1. Let’s not “Let it rip”: The more people get infected, the better the chances are for the virus to mutate into something worse. I understand the frustration, but he’s not an epidemiologist, so he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    1. @Ojos Media And that’s why everybody needs to wear masks to stop the spread. Also, having hospitals full of COVID patients is not ideal. They’re taking up resources that could go to people that get into accidents, or get sick from other illnesses.

    2. ​@Kosh 963 I totally understand the “let thousands of people die” logic, it’s just that, surprisingly, I’m not a psychopath. Also, I’m not entirely sure letting people get sick is scientifically proven to work given how we lived for centuries without medicine, and people could still get sick and die from smallpox, rabies etc…

    3. I can no longer pity the Ignorance of Foreign/Trump Trolls. Do they even KNOW that Science exists?? They are more and more disconnected from Reality!!

    4. @Ryan Fraser I’d like to know where you got the idea that wearing masks is harmful. Like I mentioned, a lot of people have to wear masks as part of their jobs, and I’m sure it would be news to them that they were harming themselves all along. Secondly, I don’t love doctors, but I’ve never met a doctor who gave me a treatment just to make my life miserable. I’m pretty sure a doctor would be sued for malpractice if they did that.

    5. @Estrella Vega from studies and anecdotal evidence of people who have experienced physical and mental problems caused by mask wearing and tyranny.

  2. When evil people politicize a pandemic for their own personal gain, this is what happens. It’s a real head shaker and history will look back on this with total disbelief.

    1. @The Bilbo Show I believe he is referring to the Anti-vaxx, anti-science, anti-personal responsibility, anti-law & order trumplicans you are clearly representing

    2. evil dems——Doctors say Pitt statements point to possibility organs extracted from live fetuses; school denies charge

  3. Sooo, his point is…”as long as it’s not my child (only yours) who get’s covid, it’s ok, cause your child is dispensable, and you just have to live with it!”

    1. Karen,
      It is a true indication that you lost the argument when you call some one a troll.
      Your name is very fitting.👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

  4. I am so sick and tired of the narcissistic self centeredness of selfish people. They talk like it’s only about themselves…..I certainly would feel horrible if I thought I was responsible for seriously infecting someone. Your right ends when you choose to do anything that violates my right. Your so called right to go maskless can very well violate my right to be protected from the virus.

    1. Superspreader Biden signs orders reversing border security while warned of highly contagious variant in South America

    2. @Wallace Naylor none of what you said was true. Republicans keep lying and lying. Biden will be president for seven and half more years. It’s going to be a long one for you.

    3. @Hu Flung Pu nobody care wear it came from idiot. It’s here. We need to focus on getting rid of it.

  5. Children’s hospitals in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana and Florida have reported more under-18s with Covid-related conditions in their care than at any other point in the pandemic

  6. Death rate may be low, but long haul and permanent neurological damage from Covid-19 is real and very under reported.

    1. @no body have a hunt about. I read a report that says 80% of symptomatic people may be left with one long term complaint.
      Have you not heard of long covid or read about people being left with something that’s a result of covid?

  7. Many years ago I noticed people wearing masks on the underground rail in Japan. I asked why, do they want to isolate themselves from fellow passengers? No, I was told. If they have a cold or the flu they wear a mask so as not to infect others. No big deal, wear a mask. This was decades ago.

    1. That’s what we do when we were young and going to school when we have a cold or flu in Asia. Really don’t understand why people here now make such a big deal.

    2. And what you just said proves that masks DONT WORK because Asia is having the worst outbreak of Covid the world has seen yet masks are worn by literally everyone there. In the Philippines they even mandate face shields nationwide yet hospitals are still at surge capacity.

      Real world data proves that masks don’t stop the delta variant.

    3. @Mark M Not only does nobody, literally NO ONE care about your “freedoms”, NOT a single person cares about your putrid existence. Just end it all – today – you WON’T be missed.

  8. At least wait until ALL children are eligible to be vaccinated for some time before just eliminating all precautions. For instance, go back to school full time but require masks, our school did it all last year and it worked out great much to our relief. As far as the immunocompromised go, I want them to be as safe as possible but they are used to being limited in some ways. I wish everyone who could get vaccinated would and help protect everyone but I feel that is a pipe dream.

  9. Kinda sounds like Andrew’s perceptions are coloured by his own experiences with HIV so maybe not an entirely unbiased conclusion. Would his opinion change if HIV was airborne transmissible?

    1. Would his opinion change if he didn’t have HIV. YES! He’s been living with HIV for 21 years and has learned to deal with a disease that could potentially kill him. He’s gone through the rollercoaster of emotions about getting HIV and surviving and for the past 21 years has learned to “just live with it”. He is honestly the worst person to be commenting on the pandemic (not epidemic) because he’s going to be biased based on his own experience with battling a deadly disease. We still don’t know if the vaccines will work but at least the vaccinated are willing to give it a go in order to protect themselves and everyone around them.

    2. @Carl wouldn’t you think his opinion is more valid then because he would potentially more screwed if he got covid? Your logic there does not make sense

    3. He’s taking drugs daily to keep HIV from killing him and, hopefully eventually, making it undetectable. He’s comfortable taking those pills daily to keep himself alive even though the side effects can be brutal, but a mask to be considerate to someone else, nah.

  10. Oh I get it – catch HIV and you become a world class expert on viruses. So simple really. Now, thanks to your insights, I don’t need to listen to scientists and experts that have worked on viruses for years and really know what they are talking about. Bit like being hit by a car, being hospitalised and then becoming an instant expert on highway design and engineering. Got it – thanks.!

    1. I agree. I also have inherited RBF. I was so tired of people asking what was wrong why an I in a bad mood. The mask keeps that from happening. The downside, some people now assume I’m approachable and want to chat. I have severe anxiety. It was hard enough to leave the house and deal with people. Now with covid and all the people who refuse to wear masks and treasure the vaccine, let’s just say it’s not doing helping with that. But I still love my mask. Another perk, wear a mask and a ball cap and you don’t have to bother with makeup on days you’d rather not. I typically put it on our of habit, but the mark gives me an excuse not to.

  11. Greece is literally on fire right now and y’all are worrying about having to wear a mask. There’s so much wrong with the world

    1. @OrcaBob 4337 Life is easier to cope with when you believe your government and big pharma wants you getting a pension til you’re 100 lol . They’re all great, loving people

    2. @OrcaBob 4337 @toronto daddy They are not suffering hospitalizations or dying from Covid, when immunized. Young children are ineligible for the vaccine at this time. The DELTA variant is way more easily transmitted and deadly for children.

    3. @RyukolI … As usual, someone explains something by fear mongering what may or may not by correct.

      I’d call it Tuesday, but this is Wednesday. Meaning, I see your stereotype literally every day of the week.

  12. This is how discussions should be nowadays. Being mature enough to disagree with one another without hating that person

    1. Eh, he’s got a *horrible* stance. It;’s okay to dislike stupid stuff. Letting stupid increase is what got us here in the first place

  13. The reason he’s “living” with HIV is because he is taking medication, but is clearly missing the fact that had he practiced safety, he would likely had not contracted HIV!

    Hear what you’re saying, man!

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