Group Of House Democrats Threaten To Block Budget Plan 1

Group Of House Democrats Threaten To Block Budget Plan


A group of moderate House Democrats has sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying they would not vote for a $3.5 trillion budget plan until the House passes the bipartisan infrastructure deal and it is signed into law. NBC's Leigh Ann Caldwell reports from Capitol Hill.

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Group Of House Democrats Threaten To Block Budget Plan


  1. They just want there Manchin moment

    The fact is obstruction to neccessary action will only ever worsen the situation

  2. Impasse happens when the Dems have to stand in for both sides of rationale government, the GQP having gone insane.

    1. @Nameless Progressive Clone you mean since 1923 ,i will agree to that and neither side has been filibuster proof since 1979

    2. @Anthony Browne Filibuster only applies in the Senate, where the sane infrastructure bill already passed. Take a civics class.

  3. Is there a guarantee that these 9 DEMS will not derail the budget reconciliation if Bipartisan Deal is signed into law?

    1. You know they will if we pass that bipartisan bill without making sure the Senate passes the reconciliation bill it will never be passed so progressives stand strong.

    2. @Darrell Edison
      The reconciliation bill is dead on arrival in the Senate. It never, ever had any chance of passing.

      The whole point of the bipartisan bill was to replace the Democrats’ bill with something that stood a chance of passing… *and it did.*

      Now House Democrats have a choice… bipartisan infrastructure bill or *NOTHING.*

      You seem satisfied with *nothing.*

    3. @Darrell Edison Oh yeah, stand strong and screw over the American people once again. “Progressives” just want to posture, and do nothing that can actually improve our lives. This is the legislative equivalent of taking your ball home, because people won’t play by the rules you made up.

    4. My guess is no there isn’t a guarantee cause progressives are on the record saying they have no problem passing the bipartisan deal. They just want to make sure the other deal passes with it. So if you have a guaranteed both pass deal why derail it just to change the order in which it passes?

    1. That is what I was SCREAMING about five years back, anyone with half a brain could have seen the disaster we were headed for.

  4. If any of these Yahoo’s are your reps flood their phones now and tell them to stop being show ponies, there’s too much that needs addressing to allow these self centered dbags to derail things now

    1. @Emerald Triangle They have to consider their donors first. What do they want? They set the rules.

    2. @Lex Ruptor trolls never pay attention to what is going on they just type what dumpy or puttypie has typed out for them to post.

    1. @J.R. the non- progressives have helped ruin this country with their blind eye to the truth. Hear that sound? It’s the sound of the majority TAKING their rightful place.

  5. What is stopping us from breaking apart the Voting Rights bill into its components and forcing cloture votes on each of those? Let’s see which Republicans want to go on record opposing gerrymander reform, simplified registration, easy and secure voting access for every eligible citizen. Start out with voter ID laws so they have to start with a yes. Then they will be locked in or will look like hypocrites in 2022. Show some guts, Democrats!

    1. Stop your making too much sense. The issue is both parties core are corrupt. Bad faith Democrats play good cop and bad faith Republican’s play bad cop.Democrats say they want these things and some of them mean it, but the bad actors will pretend to support the bill but will point at the Republicans saying they caused it to fail. That is why they want to pass the bipartisan bill to pass first so they can back out on the partisan bill. If the progressive wing does not play hard ball on this they will lose the larger package and any other bill including the very important Voting rights bill. I hope that this country holds as I agree that the voting rights bill is the most important issue over all other bills.

    2. They already tried breaking up the bill. That died in the Senate, too.

      It’s over. States’ rights prevailed.

  6. Once the bi-partisan bill is made into law, these moderate Democrats will refuse to sign the bigger budget bill, anyway, until there are changes that gut it of anything that might actually cost their rich donors anything.

    1. The bipartisan is not law yet and it will not be with out a budget pass so where do you get that information from

    2. Why do you equate doing what constituents want with obeying rich donors? Moderate Democrats represent purple districts. The majority of the people they represent want the bipartisan infrastructure bill, not the massive social program boondoggle, that has nothing to do with infrastructure.

    3. @Deborah Freedman You don’t speak for Democrat constituents. So, stop pretending that you do. But, what is clear is that our government – 100% of the Republicans and at least 75% of the Democrats – have been BOUGHT by the wealthy and big corporations, which means, they work for those wealthy people and big corporations, and not you and me. And, the big budget bill contains a TAX HIKE that would force those wealthy people and big corporations to PAY for that massive bill, rather than expecting the average American citizens to pay for it.

      So, it is clear who is motivated to stand in the way, and why.

      But, maybe, you can answer this question for me: What is in the bill that you don’t like, besides the price tag that you’re not going to be expected to pay, anyway?

    1. @angela bluebird60 That would work if the reps would listen to all their constituents instead of just one side. That’s the problem we have now in this highly partisan era. They’re only gonna do what their main base wants and half the time they don’t even do that cause it doesn’t coincide with their personal interests.

    2. @Nameless Progressive Clone That’s what I mean but, they should put the amendment on the ballot along with other things and let the people vote on it. The 3 or 4 major issues in this country the majority of the country is in favor of, but do the powers to be nothing is ever done.

    3. @J Line
      The People take no part in amending the US Constitution.

      First, a Constitutional Convention must be assembled. A 2/3 majority in both the House and the Senate must vote to approve the amendment. After that, a 3/4 majority of State Legislatures must vote to ratify the amendment.

      The first part being basically impossible doesn’t even matter, because an amendment nationalizing election law would take that authority from State Legislatures. We would be wishing upon a star that 3/4 of State Legislatures vote to transfer authority from themselves to Congress.

      This scenario is the pinnacle of “Never gonna happen.”

    4. @Nameless Progressive Clone Im well aware of this, Im just saying in my opinion it would be nice if it could be done like this, because they do put some things on local and state ballots to vote on, and maybe some things might actually get done.

    5. @J Line
      Not getting these sorts of things done is better. Election law is under control of State Legislatures for MANY reasons.

  7. O for God’s sake. This is exactly how we always end up shooting ourselves in the foot. I was so hoping for a president who could be left of Obama but right of Sanders.

    1. @Laura Troxel You’re right that it’s not Biden doing this, but it will not be a look good for a President that has promised and stressed unity to the nation.

      How can you unify the country, when you can’t even unify your own party?

    2. @Mr. James and there was his signature bill, Obamacare that the Right went crazy about. That mandate. Like the States don’t mandate everyone to have car insurance.

    3. @Mr. James Right, like Republicans are unified and that’s a plus for them. They better hope and pray they don’t get what they want. They won’t like this Country much.

    4. @bearlytraincot Republicans are heavily divided as well.

      However, they are unified enough to oppose the Biden agenda. If Democrats end up killing both the budget and infrastructure bill, the GOP will have not needed to do anything.

    5. @bearlytraincot Obama didn’t even like the mandate. And the ACA (Obamacare) is heavily flawed in itself.

      Not saying that it warrants a repeal, however, it’s issues are not completely settled.

  8. Ever notice the Road Runner is merely a spectator watching Wile E. Coyote sabotage himself? Being a Democratic voter is like that. Except with liquor and cursing.

  9. Politicians playing with other people’s money and lives. We need short term and low upper age limits, young energetic aggressive Representatives of the population at large, not just old dog lifetime political interests. Right Newt?

  10. Interesting that if you stop at 1:14 and look at the group of “moderates” it’s a bunch of mostly old white men with one women whereas the progressives pushing for the larger bill are a far more diverse crowd both in gender and race. Take from that what you will

    1. So what you’re saying is the diverse crowd doesn’t know math and are idiots. That’s pretty mean but correct.

    2. @Win Big with Lena & Mike the fact that THAT’S what you took away from my comment says more about you than them. If you’re ok with mediocrity than that’s your prerogative, but personally I’m a little over the whole “we can’t afford to make this country better” argument. Last time I checked we’ve spent 6 tril on Middle East wars (that republicans and moderate dems got us into) so please don’t tell me we can’t afford to make water safe for all US citizens, I’m not trying to hear that

    3. @Brandon Keys But it is the diverse group that is mediocre, so your point is odd. The bipartisan infrastructure bill, your diverse heroes want to tank, includes money to make everyone’s water safe to drink. But, you applaud tanking that bill?

  11. “we will not vote for this budget until we get this infrastructure bill passed and signed as well”
    “We were planning on doing that too”
    “oh…..never mind”

  12. 19 Republicans helping the Democrats to pass the first bill is perfectly fine but a group of Democrats that oppose you for the second one are horrible people. Hypocritical much?

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