Russia Is Not America's Economic Rival: Steve Rattner | MSNBC 1

Russia Is Not America’s Economic Rival: Steve Rattner | MSNBC


Morning Joe economic analyst Steve Rattner joins Morning Joe with charts to discuss why Russia is not America's economic rival and how Russia punches above its weight militarily.

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Russia Is Not America's Economic Rival: Steve Rattner | MSNBC


    1. @Deborah Freedman copying information from Wikipedia doesn’t serve you any good at all. You don’t understand basic concepts of economy. By your logic Abu Dhabi should be far superior to denmark with GDP per capita 105,000 dollars.

    2. @Deborah Freedman Russia is number 2 in Europe in ppp behind only Germany. It means, russians can buy more of the same thing twice or three times in quantity than Denmark. Besides Denmark has one of the highest tax rates in the world. So miss, they are not 6 times richer than the russians

    3. @Deborah Freedman    I don’t need a geography lesson from you. I endured your racist comments yesterday. I know where Chernobyl is. Save your tutorials for the magats. Muting you now.

    4. You might be forgetting Norilsk Nickel and Roscosmos. Mining and the Space industry are huge contributors to their economy as well, but still don’t equal Canada’s economic output.

    5. @Deborah Freedman yeah surprise! Surprise! You are forgetting American military industrial complex and private military companies located in America and Europe rules the world.

  1. *कलयुग है साहेब*
    *यहां “झूठे” को स्वीकार*
    *”सच्चे” का शिकार किया जाता है*

    1. Well, he’s stashed away billions for himself, with several palatial spreads around Russia that belong to him and his offspring, about whom he’s very cagey, and it’s unwise to look into too much. Whatever happens to Russia, that man is ludicrously well off, having helped himself to whatever riches he wants. Easy to be haughty when you’re at the pinnacle of murderous robber baron shenanigans.

    2. @Lisa S. Yeah and that explains all the admiration he has for him and why he’s so madly in love with Kim. If Hitler was alive I don’t dare think what we’d have seen during that 4-year horror show

    1. @Sarah F. 4.2 Chernobyl is in Ukraine, not Russia. And Russia is now a kleptocracy, being run by former Soviets and criminals.

    2. John McCain shot down by a Russian made SAM system in Vietnam, perhaps why he was always so salty about Russia

    3. @Deborah Freedman I don’t need a geography lesson from you. I endured your racist comments yesterday. I know where Chernobyl is. And, I know it’s a kleptocracy. Save your tutorials for the magats.

  2. There won’t be a Comparison if Russia
    Succeeds in Extinguishing Democracy
    in US with Republican Help.

    1. @Sarah F. 4.2 how is killing an unarmed Air force veteran taking out the trash? Citizens have every right to enter any federal building during normal business hours not just socialists and illegals.

    2. @Bad Wig what? The killing occured under trumps presidency, if trump would have sent in help earlier she might still be alive and if she wasnt part of the mob that was LITERALLY breaking into the building she would still be alive

    3. @Bad Wig peaceful protestors and visitors are welcome in designated areas of the U.S. Capitol building and grounds. But activities that harm government business or property or threaten the safety of officials, staff, or the public are ILLEGAL UNDER FEDERAL LAW.

    1. @Matt what’s even more humiliating is Canada as a nation its total combined net worth of around $8 trillion while Russia is $3 trillion

  3. Curious oil and gas is 8% of our economy but has disproportionate political influence. Especially within the Republican party.

    1. @racer D The Koch’s are trying to stop the voting rights law. They want to suppress voters rights. I know this is hard for you to understand.

  4. I think we could say great things about the American economy look at talk about its growth we can talk about his inclusion of so many people we can talk about HAL at times it provides opportunities like no other. However when we compare our economy to the rest of the world it’s not quite fair to just look at one figure GDP or if you want to look at GNP which ever. Because there are things other nations half that we wish we had. We don’t have a healthcare infrastructure we just don’t 1/6 of our economy probably more now that’s an old fraction an old figure is healthcare spending. Most of those countries on that list don’t factor healthcare into their economy like we do. Look at how much of our spending is on education where are you the consumer have to actually go out and pay for your education again many countries on that list don’t have you do that if you go to school you’re doing good they say will cover the cost of it or at least a majority of the cost of it.

    I’ll give you a perfect example of our economy versus some of our friends. I had a friend who grew up down south his mom and dad had a huge house big enormous way bigger than the houses of all of his friends. Two times bigger than some three times bigger than others. Even four times bigger then a few. However everyone they were all good friends. So I didn’t matter when I went and played at the other kids homes they enjoyed themselves. One problem though the really big house had termites. Little buggers that were eating away at the foundation. Do you see how the analogy works. You may have the bigger house but unless you’ve prepared appropriately for this house unless you’ve put the appropriate materials in place to counter some of the problems that you will incur no matter who you are economically you could have a problem like termites those things are hard to get rid of we literally have a different building codes in the south for wood just because of that. Digging further into the analogy think of Canada they are up north they have a smaller house than we do but guess what their climate that really cold weather use that as an analogy for something else does an alarm for termites. It may get warm in the summer but in the winter it gets bone chilling cold in Canada the termites even if they should procreate they die. I hope that analogy makes sense.

  5. The charts compare the G7 to Russia. China, India, Mexico, etc. are not part of the G7.

  6. Russia as it warms can grow many things or use green houses to grow and export food as a nation as resources become open from the cold.

  7. Two countries’ military machines accounting for 57% of global arms race. Any wonder why peace cannot be achieved? This is a story telling chart.

  8. With all those billions and the people are the most unhappy in the planet. Money is not everything.

  9. And the future of fossil fuels in their continued diminishment will show just how many flaws our economies have. Desperation in climate change and in major economic shifts will reveal more dire than we have imagined. Piles of cash in safe havens is not wise; nor are mega boats and joy rides into space.

  10. Joe says “the American economy is a miracle and it just continues to grow.” What kind of miracle is it, Joe, when a few hundred people hold more wealth than the lower half of the population and huge parts of the population live under the poverty line, or are homeless, burdened by heavy debt or lack sufficient health care? And, he says we should “stop belly aching”. F you, Joe.

  11. You think that economy is small now, just wait. As more and more renewable energy moves into the market Russian economy will shrink.

  12. Joe, at 1:10, you mention that the US economy is an “economic miracle.” This has been done on the backs of the working poor who earn $7.25 an hour and if they are in restaurants, they can earn as little as $2.13. This is no miracle. It is systemic exploitation, and the pain is disproportionately felt by non-white populations. Remember, they only call it “class warfare” when the poor and progressives fight back.

  13. We should turn Russia’s internet against him, until the Russians are fighting a violent civil war.

  14. Thanks einstein for the 411, msnbc, providing info for all including the gump types. Next, life is like a box of chocolates story.

  15. So Russia’s strategy is simple…don’t invest too much in armaments, but rather invest in the Republican Party, and in quanon!

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