in a world of hurt there buddy!!

    1. I am of a dual nationality paternal Hamburg Germany maternal Native Texan I have lived in FL for 22yrs now and I really like it here…

      It’s nice connecting with you on here,I would like if we can get to message each other on here and get to talk better if you don’t mind..

  4. Get in line, buddy. The people who donated to We Build the Wall were here first. Maybe there’s a place after Dominion and Smartech.

    1. Dominion voting machines had potential to be connected to Verizon.

      which is a violated of election laws.

      also convenient how all this election data keeps getting deleted

    2. This is one of lesser important lawsuits but there’s fursure a list. This may have the largest political implications. Now Pompeo is gettint sued god knows what’s going to come out from those cases. Honestly can’t wait lol

  5. “Come on. When I paid for that ambassadorship I was supposed to make money not lose it.”

  6. Sondland never got the “You go under the bus” memo. Donator turned ambassador turned poorer; yeah, that checks out.

    1. Sadly, not poor enough to satisfy Karma…….when you play both sides against the middle, you usually end up being the cheese.

  7. “Given assurances…” yeah, but did you get the left pinky-double tug secret handshake? I didn’t think so. See. There’s where you went wrong.

  8. He should have done so much earlier, and all those former officials that were “used” to help Trump “achieve his own greedy goals” should do they same, too.

  9. Sounds like Attorney’s padded that bill thinking tax payers will be paying. Time to look at lawyers attorneys.

    1. Two combat vets who served with honor.the orange turd and his crew abused these honorable men.

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