Biden Adviser: ‘Biden Is Under No Illusions About The Nature Of The Putin Regime’ | Andrea Mitchell


  1. Remember when Spanky McBoneSpurs defended Putin’s bounty on our service members?
    Remember when Spanky McBoneSpurs believed Putin over our own intelligence agencies?

    1. @Greg M well it’s obvious you’re a school teacher or work-from-home salary Thief LOL. Just Overlook those 17 000 jobs lost his first week insulin went from $80 under Trump to 300 under obiden. Tells you stimulus checks are going to go out right away now they’re pushed back to at least the end of March. It’s hard to see reality with two big gray balls in your eyes

    1. @Michael Schwartz I don’t understand why the supposed pee tape ( of a girl peeing on another girl in front of trump, and is widely thought by all media to be a fake) matters one bit.
      If that offends you, you should probably stay out of strip clubs, gentleman’s clubs, and dirty bookstores/adult stores, as the shocking sights within will probably stop your heart and explode your eyes..
      I had a buddy whom liked to lay under a glass table and have his then girlfriend/now wife squat onto and… well anyways, I don’t judge him for his beliefs and proclivities. What gives you the right to be so superior?

    2. @Paul Koehn Because it has nothing to do with watersports, and everything to do with a sexual fantasy about humiliating his much more beloved predecessor because of the color of his skin. Another red flag of his virulent racism that should have disqualified him from any office, let alone the highest in the land. If not wanting to touch myself over the thought of humiliating a black man makes me “so superior”, I’ll take it.

    3. @Paul Koehn (And a pro tip: leaping to false conclusions about what a stranger has seen and is or isn’t tolerant of kind of makes you look like the “so superior” one. Just sayin’.)

  2. I hope you have an amazing 2021,Please repent because Jesus is coming soon,

    Like so more people can see this

  3. Nalvalny is a true hero of Russia, fighting for a better Mother Russia. Now he will have to sacrifice years of his life for his convictions. I will pray for him. We all must. 🙏 ✝

    1. @Joe Schofield *<--- another no-content Russian troll, who created his phony sock puppet account a month ago.*

  4. “Authoritarian and kleptocratic nature”…seems to describe Donnie rather well. Except one would need to add incompetent as he cannot help but run everything into the ground…

  5. There seems to be a need for a lot of these trumpers here on the comments to finally decide to leave the cult and resume normal lives. Your cult leader is no more. Wake up. The adults are now governing

  6. Haha! Have to admire American Chutzpah! Demanding sanctions against the Myanmar Military junta for their the coup against the Burmese Govt. before the Republican seditionists within their own Government— that attempted to overthrow the will of the American people— have been arrested, let alone charged tried and punished, demonstrates a delusional-level lack of self-awareness.

  7. 💁🏼‍♀️awesome to see the US has a President who doesn’t embarrass Americans by kissing p💩tins ring

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