1. He should be in jail,instead he’s hiding in the palace walls,my prayers are for his victims and they are heard,understand and gets justice they deserve..

    1. I agree. People should not be presumed innocent and they should not be allowed a trial. If summary execution and jail is good enough for North Korea and China then it should be good for a “country” like America.

    2. @John Wilharm Join 4 years ago, yet lacks intelligence and doesn’t grasp individuals join youtube every day! THE BIGGEST TROLL ON CNN PERIOD! REPORT USER AT EVERY TURN!

    1. The picture spoke very loud. He was very comfortable touching her. I am 53 yrs old and not interested in touching a 17 yr old. Let the young be young.

    1. Threats from the Royal Family played a large part in the decision by ABC News to quash the Epstein story back in 2015. I highly recommend this damning analysis of ABC’s coverage of the Royals in the years since the story was killed: https://youtu.be/9um00GJFAnU

    2. I do not think, every datail: => this case is hard to decide, there are just the 2 . Let me think about it:
      -500.000 USD -1M by an agreement outside the court (no dirty details)
      -or 500 USD for each service if the judge decides they did it (Andrew may say anything, also that he thought she was > 18 y/o)… and there is still sth to pay. Thats more than usual, bc he is a prince!
      -or nothing bc everything was arranged and payed by E. and Andrew thought she was >18 and she did everything consensual.
      BUT, in reality, Andrew (and she) knows more or less what he (they) probably did.
      IMHO he is to blame, he may have exploited her and he is not a very decent, maybe even a bad man!
      Thats all cynical, but for me it is strange how you could get indemnisation without any really good witnesses after all these years.

  2. “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

    1. @THYCR3ATOR Lot’s don’t, you said that he tried before, so how come he still had means to try it again? Why no camera?

    2. @AbbersJ …yes that’s what I said… Only difference between what we are saying is I can see that the man had more reasons to kill himself than not to which is why I assume he did. It just so happens, him killing himself works out good for the guilty people too, win-win for them all, he doesn’t have to rot in a cell, and the government doesn’t have the man with all the secrets to question anymore.

      My entire point isn’t that there’s no conspiracy, it’s simply that he killed himself, and how he died is literally irrelevant and a distraction to the actual conspiracy, cause as I said, likely his death was a win-win for them all. They likely had to do with the guards slacking and why he got off suicide watch so fast, the cams tho? Honestly probably just down for maintenance. I find it harder to believe they killed him than him killing himself. Although there was a time where I believed cams down meant it must’ve been a hit, but then I thought about it more and have concluded he likely killed himself.
      Maybe, the cams were down to start a conspiracy that he was whacked so people wouldn’t bother to further investigate how he managed to slip the grasp of the law despite being one of the highest profile cases in America.
      Tbh, we’ll never know the truth and all we can do is speculate on the like 3 facts we know.

    3. @THYCR3ATOR

      He didn’t kill himself…..somebody made that decision for him…….a man with that kinda money can afford to pay for protection in prison, plus he woulda had an ARMY of lawyers pushing to get him outta prison early……..plus, a man like that is too VAIN to check out like that……they killed him to keep him from spilling the beans on the REST of the cats at that party……..

  3. Well I mean he does kinda have an ironclad alibi. He couldn’t sweat, and he also ordered pizza, case closed. Oh and let’s not forget he has a bad habit of sometimes being TOOOO honorable.

    1. As some historian once said of the British royal family…
      “Rarely if ever noble. And, by the standards of ordinary people, scarcely ever a family.”
      Over more than a millenia, most untimely royal deaths have been at the hands of their own relations.

      Whatever else happens here, count on one thing. What the Royal Family can’t suppress, they’ll spend serious resources on dissociating themselves from. Their expertise, experience, available wealth – and success – are unmatched. American politicians should stand envious.
      Guilty or innocent, Andrew is going under the bus.

    2. Jesus said they will be marched onto the streets an not time line given but who knows they might repent doubt it satanism is huge I’m this family

    3. Here’s what I think:
      I think she’s tellin the Truth, but I also don’t think he’s the 1st man she was with in that circle at the time, (or the LAST), but he was the biggest name she was with, and had the most to lose if something like this got out, u know?

      She figured she’d sit on that information til the time was right, threaten to expose him, quietly negotiate a deal, and cash out, just to keep quiet……..

      Bottom line, I’m gonna wait til the whole Truth comes out, if it ever does………

      What I really wanna know is who else was at that party? And where’s the “little black book”?

    4. @Devin AisaicanSo the Royal Family practices “satanism” and no one, not any 1,000+ staff members, in any of their 26 palaces, castles and houses, none of the dozens of paparatzzi that follow them daily, the regular people, the foreign dignitaries, politicians, charity heads, religious leaders and all the other people that they enteract with every single day have ever noticed this?
      Yeah but no. You’re American, right?

  4. Prince Andrew wants you to know that he CATEGORICALLY denies that he had non-consensual sexual relations with a minor but if he did he doesn’t remember it.
    He only remembers the part where he doesn’t remember that he did it. What’s so complicated about that?

    1. But considering all the evidence they probably never even danced together so it does not matter if he sweats…
      If people have so much problem with that, why they don’t have any problem with endless inconsistencies in his accuser’s stories? She made so many claims which turned out to be untrue (eg about her age when she met Epstein). And importantly she accused Alan Dershowitz who is clearly innocent of such accusations…

  5. Who cares if he can return to royal duties!? That’s not punishment, that’s just normal life for most people.

    1. Of course he’ll be allowed to return to Royal duties, he hasn’t done anything wrong. Why should a shakedown in America effect him in the U.K.?

  6. This hurts her majesty so much. Why on earth did he do this? Especially when they are hundreds of grown women willing to provide services. God please save her from this heart break.

    So Bill Gates goes for matrimoniale advices, Dershowitz and Clinton was there for a birthday party …
    This is definitely the PLACE TO BE!!!
    To be continu…

  8. As if we’d expect someone like him to man up and tell the truth. PHHT! . People like this guy grew up with a silver spoon shoved up in some _whole_ and think they’re entitled to do as they please.

  9. I have no particular desire for Andrew escaping the consequences of his actions, but while the US refuses to send back Anne Sacoolas to face prosecution for killing a British teen I don’t think there’s a lot to be said.

  10. Prince andrew looks less like a “duke of york” and more like a “count von pervert”, or perhaps an “earl of dork.”

  11. It’s hard to say what would be justice for the victim after all these years. One of the things the UK can do is get rid of the monarchy. It’s basically a corporation on welfare. Welfare for the rich and well connected.

  12. It’s sad he keeps lying…even though we can tell he’s lying. Fidgeting in the chair, rolling his eyes, can’t maintain eye contact, says he doesn’t remember, but a picture says a thousand words…

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