Grisham: Trump is ‘probably yelling’ after Mar-a-Lago special master hearing

Former impeachment counsel Norm Eisen and former Trump White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham discuss Judge Raymond Dearie's first hearing as the special master selected to review documents recovered at the former president's Mar-a-Lago residence. #erinburnettoutfront #stephaniegrisham #CNN


  1. as if we need a reminder of trump trying things in the courts of public opinion that his lawyers fear to try in actual court. how about we revisit Giuliani not asserting fraud in court but asserting it in parking lots.

    1. “Step this way for another adventure in paradise – ” Let the chips fall where they may! Let the indictment(s) begin…!” Now, watch Trump – like a recalcitrant child – run to his soap box screaming because his tender feelings/ego have been violated – again and again – is there no end to his theatrics?

  2. If the Documents were Declassified, the National Archives, CIA, FBI and DOJ would know it beforehand, as there are Protocols that must be adhered to and followed when Declassifying Documents.

    1. Feeding professional trolls like β€œTony Bryant” only helps them. It needs a certain amount of responses to reach its quota for its shift. Please don’t help it keep its β€œjob”

  3. Trump knows he didn’t declassify anything, his lawyers know he didn’t declassify anything, the DOJ knows, the special master knows, EVERYBODY KNOWS. It’s so infuriating that we need to put up with this song and dance, back and forth bullsh*t.

    1. @Blake The great one no, if a Democrat stole highly classified TS/SCI documents and hid them in his house, I’d want to see him in jail. Especially if some of the folders were empty- who has them? Were they sold?

    2. It doesn’t matter in the first place if the documents were classified or not. The three laws in the search warrant only mention “national defense documents.”

  4. Like everything else, there’s a process. If you buy a car; give the guy the money, you shake hands and drive away, but never transfer the title and registration, you don’t actually own the vehicle because you didn’t follow the process. These documents are exactly the same. Regardless of what he “intended”, If he didn’t follow the process, then it didn’t happen. If he had, they would clearly be marked “Declassified”. They aren’t.

  5. Trump seems to think that declassifying documents is just like taking care of bills sent to him. He has always looked at the mounting pile of invoices on his desk, waved his hand over them and said “I declare these to be paid”. Then he rolls down to the lunch buffet before going out and cheating on 18 holes of golf.

  6. Judge Dearie: Show me evidence these documents are declassified!πŸ‘¨β€βš–

    Trump Lawyers: We plead the fifth!πŸƒπŸƒβ€β™‚πŸƒβ€β™€

  7. The irony is that even if they would have been declassified, that is not even the issue in this case. They still shouldn’t have been in his private home.
    But by all means, in order to lay this secondary matter to rest, have Trump either assert to the court that they are declassified or not under penalty of purgery.

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