Growing fears that privatized health-care coming to Ontario

Siobhan Morris has the latest on the growing concern in Ontario that Doug Ford will bring in more private providers to health care.

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  1. Time to make politicians accountable for what they promise Canadians in return for votes, have them sign legal documents containing their promises, and if not fulfilled they are personally liable to be sued by Canadians.

  2. I care that private health care will cost me more than I have. Already my new doctor, straight out of school, has a list of 22 medical procedures that we are to pay for. Backwards is not the way Canadians can afford or will support.

    1. I hope this allows more and better access to public Healthcare for those who cannot afford private. The UK and Australia do this effectively within a universal Healthcare system getting better results while spending slightly less.

    2. You think our current system is any better? You think someone wealthy or a politician waits for a surgery like a regular Canadian?

  3. So infuriating.
    Private won’t have the Ontario funding to run.
    The costs back to ohip will be more shifting that burden of the tax payers.
    Doctors income will also shift.
    Doug Ford refused to allow osap funding for the medical staff we needed capping internships forcing some to leave Canada to complete their education.
    We don’t have enough GP
    We don’t have enough Specialist.
    We need Nurses, radiology technicians and radiologist.
    I’ve waited 2 years for an ultrasound. My daughter is registered with 4 hospitals since August to confirm cancer diagnosis.
    I don’t want some provincial reject cutting on me after bouncing from another province or state.
    He is shifting the problem as usual. He has no idea the cost or regulations required.

  4. Don’t give healthcare the funding they need, and when it falls apart say, “see, this is why we need private healthcare.”

    1. The liberals had power and put all their money into unions, rather than healthcare, and rather than old age homes. That was over 15 years. The system hasn’t worked in generations. It’s about time we started putting together a system that actually works instead of standing on ideology while you’re standing in a line up, unable to get cancer treatment.

    1. @ON greater accessibility is nearly an impossibility without greater funding. Which makes it easy to segue into my next rebuttal. Get the word free out of your mouth if you know that YOU as a taxpayer pay for it in advance just like I do.

    2. ​@Snakob Of course it comes out of our taxes but eh at least it free at the point of use like a uni student can use it without cost. Also I forgot to mention ONTARIO HAS A SURPLUS, also what about those tax cuts Doug Ford costing $7 Billion a year. We got this healthcare system fixed. Also we spend less on healthcare than America as a percentage so even if taxes go up a little bit here still better then whatever mess they have down there. Also don’t the insurance fees they have in America are sort of like a tax.

  5. I’ve had the feeling ford has been busy underfunding health care in order to provide opportunities for his buddies. I’ve been trying to get referred to a specialist for months, not even asking for a family doctor, just someone to refer me, I keep getting page not found when I try to register online.

    1. Comrade you know the healthcare funding comes from the dear leader, whom we cannot speak badly or we will be cancelled

  6. One wild guess who gets contracts to launch the private clinics. Well the loblaw’s guy, of course. Because he doesn’t really own enough yet in Canada

  7. When you go to private hospital with your OHIP card you will wait year’s to get a surgery, But if you’re paying from your pocket they give you next week appointment, that’s what’s coming to Ontario if we don’t stop it

  8. I was diagnosed with a blockage in my heart on Dec 20th. Transported to Toronto from Northern Ontario same day. Operated on at 8:00am on the 21st of Dec. Outstanding service and care.👌

  9. We could shift the money we pay politicians for doing a less than satisfactory job and put that money into healthcare ❤️🇨🇦

  10. There already is 2 tier health care and I’m so thankful we can pay private practitioners because the Ohio coverage is a joke.

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