Growing list of Arizona Republicans have had enough amid ‘audit’

CNN's Pamela Brown talks to conservative talk radio host Mike Broomhead about the Republican-led election audit in Arizona that is entering its final stages, despite a process that was plagued by questions about transparency.

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  1. They called Dem’s snowflakes when Hillary lost. Republican’s can’t handle Trump’s loss so many committed a terrorist act & now some being charged with terrorism, enough said.

    1. @Buddy Bonin what??? So the official audits from the state is now not an audit but this scam from cyber ninjas which never have done an audit before that’s the one that legit to you??? Ctfu you can’t actually believe that??

    2. They were projecting of course. If the nutjob right criticizes their perceived opposition, they are always projecting.

    3. @L&W Refrigerated Express because it’s attempted theft if an election. You people are losers through and through…

  2. the solution to an election that was supposedly unsecure is to have once secured ballots being strewn about in a large open factory fot hundreds of workers of a private company to see. How could this go wrong?

    1. @Emanuel A
      I am ignorant because you are afraid of the audit results?

      Like I said: If you think Biden won, then you should call the bluff; but you don’t because you are a natural coward

    2. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith “I don’t care about the phone call.” Means “I don’t care about corruption if it works for me”.
      What do I say about Biden saying “if you don’t vote for me, then you ain’t black!” That’s whataboutism an never ever comparable to Trump’s corruption.

    3. @Wassily Kandinsky
      You yourself used a “whataboutism” in your comment, and refuse to audit because you are afraid and the result came in your favor.

      Biden also got an Ukrainian prosecutor fired, which is international corruption.

      You see…all the things you lodge against me are what you do.

      Biden’s statement to how racist he is- how he used Harris only because she is black- and how racist you are because you support him and his ways.

    4. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith You say Trump’s call with Raffensperger doesn’t interest you. Why not?

  3. “Lost focus on being fair and unbiased.” When was that EVER the focus? There’s no such thing as a “fair and unbiased” cult.

    1. @C Cole
      I don’t use Facebook. The mass shootings were vastly under reported as the perpetrators weren’t caucasian. One of the mass shootings was directly racially motivated.

      The Yale professor, Dr. Aruna Khilanani, is a woman. She said she fantasized about shooting white people in the head, burying their bodies and walking away believing she’d done the “world a favour.”

      Biden is on video saying what he provided to Putin.

      Everything I’ve posted is 100% true and easily verifiable.

      You just don’t care.

    2. @Shenanigans
      None of what I posted is a lie nor are they from Facebook. I don’t use Facebook.

      A few quick google searches will provide you everything you need, but you won’t do that.

    3. @Noily Pratt Or you read my following comment correcting my misread of one word but you do you.

  4. The new “normal” is that when you lose an election you claim it is fraudulent. And you just keep on claiming that to create confusion and doubt.

    1. @stef unruh it took 3 years for you to get over Russia Russia Russia if you’re even over it yet.

    2. @OG triple OG OG No evidence? I think the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants coming into our country just so the democrats can manipulate our democracy is proof enough. I can’t believe all of you are so blind to throw the liberties away our ancestors fought for and warned about. The new democrats are for cancelling America and giving government power over the people. Are you people really wanting to give up freedom just to be told what you can and cannot do? Do you people really understand what socialism is? Trump put America first. Biden has put China back in control.

    3. @Matt Jackson no collusion was proven. Interference was proven. Perhaps a dictionary should be on your Christmas list.

    1. Your confused party would prefer to call it “Sperm Producer’s day.” Like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day belongs to the left now. Enjoy “Birthing Persons Day” though……………….

  5. Imagine being so upset about democrats stealing the election with zero proof. Then you have a room full of people scanning for bamboo and no one bats an eye.

    1. Proof is derived from investigating. A forensic audit is an investigation. The fear of the guilty is being exposed by their reactions. Imagine if the right would have attempted to block all recounts in 2016. Only the gullible and naive ever have issues with thoroughly verifying results.

    2. @Inquisitive Intentions only the gullible and naïve would have issues believing it was a solid election after 60+ court cases (mostly trump installed judges) tossing out lawsuits because there was NO evidence, after sydney powell told a judge everything she said was a lie, after Giuliani went to court and told the judge it wasn’t a fraud case, after numerous recounts, audits, republican officials saying the election was honest and good, etc. Only someone who is either off their rocker or too stupid for words would believe this is anything CLOSE to a real audit. Now the residents of maricopa county get to worry that their private information is somewhere in the woods in Montana, for F sake!

  6. That audit is simply being used to make companies like Cyber Ninjas (more like Cyber Scammers) put money in their pockets.

  7. “They turned into a very biased event” – That was the entire purpose of the audit. brought by a hardline Trump supporter, started off as biased. This has been a three ring circus from the beginning and should be ruled as illegal and stopped. There should be charges filed against those who okayed the audit in the first place.

    1. Audit will bring out the truth. Stay tuned!!! Truth will come out. Why worry about an audit if everything was done proper. Wake up

    2. @Kathy Johnson what is shameful is the utter stupidity. Recounts, audits, lawsuits, all done. though I think you are a troll. The stupidity of you people is making the rest of us feel like this country is doomed. How is it that we have so many gullible and unintelligent in this country? And, Kathy, your statements alone prove you have no idea what you are talking about. Just keep spouting that faux news stuff where Fox defends itself in court saying they are not real news. look it up, if you know how.

  8. “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”

    1. @Jacob Garcia So many behind the curve, this is a new political era. The Democrats who’ve embraced authoritarian liberalism and ethnonationalism. They and the liberal elites suffer from pathological altruism with many failing to see the patronizing and condescending acts thrust upon them. Which only convinces them, that they’re victims. Mentally imprisoning so many. They’ve used ideological subversion to push their cultural Marxist/identity politics, indoctrinated in radical perspectivalism. Using linguistic manipulation, and legal sophistry to change terms and their definitions as well as history, etc. You can see this with the 1619 project as well as many other aspects. This erodes the moral fabric of your nation targeting the youth and vulnerable. In their goal to gain absolute power, and dividing us all against one another, by placing us in an unlimited number of identities. As for President Trump, he figuratively has removed the veil for all to see both crooked and sold-out politicians (Democrat and Republican) paint themselves, into a corner. As we all watched from different perspectives. Jan 6th was the day the right realized the left was correct. The system is broken. The cause etc. may be different but many are coming to this conclusion. The National Populist movement is still in full swing!!! Watch this for a deeper understanding of what’s happened and continues “national populists prioritize the culture and interests of the nation, and promise to give voice to a people who feel that they have been neglected, even held in contempt, by distant and often corrupt elites.

    2. @m.m.a. Green couldn’t expect anything different from a leftist/dems with this kind of logic: So all those for a strong border, are racists. Yet, all folks of color are living under oppression in the U.S. According to the logic of the dems/left. Wouldn’t that make them the racists? They want these folks to come in and live under oppression. Not that I believe that, nor their fictitious narrative. It’s a truly amazing feat of mental gymnastics. The ability to watch them trying to stay aligned is hilariously entertaining🤣

    3. @Robert Spears III You sound like you have been smoking too much of Sydney Powell’s “Kraken”

  9. “Bad for the party?” Well, true. But that’s only because it was done by a party using people and that have no history of actually doing recounts and tactics not based in any known methodology of actually doing recounts. Recounts aren’t supposed to be done on behalf of a party in the first place.

    1. The party? The Party!!!!!! The hell with the Party. If you bring down the Constitution, you won’t have a god damn party!!!!

    2. @Robert Spears III Sorry, I don’t practice oppositional defiance, one of the key characteristics of narcissists. Besides, there is nothing to argue about, none of your statements are factual.

    3. @R Kusel whats a child say about a class at school they’re not good at because they don’t understand the subject say? It’s dumb, I hate that class. Just cause you don’t understand what it is I’ve wrote, doesn’t make it dumb. Go learn about what it is I’ve wrote and come back with an argument. If you truly care.

  10. “Why are Republicans turning against it now?”
    “Well it’s really quite simple; it’s not working, it’s looking like it’s got no chance of working, it’s making us look bad, and there are federal officials talking about possible sanctions and criminal investigations. We tried to cheat poorly and nobody’s getting fooled by it so we need to cut our losses and quit while we’re just behind.”
    “So nothing about the detrimental effect on faith in election integrity, ethical obligations, moral judgements, legal necessity, or potential criminality? Just ‘it’s backfiring,’ that’s all?”
    “Yep, it’s backfiring.”

  11. Y’all spellt “bonehead” wrong. Doesn’t matter if he’s now against it… he supported it at first, like a bonehead.

    1. A Trumpist decided one day that he’d like to grow some chickens. So, he planted some chickens under the soil and watered them every day. To his consernation, nothing grew from the areas where he planted. Perplexed, he called the Trump USDA and an agent came out to inspect the field. When the agent dug up samples and examined them, he turned to the upset farmer and laughed: “My good man, you’ll never grow chickens unless you plant them in the soil head first!” 😉

  12. America is at the height of narcissistic entitlement and when bias “auditors” are allowed to recount for what…the fourth time. Who would ever trust these sociopaths on an agenda of selfishness. The time of saying hey good battle, see you in two, four or six years, has expired. Trump lost by popular vote, TWICE !

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