1. According to Tyre’s mother, they broke his neck. He’s writhing on the ground against the car. I can’t imagine the excruciating pain he was in with a broken neck, amongst other injuries, while those cops were getting off on their adrenaline high and talking about the incident “he was high on crack.” This is what happens when you have grown armed men with the internal emotional maturity of a 10 year old.

    1. @K RDPBeat him until he dies I guess. Maybe they will use this as a training video. Come on that is a really stupid question. Everyone knows what the cops are supposed to do. The cops lives were not even in danger. They acted like the guy shot another cop or something.

    2. @DJ Jones Do you know how he looked when his Mother first saw him in the hospital that night? I saw one photo of him in the hospital; however, I do not know when that photo was taken. You can’t say she was exaggerating when you don’t know how he looked when she first saw him in the hospital that night.

    3. @GameBreaker No, he wasn’t. Watch from the beginning. They went at him with guns when he first stopped the car, made him get on the ground. He ran for his life. They were terrifying! There was nothing he could do.

    4. @Mark Cuckerberg Unless they’re attacking you like they were him. I’m sure he thought he’d be safe if he could get to his parents’ house up the street!

    5. @DJ Jones omg I never insulted you. Cold and inhumane? What did I say that was so insulting. Give me a break. The fact remains this person is dead because if these assholes. End of story.. You can’t exaggerate that someone was beaten to death. To be critical of a mom whose son was murdered is just strange.

  2. This is one of the most heart wrenching things I have ever seen. His crying for his mom is unbearable, they are absolute monsters

    1. @Jack Riddance You are either blind or stupid – the way they instantly attacked him at the traffic stop had him in fear for his life…. And even if he had been a drug dealer – NO COP has a right to beat him to death. Remember they supposedly stopped him for “Suspected Reckless driving”… a SUSPECTED. traffic offense. HOW does that earn him beain beaten to death?


  3. As a deaf kid, this is so bloody sickening to see such violence. These officers need far more than firing, they all deserve public humiliations on a grand scale and locked away for their natural life after dishing out the exact punishment to each officer in the way they conducted themselves, more so the officer who kicked Mr. Nichols’ head. Being deaf, I would fear for my life from the very second I was stopped.

    1. My sister is also deaf I’m always afraid for her but the older she get she seems more paranoid ..back to the story you said a mouth full they deserve all that’s coming to them 💯

  4. He called for his mother. That’s common in combat from the mortally wounded. Oh my god. I can’t stop the tears.

    1. @Sal A. Minizer I will execute terrible vengeance against them to punish them for what they have done. And when I have inflicted my revenge, they will know that I am the LORD.”

    2. @Sal A. Minizer I will execute terrible vengeance against them to punish them for what they have done. And when I have inflicted my revenge, they will know that I am the LORD.”

    3. They did not even ask for “license & registration”. They yanked him out, cussing, calling him names, tasing and pepper spraying him for no reason while handcuffed…. Tyre realized these cops are THUGS and decided to make a break for it, he ran to his Mothers house, almost made it, he was 100 ft. away, he cried out to her while the beat him to death for a Traffic stop. Where is Al Sharpton ?? Where is BLM ??

  5. The hardest part of this video is seeing how Tyre presents at the start compared to how he presents at the end. I’m so saddened by this. Those police officers deserve the death penalty. What was all of that really for?

  6. You can feel and hear the anger in these men. Tyre never had a chance. May God surround him and his family with love. He is no longer suffering.

  7. The lack of compassion for this man is beyond disturbing. How are people with this type of character and mentality in law enforcement, they are talking like thugs…its clearly something they are ok with doing, no fear of getting in trouble. I pray for this mans family and I pray we find our way towards peace and God

    1. Yeah, and this is during “normal times”.
      *imagine the monsters that’ll appear during an SHTF scenario!

  8. NO WORDS for this other than many thoughts and prayers for his family and friends. My heart truly breaks for them.

    1. You will delete this: when the White schoolteacher was kidnapped and both her legs were broken by the black criminal then she was raped and murdered and thrown out like a bag of trash. No one said a damn word about that rape and murder.

    2. @Don Tito Martin People are talking about stuff like that and you’re proof of it but you know black people are “INDIVIDUALS” right like you’re comparing a criminal to a civilian these are 2 different people I’m not gonna look at a white criminal that killed kids in a school or a Muslim criminal that beat his gf up for the whole group. What you’re doing is straw-manning and it only leads you into staying in your own little state not going no where being afraid of everything around you.

    3. @Don Tito Martin that. Guy was half white and half black , are you going to claim his white side or continue the centuries old racial stereotypical divisions of the mixed race offspring , your hatred spawns further buffalos and it’s not even based on fact .. how many white kids one killed his teacher because she didn’t change the grade , that was a white teen .. why not acknowledge that while you try to pick and choose where to deposit your misplaced and logic faulty analogy of some kid In a high school who was half white and half black …. It wasn’t based on race either but a kid that was mentally ill and wanted his grades changed similar to the fully white one who stabbed his white teacher to death a few months ago for similar motives without the rape and body disposal , he just waited for her to leave school and ambushed her on shortcut path .. color is a big part of this crime buts not the full on be all of criminality which has existed before USA and slavery and before the plague..

  9. This is so hard to watch. I’m so sorry to Tyre’s mother. Hearing him screaming “Mom” just goes right thru me. I know he was only trying to go home. It must be soul crushing for his mom.

    1. He wasn’t far from his parents home in Hickory Hills. He was attempting to run the rest of the way home. This is so heart breaking💔😭

  10. My heart breaks when he started calling for his mom!! I just don’t understand if its a murderer or a shooter cops would treat them with care but with this guy??? He doesn’t deserve it!!😢😢

  11. I’m retired after years in federal criminal law. This is so disturbing, and yet this sickening type of incident has happened thousands of times. Police are never called to account.

    1. @LubeTime – Auto Repair  well he didn’t really seem to mean those are the exceptions. He said literally police are never called to account so what am I supposed to think?

    2. @Lavida Roberson you need to go see a therapist and get on some Valium because you’re yelling at random people who are 10x smarter than you in YouTube comments and you’ll get destroyed every time.

    3. @A p AP, the world has a way…
      (You’re thinking this is non sense, but judgement is coming & not from the court.)

    4. @A p I will execute terrible vengeance against them to punish them for what they have done. And when I have inflicted my revenge, they will know that I am the LORD.”

  12. This is what happens when you put power and authority in the wrong hands, and what makes it even more sad it’s your own people that’s doing the harm and killing towards another. This footage is beyond hurtful and it’s too disgusting to watch. #Justicefortyre

  13. Truly despicable! Those are not officers of the law, they are thugs that belong in prison for their crime.

    1. Shut up, Thomas Madsen. These officers deserve their time in court. P.S. this person fled and was combative. When was the last time you were an officer in the hood? You F$ck.

    2. 2nd degree murder charges on all these A-Holes. They will get convicted and , I’m sure their fellow inmates will treat them very nice…F-them

  14. May he truly rest in peace, in God’s hand. This is just heartless and vile; totally unacceptable. So much credit to his family for being able to even remotely hold it together in a situation where they are no doubt, inconsolable.

  15. I cried as a mum it’s break my heart hearing him calling out to his mum.. you cannot make this make senses they’re 5 disgraceful former offices this just cannot be there first time I can only imagine how many others stops they’re involved in never was recorded..

  16. Absolutely uncalled for from the police. They snatched him out the car ready for a fight of 5 on 1. It’s so sad he lost his life because these officers had other plans to use and abuse the power they had. Prayers to the family of Tyree. I hope they all get time for the crime.

  17. Being a mother, this is excruciatingly painful to watch. I can’t imagine how his parents must feel.
    Why did they have to beat him so hard? Just can’t understand

  18. This is horrible those police officers should be prosecuted and charged with manslaughter as well paramedics should be held accountable for their actions, I totally understand why he took off running fearing for his life I can’t imagine how he felt I believe anyone would do the same thing when is this going to stop.

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