Government Report on UFOs 1

Government Report on UFOs


Hakeem Oluseyi, Astrophysicist, joins The Cross Connection to discuss whether there are alien activities occurring among us. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Government Report on UFOs


    1. What exactly were you hoping for. There’s only so many ways they can say the exact same thing.

  1. The Future Is Unwritten and They Are Us, They Are From Our Future. Official Denial 1993 Sci Fi series.

    1. Because there is no evidence. All the footage have bad quality. I wish there would be good footage.

  2. Other countrys are laughing at those news right now….Because in France there’s even ligne to call whenever you see a ufo. In Brésil there’s a town dedicated To that because of a crash and all the activities there. Some allegedly call intelligent sounds very dumb. And who cares what they have to say. We are all intelligent individual

    1. To be fair, I’m sure we are stupid enough to pay billions for that government report which told us nothing

    2. I honestly think that religious believers would be more open to first contact. Aliens =~ angels

  3. I knew this was going to happen. They know good and well we are not the only life in this universe they still trying to cover it up smh

    1. @Cat Magic I’m sorry that you don’t a brain smart enough to think.

      Bet you didn’t know we shot nuclear warheads into the sky back in the 50s .

    2. @highdough it’s been reported? It’s hard to believe that the visit rumors were coincidences after the human race discovered nuclear technology.

      There are rumors about it and even Eisenhower’s own daughter have said it is true. We have documents of the Majestic 12, pictures which isn’t a coincidence they were established the same time as the rumors of Roswell crash.

      The Apolo missions also have reports on different unidentified objects that they had suppressed the information about it.

    3. @BERNIEO4 oh look a Bernie cultist who doesn’t know how the world works .

      Please explain to us how these objects are moving beyond our known physics? How can an object change directions without losing momentum? I’m pretty sure you would win a Nobel Peace Prize for that. Or how about having a flying object without lift or an engine?

    1. Do any of us really believe the government after they ran a disinformation campaign about UFOs for decades and now suddenly acknowledge them but claim to “not know” their origin? By now?! I call BS.

    2. Yes, but, it is an opportunity for the folks who desire transparency in our pseudo-democratic government to voice displeasure at the lies and censorship, with the hope that inch by inch, there someday maybe real change.

    3. @Titus Popovici Wait a minute. I’m confused. This newscast is saying that the report is out. Which one is it?

  4. This news story proves that intelligent life is extremely rare. It certainly does not exists on earth . . . at least not on MSNBC . . .

  5. They have been here for thousands of years , read the old books .Then look at the works of Nicola Tesla and Otis T Carr . We need to do our Homework People..

    1. @Mike Barry yes because it completely rewrites human history, including every known religion.

      Still can’t explain as to why ancient civilizations has ancient instructions that’s is impossible to recreate without modern technology. Ancient civilizations have cut stones as smooth as lasers today. Pyramids even today would be hard to replicate with modern technology and yet we are supposed to believe the Egyptians were able to do it? The Giza Pyramids also have scientific measurements that just recently discovered and even its geographical location has been the same speed as light in 4 decimal precision for s/meter. The pyramids measurements cannot be a coincidence when they precision and multiple other measurements that can only be done if it was planned, and the information needed for the planning is just impossible without modern technology.

  6. _”The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us.”_ – Bill Watterson

  7. Just typically hilarious. As usual, passive aggressive regarding this issue. That’s all I gotta say…lols

  8. Was this supposed to be a news report or an entertainment segment? Some seriousness would be appreciated.

  9. This lady sounded so uneducated about the subject of ufos or aerial phenomenons she shouldn’t even have done the segment.

    1. She’s a host, AKA, an actor. Production is a lot more responsible for tone and content. Dunno why people all think the faces they see are the onez responsible for all the research / show structure

  10. He says aliens visiting Earth “wouldn’t be worth the cost of the trip”. Who says aliens would be concerned about economics and cost? No other species on Earth cares about money, just humans. So why would aliens be bothered?

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