Stelter: Why isn't Fox News fact-checking Carlson's January 6 claim? 1

Stelter: Why isn’t Fox News fact-checking Carlson’s January 6 claim?


CNN's Brian Stelter emailed Fox News a number of questions about host Tucker Carlson's claim that the FBI was behind the January 6 Capitol insurrection and why their team of journalists have not investigated the veracity of the allegations.
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  1. How does he sleep at night? He isn’t a psychopath, I’m pretty sure of that. He must just love his paycheck.

    1. @Wow Bagger I don’t know about that. I don’t wanna speculate. He coulda killed himself, he coulda been murdered. We will probably never know.

  2. Ironic in 2004 I had 2 college professors who were from South Africa. They both taught about propaganda. At the time it didn’t make sense but Now I can hardly believe what people will continue to fall for. Craziness.

    1. So a question
      What do all dictators have?
      Multiple propaganda machines
      But you always have to start with one

    2. @Jay Will just curious, does the other “1400 hours” show the insurrectionists engaged in peaceful acts as opposed to the hour or so that they were trying to “hang Mike Pence” and hitting cops with fire hydrants?

    3. @dan dansen
      You lost your soul to the demon without even a challenge so we know you are someone’s Qboy.
      That means you can polish a mean knob

  3. Lying on national TV from journalists and politicians should come with some serious consequences .

    1. Yes. Consequences like not being voted for, and plummeting ratings. When those consequences don’t happen, it means that the people want to be lied to, and they therefore deserve liars for their leaders.

  4. What is Tucker Carlson covering up, hiding from and afraid of?

    Oh yeah the truth coming out and he’s probably involved with conspiring the Jan 6th inserection too

    1. @The Zombie Whisperer your future is going to be bright. UNITED STATES ended because of your libetardism to see the obvious.

    2. @Lex Ruptor are these the protests that burned down police stations and lit courthouses and businesses on fire and caused 2 billion in damages? Are these the protests you’re referring to?

    3. @The Zombie Whisperer you should care. Everyone should care, how do you stop future outbreaks if you’re to stupid to care about it’s source? That’s the dumbest comment on YouTube for the day. Acosta has an award for you.

  5. Yup! And why are they spreading this BS? Could it be because the FBI is investigating some of Tucker’s political pals?

  6. The things that we see and hear on Fox is why I don’t understand how people from dictatorship country’s can’t see that this is happening here and were willing to vote for trump believing that Biden was a socialist and a want to be dictator. So sad that they were fooled.

    1. You’d think that they’d be very afraid of trump since they have had first hand experience with dealing with a dictator

  7. Well considering you used Fox, “Facts” and Tucker Carlson all in the same sentence you’ve actually already answered the question why they don’t bother…

    1. A case of throw the sh*t at the fan, wait and see if it sprays back on you. Then mobilize Fox lawyers to argue again that no ‘reasonable viewer’ takes Tucker Carlson seriously.

    2. Yes! I had a tRumper say to me that I needed to quote qualified news outlets. He meant Faux News Entertainment channel!

  8. One way to not believe lies: Do not listen to them. We don’t need to review lies in order to know the truth.

    1. Hold on… So you are supposed to just know a lie is a lie by what’s being said? You dont have to look into if it’s even a lie? What world does this logic make sense?

    2. I’ve noticed something about the people who prefer CNN instead of FOX and it’s not their political party affiliations. The difference relates to the person’s desire to buck systems and rules when ever there is a chance. CNN groupies want to challenge everything but refuse to like challenging reports that will help them. The FOX groupies prefer stability because of following the rules and demand outside the box reporting to find trues to fix problems.

  9. Carlson learned not to bring in someone who is so much more intelligent than he is to his show. He fucked out when he brought in Jon steward

    1. Matt PizzaGaetz also probably won’t be invited back since he implicated Tuck and his wife last time he was on the show.

    2. @Dino Vassilakos The Ed Gavin interview.
      Tucker: “hahah No! interview done”. Tucker laughed like a deranged lunatic when confronted by a serious guy who was saying something that didn’t fit his narrative.

  10. So called News Stations that allow this are more dangerous than what happened on January 6. People better wake up before it’s too late.

    1. @Stephanie Fain
      If Stelter ids going to call is bullshit then he should provide evidence and not just his opinion, he’s supposed to be a journalist isn’t he?
      Journalism 101 – opinions are not facts

    1. @donnie henderson , You don’t realize that it is all about Truth in the end, in the Universal sense, that is, not about a fantasy created by a few wicked men. Darkness cannot comprehend Light, and the Trurh comes out in the end, even to the suprise of the disillusioned ones. It has never been about the Democrats vs the Republicans, but about the Billionaire Oligarchs gainst the poor and the poorly-educated. Racism is an incidental (from poor parenting). Broham, you have been duped. Reality is staring right in the face and you are unable to see it.

    2. Say real talk if u believe this bs that the fbi had something to do with what happened on January 6th
      U need reevaluate ur life
      Get some help
      Take the seeds and steams out of what ur smoking
      How stupid can u be

  11. Wow, you used “Fox News” and “fact-checking” in the same sentence. You’ll be sore tomorrow.

  12. Fox wants the ratings that the sensationalism brings. SAD. They have no respect for their viewers

  13. He has all the same “evidence” he had as when he claimed he had Hunter’s Laptop. You know, that laptop sent across the country to a shop with an ownner that is legally blind, all covered by a former Fox News employees very first article in the NY Post. Yeah, sounds like a repeat of the “entertainment” classification of Faux News again…

  14. “The president bears responsibility for [the] attack on Congress by mob rioters, he should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding. These facts require immediate action by President Trump.” -Kevin McCarthy ®, 01-13-2021

  15. Tucker’s been even worse since the Courts let him off the hook. They basically gave him carte blanche approval to spread as much propaganda as he wants.

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