Gov. Justice On Biden Covid Relief Deal: ‘We Need To Go Big Or Not Go’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Gov. Justice On Biden Covid Relief Deal: 'We Need To Go Big Or Not Go' | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1


    1. Biden supports left wing bigotry. He cancelled a race-based discrimination lawsuit against Yale University filed by Trump Admin. Yale discriminates against Asians in favor of blacks. BIden is now attacking Asians.

  1. Hmm, republicans didn’t seem to have a problem when it was $1.3 trillion for corporations and the super rich.
    But when it’s you and me, HUGE problem for the republicans. 🙄

    1. @A Rock If republicans truly wanted that, then why didn’t it happen for those months that they controlled the senate and the bill died? 🤔🙄

  2. Governor…your state is one of the biggest welfare sponges in the country…no more socialism for ya’ll

  3. We could all save money if we defund politicians (Federal and local) pension plans. They never talk about the labor force. As far as they are concerned, the lowest rung on the economic ladder are small business owners. Stop fooling yourself. There are no Republicans that care about working people.

  4. Thank you governor I wish you get on the phone and call some of your other Governors and get with the program I think this president is trying very hard to get this country kick-started in the right direction thank you for your comments little old lady from Florida

  5. Gov, tell that to your senator. Manchin is a disgrace. He should change his party affiliation to MAGA. They only like to help the RICH not working Americans #smdh

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