Poll finds 47% of Canadians approve vaccine rollout, significant jump since early 2021 1

Poll finds 47% of Canadians approve vaccine rollout, significant jump since early 2021


Canadians approval of the federal government's vaccine rollout has increased significantly since early 2021 according to Nanos Research.

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  1. This is not believable. I do not believe in this experimental gene therapy for human trials. To think that every politician, expect Derek Sloan, is on board with this is disgusting.

    1. @roof pizza Dozens of online cures for toothaches.
      Save yourself $300 and tell your greedy dentist to shove it.

    1. Talk about reading into a poll whatever you want. You are forgetting those that wanted it faster/better etc and just weren’t satisfied. Lemme guess on your take on UFO’s as well.

  2. We’ve all heard of “predatory loans”… what about predatory vaccines? Also, your “poll” means nothing and everyone knows it. We know what you are.

    1. @Sonny Johal You said the same before. I’m sure you asked everyone you know as well. lol. You do know that they don’t ask everyone in a poll don’t you? You can’t be that stupid. Enjoy your McDonalds.

    2. those polls are done by IPSOS and normally only ask 1001person out of a special list they make. 1001 person our of the canadian population of 35,000,000

    3. @Francois Dupont So these 1001 speak for all of Canada? Because the title sure makes it seem like they represent all of Canada…..

  3. Polls are always approximately 50/50. This allows the powers that be to do whatever is in their interest while placating the masses with: “it was so close, maybe next time”.

  4. How come that countries that has low vaccinations rate has low cases and deaths same like countries with 60 % vaccinations rate

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