Growth in Black Business: ‘Small Investments Can Boost Small Business’

Black businesses see growth in startup creation amid pandemic stresses – was it the stimulus? Scott Stern and Jennifer Jones Austin join Rev. Al Sharpton to discuss.Β» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Growth in Black Business: 'Small Investments Can Boost Small Business'


    1. assurance that has made me invest without the fear of losing, I got four of my friends involved with him already

  1. “growth in black business” – this sounds ominous
    seriously, “black business” sounds racist af.
    without watching, dislike for the racist title

    1. No, it isn’t. We have Black Chambers of Commerce all across this country. Hispanic and Asian ones as well. You need to educate yourself.

    2. @A R I was referring to back people. Alk small businesses need to not depend on the government its a bad thing. If you can stay as far away from federal anything. They’ll acrew you.

    3. @Harry Johnstone He did actually but talking to a Trump hater is pointless. You are a hive mind with thousands of like minded people with one original insane hatred.

    4. @Harry Johnstone Give me evidence please not theories. Where do you get your information from. I haven’t heard any such thing. You made it up. Or the MSM did.

  2. What have you to say about Joes son describing people like you with the N word Al ore is that ok.

  3. The shape of the Vatican Square according to Freud. Two buildings in the shape of an arm and a spire sticking out in the middle of the square.

    1. @Harry Johnstone I wont shop anywhere i think a Democrat is making profit, not for work trucks, building material, or labor for my business, if your not conservative, your..out of luck!

    2. @Chad Simmons Great idea, thanks! I already avoid cheap foods like Goya and I wouldn’t be buried with a mypillow guy anything, shop at hobby barn, or eat chickfelay (sp?)
      I guess I already don’t go into harbor freight or any other local or chain place that has trumpian or anti-mask, but ima take it further. I appreciate the suggestion!

    1. While Keynes could not be more wrong about most things in the macro – at least he understood that supply and demand can directly affect things like growth and inflation.
      Do you?

    2. This was expected. The financial world expected Biden to throw more money around. And he is, resulting in inflation. Normally inflation reacts really slow, but if the spending is big enough you see the effect quickly.

    3. @foosgoalie how? The pandemic caused a great increase in products that need selling. Quantity goes up, prices should go down.

      But the new policys, like closing oil pipe lines and drilling in america, climate agreement, spending trillions when you should be saving again, new business policys making companys seek employers out side the US. Seems to not work well.

      Higher taxes on the rich, they will just increase the prices on what ever they own. Higher wages, companys will just take less personal and increase their work load.

  4. Being has a tendency to ‘return’ to clusters
    =’the nature of solidarity’ -a desire for empathy -(Wave)-(yin)
    and also,
    Being has a tendency to ‘exist’ as individuals
    =’the nature of self-expension’ -a desire for breed-(Particle)-(Yang)

    Likewise, humans have two elements.
    We must realize that we all have both left and right elements
    =Solidarity and Self reliance
    No one has only one element.

    so ‘Sum’ derived from ‘two poles’ , (thesis, antithesis, synthesis)
    To develop intellect and ethics by harmonizing the two,
    It is good to realize it and balance it properly

    But A few people polarized the crowd(political partisanship)
    without balancing themselves.
    And They stole only the sum, only the synthesis from the triangle composition.

    Now We all have to get out of this deceptive situation.
    This is not the time for us to hate each other.
    We have to track down those who have been manipulating us.

  5. Rev. Al didn’t say a word about black Sen. Tim Scott and Pres. Trump funding opoportunity zones in cities across America!

  6. Hey Rev, what’s your thoughts on those text messages? You’re usually the first one to call out the racists.

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