Gov. DeSantis Shuts Out Reporters From Election Bill Signing | MSNBC

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis shuts out local reporters from an election bill signing in Palm Beach. South Florida Sun-Sentinel Columnist Steve Bousquet, who has covered six governors in Florida, responds to being blocked from the event.

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  1. For a Republican party to claims to the most transparent in history….. They seem to have a lot to hide!

    1. @Horizon Eyes I asked a few questions. You only answered 1. If you cant move on to the next, how is that my problem? Hey, if you dont want to play just say so.

    1. @Samurai44314 Games Except for the FACT that it wasn’t and isn’t. Not a single source supports your LIE. Why do you people do that? It’s a pretty pathetic existence when this is what you do with your time.

    2. @Heather Melissa um dump did sell Greenland before he ran from office with his gang members.

  2. That’s OK! I’m sure the media will be allowed to cover Ronnie’s tearing up of his Election Bill after the Court steps in.

  3. Of course DeSatanist shut out the press, it’s just what his idol
    Lil’ Hitler would have done.

    1. He let other press there, you can watch live feed with different media sources. MSNBC,CNN,, YAHOO, CBS, ABC, bloomberg, Fox, politicco, Buzzfeed are all own by the very people you claim to hate and distrust yet you believe everything thing media spill. They spin and pin people amd groups against each other and use propaganda, if you can’t see it you are brainwashed. Look up Project Varitas truly non partisan and only evidence and facts.

    2. @dima m
      “ He let other press there…”
      No, he did not. He only let in FOX but they don’t count as press, literally.
      FYI, Project V is conspiracy garbage, for the truly indoctrinated.

    3. This is just the beginning for the fake news media you are just not welcome.

    1. It’s like they’re ashamed of what they’re doing, and ashamed of themselves. They know it’s wrong, so they try to hide it. Such curious behavior.

    1. He’s following in the footsteps of the Klan members of George. They all only want to keep Jim Crow laws in effect.

  4. “This clown is cray!” – Florida Man, doing a line of meth off a gator outside the local 7-11.

    1. @Il Was Oh, they have brains? That’s right, I almost forgot….Tee hee hee…🤣 💯

    2. ​@Shannon Hale, sorry my bad. ReTrumplicans don’t have any brains to begin with. 🤦‍♂️😅😂

  5. Majority of the elderly in Florida depend on absentee ballot voting. DeSantis may have just did a disservice to his own party. 😂😂🤣

    1. On the contrary, he ensured that their ballots would be legit next election. It doesn’t make mail-in ballots illegal. The elderly can still vote absentee if they can sign a piece of paper.

    2. All they have to do is what they do in most states and request an absentee ballot. The absentee ballots are mailed out on a request rather than just mass mailing to everybody. Prior to the Georgia voting rights bill being past we had a friend who received four (4) ballots before the Georgia runoff election. I advised her to complete one ballot, then tear the other three up and throw them away. Hopefully the new Georgia, Florida and Texas bills will prevent this from happening again. All the older people will be able to vote, all they need to do was request an absentee ballot because of health reasons.

  6. The biggest fear is our self since we the human race have lost the ability to survive as human beings on this planet

  7. That’s some shady crap right there! Really? Seriously? If the Republican party does not get rid of “Tumpism” they are going to “Implode”, as Chuck said, on his take on what’s happening to the Republican Party…🙄 🙄 💯

    1. The Republican Party no longer exists. Beginning with Regan it has been converted to an Oligarchist-Fascist “party” that is only focused on power and fielty to the party.

  8. This guy, and the crud in Georgia, signed these restrictive bills “behind closed doors” because they know, if they did it in public, they’d be lynched when they got caught.

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