Grade 10 student shot during lunch break outside high school | Toronto police update

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    1. Don’t let Marcino fool you(doubt he ever could) banning legal firearms will only create a bigger business for the illegal gun trade and making it easier to attain one. An Ak 47 is easier to obtain then a licensed owner trying to get a legal firearm.

    2. @cody larkhart All of you have no clue what you are talking about. The USA lax gun control laws have destroyed Mexico and now Toronto is next. In Mexico there is only 1 gun store for the whole country making guns effectively illegal. All of the gun deaths are with firearms bought legally in the USA and smuggled over the border. The guns showing up in Canada are purchased legally and smuggled over. The solution is not allowing more guns in the hands of Canadians it is tightening the borders and putting pressure on Americans to clean up their act.

    1. Wake up gang Bangerz love crime and violence. It’s glorified in their favourite music and in their favourite TV shows and movies and they just love that attention in the hood!!! Stop making excuses.

  1. That’s the problem with law abiding gun owners; they’re always shooting up high school kids with assault rifles. A handgun ban would certainly have prevented this tragedy.

  2. Gangs and random street crimes are becoming a serious problem in Toronto as of late. Hope the kid makes a full recovery.

    1. It’s too bad they don’t want to talk about the fatherless problem in the city that is causing the problems 😒 😕

    2. @You It doesn’t start in the big cities. The start is organized crime that profits from it and uses petty criminals or addicted to do their dirty work. They perpetuate violence and abuse.

    3. @Gods Tomahawk What about fatherless ness problem when the dads are at home and can’t be bothered. Or organized crime that interferes in families and neighbourhoods.

    4. Every major Canadian city has become infested with crime and violence! Canada is ruined, our government, court system, and police don’t care, they enjoy their paycheques…. They are not going to get violent criminals off the street, that’s how they make their money! 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰 As long as the streets are full of criminals, they have jobs, and big six figure income.

  3. Is it right to say “obviously” when addressing the press in this situation? I feel like it comes across the wrong way, but maybe I’m wrong. I hope that the child is okay and recovers <3

  4. Where are the folks who clapped and cheered when Police were ordered out of schools ? Keep defunding see what you get .

    1. How long have the police been in existence ? Canada is no virgin when it comes to crime & by whom. Since 1867 , since even before Confederation, since colonisation , crime in various forms have been a continual fact of life . 0_o

  5. It’s too bad they don’t want to talk about the fatherless problem in the city that is causing the problems 😒 😕

  6. His a very patient officer, my gosh! These reporters need to take an effective listening class; all their questions to the officer are on things he repeated multiple times………

  7. I am a student in this school and I was in the school when this happened and when I heard the gunshots I was really scared I pray for him to survive his injuries 🙏

  8. We have stricter gun laws, more gun bans, more laws about storage of guns/ammunition and the transporting of guns, more intensive back ground checks then we did 50 years ago , or 100 years ago, yet violent crimes using guns and murder using guns are higher now. Why aren’t the numbers decreasing as the rules/bans/laws are increasing???

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