Grand jury urges perjury charges against witnesses in Trump investigation

A judge in Fulton County, Georgia, has made public some parts of a report from a special grand jury that investigated Donald Trump’s actions after the 2020 election in the state. The special grand jury recommended that the Fulton County district attorney consider indicting some witnesses for perjury. #CNN #News


    1. @Gene Smith Never voted for Trump. He’s an idiot.
      Why do you assume that anyone who disagrees with you MUST support Trump?
      Is it impossible for you to imagine someone not following a party blindly?

    2. @Patrick KenyonThis is about lying under oath when it comes to questions that are important for the outcome of the investigation. No grand jury will recommend—and no prosecutor will—prosecute someone that lies about whatever that has no bearing on the case. (Because the investigative question must be important for the investigation.) E.g. if someone under oath lies about why he showed up ten minutes late to the interview/hearing. That won’t be important to what is investigated.
      But if, as an example, know who committed a crime but tell the investigators that someone else did it. That is a prosecutable lie. (Although if the person lied because of being threatened, prosecutors also won’t indict you for lying under oath.)

      Trickier falsehoods to prosecute someone for having lied, is as an example the falshood that Trump actually won the election claiming there were cheating to make Biden win. Some not too well informed may just simply believe it. And then it isn’t a lie. But if you have been well informed with evidence and facts that are more than enough to make any reasonable person understand it is false, but you still claim that Trump won and there were cheating… then you are in fact lying. And it would be a lie that may have an effect on the investigation. And hence could possible be a lie that may be prosecuted. Only if you were a not so reasonable person (low IQ, psychologically unhealthy, etc.) would it be accepted that while you have been provided with enough facts but still won’t grasp reality, you aren’t lying.

  1. just more examples that there’s a different justice system for politicians. Meanwhile there’s thousands in prison today for ridiculous crimes and have had their lives ruined.

    1. @Tammy Brothers people say it’s not a different justice system for them because they can just afford to play the game no they literally just commit crimes openly and face no consequences because all their kids played baseball or they’re part of the same cult or something

    2. @Heini Grudziadz So… What?

      You’d kill them and then the rest of us would realize how smart you really are?

      Sure thing – let’s go with that.

    3. @Lewis Joe If the Orange Shitstain had had his way, members of the so-called ‘Central Park Five’ would’ve been prominently remembered among them.

  2. I hope Fani Willis reasserts the jurisdictional authority of the legal/courts’ powers, which have been so grossly abused by Trump’s inept legal–often ‘frivolous and vexatious’-wranglings. If perjury was committed I hope there is a clear message/consequence going forward.

    1. So true , one black man got away with murder but white fins get away with murder over and over again this is in love y’all

  3. Trying to deny that there was no criminality in this case is like denying that gravity exists. Get on with it. Time to indict.

  4. A grand jury doesn’t urge anything or give opinions… they hear an indictment from a prosecutor and vote to proceed or not

    1. @Sharon Ireland That varies from state to state. In Georgia (which is where this is happening) a Grand Jury, whether it be “special” or not, cannot indict anyone. They can only recommend charges. It’s ultimately up to the prosecutor. “Special” doesn’t matter in that aspect.

    2. @Eric w Much of the special grand jury report was not released in order to protect the Due Process rights of potential defendants. Fani Willis is keeping her powder dry. You should do likewise.

    1. They won’t be there, Desantis will have all the unflattering books removed. We have to stand up to him on removing our history. Who tf does he think he is, too remove our history. My god, I want my children and my grandchildren too know what our history was. They glossed over the history when I was in school and that was so wrong. Thankfully my Mom educated me about all our history.. The good, the bad and the ugly. To gloss over it or remove it is so wrong..

  5. So Tired of hearing “No one is above the Law” when all these people are clearly not being held accountable

    1. @blankety blank Hi, God here. No I am not protecting your guy. And trust me, I won’t be protecting him when he dies. He will be loosing a lot of weight sweating his little donolds off.

    2. Rick Heinecke I know we have been waiting for Justice…. However, you’re looking at the cup half empty. Just when things are starting to happen. Have Hope & Faith. We are seeing progress. That’s Cool in my book.😎🤔👏👍😃

    3. @Ghoulishwastaken Feel free to provide the rest us with another instance of the failure to peacefully accede to the lawful transfer of power at the highest levels in the roughly 230 year history of the Republic.

    4. The fact that such easy crimes trump committed in Georgia and document obstruction case are open and shut. He got his hands caught in the cookie jar,clear evidence. Why bother witnesses????
      Trump won’t be indicted. It’s too dangerous with crazy trumpers out there

    5. @Ghoulishwastaken  everything you hear of from the Republicans is just finger pointing tactics to deflect from their own guilt…everything they blame on others is what they are actually guilty of themselves…its a way of putting up smokescreens and manipulating their base by accusing others of exactly what they have done…im no democrat I hate politics, and usually don’t even care to identify with a party…but Republicans are lunatics and they are as anti American as it gets…this is just a neutral person’s common sense speaking

    1. @Chino Beans The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act is a United States federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization.

      That means, in a RICO case, they’ll indict everyone from the bottom up. Easy conviction up to the top; trump.


    2. One thing the judge said in his order to release this makes me think Trump was recommended for indictment. He spoke of it being especially important to protect the due process rights of people who may be indicted who did not appear before the grand jury to be heard. It seems that everyone who was anyone in this was brought in to testify except for Donald Trump.

    3. They are the NoN Humans who R hiding in Human Bodies ….

      Nothing has ever been Hidden, thru out History
      including the word “Capitalizing upon ON Others” & PUTIN Plans as a Dictator Trump want-a 🐝 💨& Lies

      History has always been repeating itself – since the Adam Boom was kicked out of Heaven

      And the Wizard of OZ Became REAL, as the Real Bible was 911 the Twin Towers of babble

      There is also some history, that They know who they are, by their First names
      Absolutely nothing is HIDDEN – As The Marjorie Taylor Green is Actually Dorothy 💃🏼if you get my drift 🥸

  6. Chance of you going to jail for these kinds of crimes is inversely proportional to how much money you have, connections you have and how corrupt those connections are.

    1. @Roboute Guilliman Then again .. .it’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove … the Orange one left so many breadcrumbs the Grimm brothers are planning a sequel.

    2. I sued a doctor once and it took 8 years to get it in front of a jury. I WON.. These primadonna’s can stall, but once it gets to a jury, it is big trouble for them…. They WILL try to avoid juries at ALL COST….

  7. in other words = the evidence was so clear and overwhelming that the jury could move quickly to reach 100% certain factual conclusions about the criminality, furthermore noticing that additional crimes likely were committed

  8. Thank you to my American family that believes and standing up for our democracy and our constitutions
    We are the ones that makes America great
    Because we believe in standing up for what is fair and right under our constitutional laws

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