Gov. Kemp Sues Lance Over Masks, Calls Decision To Shut Businesses ‘Devastating’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. Keep wearing your dummy mask in the summer heat…is it comfortable? 😆 👈😀

    2. Conservatives: “Women can’t have abortions!”
      Also Conservatives: “Don’t tell me what to do with my body!”

    3. @Christine B. don’t do that…take everyone of these fools as real and walking amongst you. The good thing is everytime they post their crap they give Biden 3 votes. 1 from a rational person as it just confirms what they already knew. 1 from an independent that has no interest in doing the mental gymnastics required to agree with them. Lastly, from the republican that is so disgusted to be associated with them, they have to get out.

    1. What’s wrong with Democrats they think people want to b ed locked down but it doesn’t help example California.

    1. Let’s the anti-maskers contract the virus then spread to their peers. They are simply the stupidest people on earth that the US needs to have less of. They are ignorant of the fact that #DonTheCon and his admin, together with the #RepubliconGovernors, have led the anti-masking campaign whilst at the same time having the privilege of frequent testings and premium treatments if they ever have positive results.

    2. Vera,
      No need to blackmail. Kemp and Trump are birds of a feather. Kemp is one of those people Michael Cohen referred to who will just do what they know Trump wants, even without being told. Kemp has his own agenda anyway, which just happens to be the same as Trump’s: do anything, even at the risk of killing people, to make the economic indicators look better for him.
      On a more sinister note, I think it’s also possible that since Atlanta’s population votes largely Democrat and has a large percentage of black residents, Kemp sees this as a clever way of killing off some of those voters. Note: he wasn’t just against shutting down businesses, he was against requiring people to wear masks in public.

  1. Capitalism has reached its climax: who can no longer work should die – for the sake of economy.

    1. Please let the anti-maskers learn the hard way catching the virus then spread to their peers. MAGA!

    2. Kemp’s having a funeral for businesses meanwhile they’re about to need freezer trucks to store their dead

  2. Lance needs 2 sue Kemp for his stupidity of not wearing a mask. Thousands of ppl are dead of covid-19. Vote Kemp out next election.

    1. the Atlanta mayor claims to have had Covid for like 2 weeks now yet she still looks and sounds perfectly fine. seems suspicious to me

    2. frictionRx9
      When a country which has 4% of the world population has 25% of the world death in corona virus then some-think is badly wrong if you can’t see that then you deserve to own the outcome !!

    3. How can you say VOTE HIM OUT, when he stole the election? One side cheats and you keep saying just vote. We did. But he cheated and won.

  3. And why did he only sue Atlanta and not the other cities that mandated the wearing of masks…this is just a vendetta against Mayor Lance.

  4. Kemp’s legal wording is curious: “no local action can be more or less restrictive”. As though he thinks Georgia has a DICTATOR, not a governor. Kemp’s very attempt to arrogate that kind of power to himself is clearly unconstitutional.

    1. He did give himself that power. He ran the election for, and declared himself winner of, the office he is currently occupying. Please tell me why these clowns are allowed to run the very elections they are running in.

  5. Confusing ? No shirt, No shoes, No mask, NO SERVICE! Real confusing. Say it Don’t SPRAY IT! Wear the mask, save lives. Simple really .

  6. The US has more than 1000 times the deaths from covid that we have here in Australia (138,000 vs 108) but the US population is only 10 times that of Australia (300 million vs 30 million). Do the maths. Your death rate in the US is 100 times worse than ours. And going up.

  7. In early April, Kemp still didn’t know asymptomatic people can still spread covid19.

    You can’t trust this incompetent clown who can’t even get the basic information right.

  8. Woah can’t believe people are surprised by this honestly.. Money is everything to these people in power just make sure you protect yourself and stay vigilant 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  9. Didn’t think there could be anyone more stupid than trump but kemp and desantis proved it.
    Stupid really is as stupid does to have voted in these genocidal maniacs.

  10. This is Georgia voters’ fault. They believed this monster would have their best interests at heart, but they are now seeing how foolish that decision was.

  11. Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp is too ignorant of his own inactions against COVID-19 leading to the unnecessary deaths of so many Georgians, he must go.

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