The U.S. Needs A Doctrine On Cyber Attacks, Says Congresswoman On Russia


  1. Upgrade “Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty” to Internet Free Europe / Internet Liberty with just the facts on “Putin” and his posse and they will fall by the fall. “SKULL”!

    1. @YUM Liberal Tears lol how can I ague that. Do you relay think USA is no longer in NATO? How? When? I would love to se Facts you are basing that on.

    2. @YUM Liberal Tears you know Biden Your president Elect is at the NATO sumit right now. you know that right?

    3. @Benjamin de Montgomery It’s not a coincidence you have trouble with reading and writing.

    4. @YUM Liberal Tears Why? is it because i am dyslexic and still speak 5 languages. i suppose you can always hack and belittle people with difficulty’s as a last resort, to try to win an argument. I suppose you win.

    5. ​@Benjamin de Montgomery So now you’re the victim after berating and insulting me for my political views? Okay, sounds great. I won the argument when I said you were wrong and that what you said about China and NATO never happened. It never took insulting your disabilities to be right and that is why I never did, but you can continue to think that.

  2. political problems can be cured. people get old and die nations fail leaders come and go. the world wide web is forever almost. and its all connected .a blessing and a curse .

  3. We need mission performance. Doesn’t matter what people call it. We also have plenty of domestic/insider threats. Btw we quite literally have a standard of engagement and response as of over 4 years ago so I’m not sure what this is about. We also increased threat awareness actions significantly for years. Any system designed to have a single point of vulnerability in effect is a 101 “don’t do that.” Just saying.

  4. Or… you could, I don’t know, not put critical systems online and instead run them on a closed network? Oh, right, the employees couldn’t play on the internet, and we can’t have that. A bunch of clowns run everything apparently.

    1. I held a TS clearance, back in the day. We do things in secret because we don’t want to reveal our capability. I’m not saying that is the case here, but I would not be surprised. So, for all we know, we’ve already hit back at Russia.

  5. Should be said that control of infrastructure operations may in fact be darn near impossible given that the access to critical systems is just a click away, same as an insurance quote…

  6. A cyber arms control agreement would be a great idea. Make it a tri-lateral deal with US, China and Russia.

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