Greenberg Plea Deal Doesn’t Mention Gaetz, But Could Still Spell Trouble

Joel Greenberg, the former Florida tax official whose criminal case led to a sex trafficking investigation of Rep. Matt Gaetz, pleaded guilty to six of the charges against him
Monday. Greenberg plans to fully cooperate with federal investigators, which could spell trouble for Gaetz.
The plea could spell trouble for Gaetz.

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    1. @WaterDog yup, this country is a lost cause, get out while you can, it WILL go full nazi sooner than later.

  1. Matt Gaetz must have misunderstood when he was told people use Venmo to make minor purchases.

    1. Hey Foreign Hairy Teo Nosepicker, You and Gray Web comment together often. Are you the same? You’ve never been to a comedy club in America; we don’t write new jokes for each night. We retell the same jokes dozens or hundreds of times.@Teo’s Mum-mum Weo

    2. Senile Teo (or is this Gray Webb), You didn’t watch the whole video;
      It includes Matt Gaetz starting at 1:20
      @Teo’s Mum-mum Weo

    3. Hey pig copulator, Why do the culturally illiterate feel the need to post on an American website about American culture? @Teo’s Mum-mum Weo

  2. Nobody gets that kind of plea deal without giving the feds a great deal of evidence and information.

  3. Matt Gaetz will try to argue that when he was told she was a minor,
    he misunderstood and thought she was a miner.

    1. @catalinacurio , if it was my daughter, i would scold her for lying her age, and have no complaint against the man because they were deceived by the lie! Are you able to think???

    2. @Brandy Courvoisier he doesn’t waste his time, he goes to high school volley ball games.

  4. Gaetz: I’ll be fine as long as t’rump wins in 2020 and can protect me from the DoJ.
    2020 Election: Sorry.
    Gaetz: 😳😬😢😭

    1. @S McDonald That would be quite upsetting to the GQP, whose mission is to irradiate these underground operations. 🙄😅😂

    1. @Dustin Caso
      Biden never asked for or accepted Iran’s help. Trump asked for and accepted Russia’s help.

      See how this works?

    2. 🇺🇲 Gaetz / Mr Pillow 2024 🇺🇲

      America’s Dream Team gives Trump wet dreams 🚀💦

    3. @Dustin Caso
      Trump is under 13 different investigations, you moron.

      His financial officer is talking with the FBI.

      Michael Cohen was recently interviewed by the FBI 6 times to talk about Trump’s insurance, bank and tax fraud.

      DeSatan is making plans to stop him being extradicted to NY when he’s arrested.

    4. @My Pillow Guy U don’t seem to realize the so called swamp is not just Democrats or just Republicans, but they are all playing for the same team. Barr was stabbing (that bad orange man) in the back from day one. Our former president (don’t wanna trigger anyone) biggest mistake was installing the same swamp rats that had been there forever, instead of firing everyone and putting in his own homies like Clinton did.

  5. Gaetz: “So yeah, Joel and I made fake ID for her but we had no idea she was underage”. What???

  6. Only charged with 6 out of 33. Oh Greenberg cut a sweet deal now let’s see how many co-conspirators he rolled on.

    1. @Darcus Taylor Yes, although Gaetz is not big, only disgusting. Still, the conviction of Gaetz will be one more step toward the infinitely more harmful and more traitorous DJT. The ways out for Trump are narrowing by the day.

    2. @Pisces Sun I agree. Gaetz is a grandstanding pissant. I think Greenberg’s going to implicate bigger fish than this overaged frat boy.

    3. @Alfred Vallejos jr. have you seen Jill? Wouldn’t be surprised if Biden did. Melania is 10000% better than Jill lol!

  7. Well to be clear, his plea deal hasn’t publicly mentioned anyone just yet. But his lawyer said that more than 1 person has been named. Shouldn’t be much longer for Gaetz to be called out

    1. @Ron Shifflett yea, Gaetz’s lawyer actually said the same thing. The beans were spilled.

    2. What is the procedure if he gets indicted and still doesn’t resign before his term ends in Jan 2023? Would there be a vote in the House to expel him? Or nothing?
      And if he’s free on bail end of next year can he still run in his FL District 1? He would still be technically innocent at that point.

    3. @S McDonald president, they make him presidential nominee for 2024 because now they’re positive that he’s one of them.

    1. according to greenburg, stone and he (at least) were conspiring to buy a pardon. remember the stink about trump allegedly selling pardons?

  8. The charges that Joel pleaded guilty to stated that there were ‘men’ who participated in those crimes. Expect arrest warrants to be issued out to multiple people soon. 👍

    1. @The Professor Do you take those allegations seriously? No? Then why take allegations seriously from a known lowlife: a man who readily lie his head off if he thought it would cut a few years off his sentence?

    2. @Robert Cartier Oh? You know a lot about the administration of law, do you? Fact is, you don’t know what Greenberg told the Law. A gjuilty verdict requires proof, and I’ve seen nothing resembling it, and neither have you.

    3. @Pete Rembranch The texts were worded by Gaetz to Greenberg basically setting out what was wanted and then text right back from Greenberg re cash needed and Gaetz responding 300, 300, 250 re amounts of money set out for each. It’s damning what’s come out, but it’s not yet 100% proof. Since so many charges were dropped… I think initially it was 36 counts against Greenberg … down to six and there was mention made of other men involved, it might also be a RICO kind of thing if there’s connections between them. In that case, I doubt they’d charge Gaetz alone, they’d be more likely to “get” them or name them all at once. I doubt that Gaetz is the biggest fish in this, but I guess we’ll see eventually.

      I’m glad the DOJ has Merrick Garland as AG now.

    4. @Jen VicinityGoodness me, receipts and texts about money? Is that a crime?

      You may find it worthwhile to consider what Gaetz’s lawyers will make of all that.

      P.S. the first letter of “RICO” stands for “Racketeering”, and it is used only in that context.

    5. @Pete Rembranch Paper trail brother who gives a f**k what Greenberg says. They got your boy on those payment receipts bro that’s what’s up.

  9. 🇺🇸🤫 Federal Prosecutors Are Not Going To Tip Their Hand. When It’s Time 🤔 Wait For It 😁😁🇺🇸

  10. Not a chance he’s getting that plea without coming up with other folks higher up being as dodgy.

  11. Bottom line … you don’t get a plea deal to rat on yourself. SOMEBODY else is goin’ down.

    1. When you take a plea bargain deal the investigation is pretty much over. And it means he’s already given them everything he has. I suspect Gaetz ratted on Greenberg first. If you recall somebody was trying to blackmail Gaetz and him his father and a lawyer went to the fbi. I guarantee you that’s when Gaetz got some type of immunity deal. Gaetz played Greenberg.

    2. @Tadster Trolley I guarantee that’s what happened. I believe Gaetz was caught up in this and flipped. The best thing to happen to Gaetz is Greenberg took a plea bargain deal. Which means he won’t have to testify in court which would ruin his career. Also it means the discovery paperwork will never see the light of day.

    1. at least he burped her after diner. then read her a Dr Seuss book. such a nice fellow.

    2. “17 year old,” AND, “WOMAN,” are mutually exclusive, people. Seventeen years old are children.

  12. There were no names mentioned by FBI because they would be a flight risk if they knew. The feds will handle it. just wait , it will happen.

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