1. @lennymccartney1 I’m getting a shotgun with my tax return for home defense, an upgrade from my machete.

    2. What world are these people living in??? Suggesting that these crazed gunmen go for a bike ride or a walk!! Like thats going to change anything with them.

  1. 😢❤️🇺🇸 *This is why the safest place I feel is immediately after my bath before getting dressed sitting down on the kitchen floor while my mom & dad sit in their chairs having their dinner.* *We talk about life & happiness and I actually feel protected in that hour.*

    1. @exposingthetruth Lol. I’m about as far right as one can get. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Do you?

    2. It’s more about feeling secure & safe with my parents. Not laying down but sometimes up on my knees while my mom spoon feeds me chicken soup. ❤

    3. Katelyn- Ignore the haters. Being on your knees in your birthday suit while your parents comfort you is actually beautiful, and it shows how much your parents love you. You’re an angel.

  2. That’s why I treat all people with respect & compassion and be nice. I wish more would do this. Probably be a lot less gun violence.

    1. Were any of the victims mean to him as he gunned them down?
      What is wrong with you people
      Thios happens every time the killer is not W
      We spin to mental health or Guns

    2. Dear Dwayne: Delightful deduction. Difficult though. Bring your Vas and flexibility. Some will take advantage. Some think you could be a con man, crawler, kiss arse, a suave and smarmy pick-up artist, insincere, or *lack the prestige* for others to *feed off you.* ———————— In everyday office/workplace situations, people’s sentiment flows like water. It takes the shape of the latest “in-crowd” people who want to ingratiate themselves with, *then dump you when you struggle.*

  3. His dad called in a wellness check as the shooting happend… I listened to the whole thing on the scanner. The police said they were called to the house days before. They were on there way for the wellness check when they cam across the suspect q few blocks from his home. But almost 5 miles away from the shooting… the police let him cross the police line and followed calls up abbot rd. But he made it 5miles…..

    They didn’t know the wellness check and shooter were the same person until spotted on larch and lake lansing rds.

  4. What is going un said is that this campus was a “gun free zone”. If we look at the evidence, if we look at the hard statistical data, we will see that the common sense, a gun law that we put into play it to establish, “gun free zones “are turning out to be the most dangerous places in America. Gun free zones can include schools, Movie, theaters, grocery storage, supermarkets, shopping centers, any business with the gun free logo on their door, and in this choose a college campus.
    When we talk about common sense gun laws, we need to look at the evidence and realize that establishing a gun free zone makes that area much more dangerous. Clearly, people are safer in the gun store.

  5. This is why we need to treat everybody with kindness and respect. Unfortunately nowadays pack mentality rules, if one person doesn’t like another everyone else will not like them either without ever even meeting them. I see this at work, one person will set off the whole group to dislike somebody, it’s ridiculous. Our society has gone to sh*t, I think social media has a lot to do with it, it’s just a popularity contest now.. people are scared to death of not fitting in.

  6. It’s not a problem to be a nobody when you enjoy your own company such that days can pass without contact with others. You don’t even notice that passage of time alone because you’re not unhappy. And I’ve been victimized in this life to be sure. Who in the hell can read this and not say the same thing? We’ve all been victimized at some point in our lives. I just don’t know what happens in a person’s mind that makes them take a course like this guy took. Did he let go of rational thinking, giving his mind over to anger? Or was rational thought not present in the first place? How do we stop this from happening again? It’s just one mass shooting after the other.

  7. How could people react if the shooter was one of Larry Nassar’s victims, or a family member of such victim(s)? Of course, two wrongs don’t make a right. And there’s been some justice (or attempts at justice) from the civil courts regarding the responsibility of Michigan State University, USA Gymnastics, or the US Olympic Committee for failing to stop or failing to report Larry Nassar right away. Plus the US Department off Education fined or penalized MSU for failing to follow the Clery Act or Title IX policies that deal with reporting or responding to allegations of sexual abuse, assault, battery, harassment, or misconduct on or near campus.

  8. Years ago I worked with a guy who had mental health issues. He talked to himself and believed people were talking about him. I never saw anyone be mean to him but everyone avoided him like the plague!

    1. I always advised my class and my son to befriend the friendless. My son was very good at that. We don’t have mass shootings in my country but I always saw it as a precaution.

    2. I have a neighbor that does this, and one time he got offended because I walked into a room where he was talking to himself and he said that I was interrupting his “phone call”, when he wasn’t actually on the phone.

  9. Treat everyone with kindness and respect or they could hold a grudge against you

    This guy felt like nobody liked him. Alot of killers feel this way

    1. A lot of what’s in a disturbed persons head has little to do with how you treat them. That’s part of the problem.

    2. Are you saying murder is excused if somebody was mean to you?
      Did you say that about the shooter in Buffalo or Parkland?
      Pretty sure they too had mental issues
      People that kill people have mental issues

  10. They had this guy arrested on a felony and let him plead down to a misdemeanor which enabled him to purchase a gun again. Why did they do that? Seems newsworthy but no interest by the media to pursue that.

  11. None of us is “a nobody”. Talking about ANYONE this way — which is unfortunately common in this country — is a sign of the harsh judgments MANY of us put on our fellow citizens.

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