Green Party infighting isn't good for Paul or the party's election chances, warns Nanos | TREND LINE 1

Green Party infighting isn’t good for Paul or the party’s election chances, warns Nanos | TREND LINE


Green Party Leader Annamie Paul faces political infighting – how can she move forward on the national stage? Nik's recommendation: focus on what the party is known for.

And prime ministers often go on international tours, but is there something to read into Justin Trudeau's recent trip to the G7 and NATO summits?

Finally, a recent Nanos survey shows how Canadians feel about sending vaccinated children back to school with unvaccinated children. Is this conversation going to prompt a larger discussion about vaccine passports in the country?

That's all on this episode of Trend Line with's Michael Stittle and Nanos Research's Nik Nanos.

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  1. So exciting, can’t wait until the new set of vaccines for the Delta Force variant. You can’t have enough vaccines, that’s what SCIENCE says!

    1. I’m waiting for the Delta House variant. That one ushers in endless toga parties and beer drinking!

  2. Greens are the back-benchers of the NDP who are the back-benchers or the Bloc who are the back-benchers of the Liberals. It’s one big club, and you ain’t in it.

  3. The green party and bloc should go the way of the rhino party. At least the rhino party had credibility

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