McConnell Walks Back Language On ‘Stopping’ Biden Administration | MSNBC

McConnell Walks Back Language On ‘Stopping’ Biden Administration | MSNBC 1


  1. McConnell is always walking back things he said, very soon he is going to hit his head with that backward walk

  2. McConnell can walk it back all he wants, his actions prove it’s all he’s been doing for at least a decade.

  3. We all know that the GOP is the party of obstruction. He doesn’t have to say the quiet part out loud.

    1. @kyote1369 asks, “Where were all the riots after the accountability started with the guilty verdict?”

      Apparently for the criminal psychopaths threatening to firebomb, vandalize and loot Minneapolis ‘guilty, guilty, guilty’ was the “right” verdict.

    2. @Viper I take that as an admission that you’ve never read right-wing comments on YouTube. Especially the nut-jobs calling Babbit a hero. Not to mention the fact that most right-wing media won’t even admit it was a riot. Seriously, you’re fking ridiculous.

    3. @kyote1369 His account is new. He is a troll bot. He has no facts, and he merely exists to spread lies and hate.

    4. @Viper yes the resistance of cohesive thought and intelligence along with no morals or scruples is the MAGA MOVEMENT…….I hear DIAPERDONs MAGA MOVEMENTS can be quite messy and hard to clean……but thats to be expected changing the diaper of a 320 pound manbaby

  4. We all know McConnell meant every word he said. He was committed to stop Obama on all his initiatives and plans to do the same to Biden regardless of whether it benefits Americans.

    1. @guess who? 👈🏼 Has a <4 week account > PUSHING Russian “Disinformation “ like Crimson 🇷🇺🤡🤷🏽‍♂️

    2. @Crimson Sky
      Prices are already rising, that’s why minimum wages should too. As Biden says “doing nothing is not an option”

    3. @Bertha Banks Do you know why prices went up recently? It’s because of those stimulus checks. Everyone in business wants a cut from those checks you received. The thing with increasing minimum wages, businesses will raise prices on goods and services, passing on the cost. They’re in business for only one thing and that’s to make a profit. It’s a vicious cycle.

  5. He said the truth and realized they showed their cards. Of course he will walk it back. Their actions show exactly what he stated is true.

    1. It’s nothing that we haven’t heard from him before. Remember when Obama was president and the behind-closed-doors meeting he had to ensure that Obama would be a one-term president.

    1. @Kristy you are here spreading lies for tRump. I guess you should be blocked from commenting lies

    2. @Kristy lol. I got mine. My children and my wife and everyone I know got their checks. Lol. One of my son’s got his check in the mail before I got mine in direct deposit. Lol.liar

    3. @tj hill 100% right
      I cannot wrap my head around this…and reasonably understand at all !! why people keep electing this greedy little multimillionaire…and elect any multimillionaire whatsoever
      they all live on a completely different plane of existance.. this is a game of power & wealth…they have absolute no conscience, any one of them…they help no one and certainly do not help the struggling communities all over America
      Look at Mitch McConnell…he is supposedly worth some $34+ million….million !! and this….this is what he does all day, day in and day out…
      It is truly a wasted, pathetic, heartless existance
      Please…stop voting for these pompous, overwealthy heartless politicians….they have the power to help…and they do not…
      That should say it all…
      Its stunning….

    4. @Kristy fox should be shut down…..proven in courts its actual BULLSHIRT…….the real fake news that has to call itself entertainment….court mandated because its right wing propaganda television

    5. @HalfCrazy520 “doesn’t make one stupid”…….100% correct. Stupidity may also be trained.

    1. @Viper You are absolutely correct. Trump has demonstrated that the part of the Constitution that defines the electoral college really needs to be changed.

    2. @Jim Fortune says, “27 times”. I don’t recall a single time where a majority of half of the states voted against their interests. Like I said, good luck, or just go straight to Plan B.

    3. @Viper So you’re saying that a majority of the voters in half of the states think it’s a good thing to have a President who didn’t get half the votes? Well, a majority of voters in over half the states canned Trump. So it could happen.

    1. This is why the GOP does not want any investigation into the Insurrection. They are the witnesses. They are all afraid they are going to have to lie under oath.

    2. The GOP is a mess. Moscow Mitch McTreason let the Trump cult unleash criminal mayhem and domestic terrorists run free. The man is unfit for office.

    3. @C. Merritt the GOP will refuse to permit an investigation into the insurrection since some of them will be indicted and imprisoned

  6. Other than “tax cuts” what else do they do? McConnell and the republicans do nothing but obstruct.

  7. “If your “team” is on the side of the Capitol insurrectionists and Derek Chauvin, it’s hard to suppress the haunting fear that you’re the baddies.” – Amanda Marcotte – SALON

  8. The next edition of the New Oxford Dictionary will treat “Mitch McConnell” and “Irrelevancy” as synonyms.

    1. @Clark Allison blue counties were hit the hardest early due to being travel hubs and having higher population density. As we learned more they improved and red states got worse as they refused to wear masks and social distance.

    2. @Andrew I agree on the larger hubs. Michigan just led the country a few weeks ago, and CA/NY have been the worst most of the time. I don’t think the shutdowns work. The governors of the blue states were doing things, when they were telling the residents to stay home.

    3. @Dave Moss It was not totally shut down, but Biden had a problem with what he did. Same with Pelosi.

    1. He barely worked in the past administration. Kentucky keeps on electing this lazy bum.

  9. Mr. Turtle needs to be handed a gold clock and eased out the door to spend more time with his family, you know lobbyists.

  10. McConnell needs to own the fact that he has done more damage to bipartisanship than almost anyone alive today.

  11. Why are we still paying his salary???

    He needs to miss a few paychecks, if I didn’t want to do my job I’d be fired.😡😡🤬🤬

  12. He is talking out both sides of his mouth and he is the type of person you can’t take serious. 😂

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