Gun Seizure Publicized Too Soon? – January 13 2021


  1. They can do better come back with honing the people when them catch them but don’t do the incident people

  2. This always happen. Why on t secure the guns and put other stuff in the barrel then watch out who will collect it

  3. Peter bunting u where the ministry of security and ppl come rob u of stuff can u believe it, why when ppl in the opposition seat they always have the answer to crime but when them in a power they don’t do anything about it..

    1. People like you make the crime is rising because Mr bunting was poor in his time as minister of security but Mr bunting is so right to say that the crime is going up and the PM have no crime plan, the then opposition jlp make fun of bunting when he says that Jamaica news prayer/Devine intervention put it simple but the now PM holenes calling on the church for prayer and to help in the fight crime

    2. @Waynz Fadi Neither the PNP or the JLP has any answers, all this rampant criminality is a symptom of a larger problem and that problem is corruption.

    3. @Waynz Fadi Them a call on the church to pray for the nation.. what if the church people never know God. Them in the house of parliament are so wicked and not even regard God. When they are having prayer breakfast them sit in fancy place with white table cloth before them take them lazy backside and go out in the sun hot and pray.

  4. Not waiting for some or persons to come and pick up the weapons, was a bonehead decison. Since law enforcement had already discovered the weapons, the smart thing to do next was to wait and see who picks up the shipment, and then apprehend the person or persons. The objective is to catch culprits who are importing guns into the country, in addition to getting the weapons off the street.

    1. The only way someone was coming for the barrel is if the course was clear, people who are involved in these kinds of things, has eyes and ears everywhere.

    2. @Blue Red When the JCF seize weapons no one in public and in the media knows what they do with it.
      I think they should call in the media and let them take the serial number if they are any and they should witness the demolition of these weapons.
      When police seize weapons it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are off the streets forever, accountability is in short supply in every government agencies.

  5. The only way someone was coming to pick up the barrel is if the course was clear, once the police got on the case and that was known by people inside the warehouse, that call was made.

    1. I agree with you,a whole bunch of these police bigshot shows up at the warf exposing themselves.Just one single under cover police shows up as a electrician or a labourer

    2. @Rudy Yorke I heard on the news they flagged the barrel on Saturday, and it was public knowledge, how are you going to catch the culprits if you raise an alarm.

  6. I would like to think the JCF waited to see who came to collect the weapons then followed them to their hideout and arrested them

  7. The school should come up with a better strategy to assist the student in a way to keep them safe the student must not be put at risk of catching covid 19 due to exposure while traveling up and down every day.

  8. Sir P should be in law enforcement. Because I know it was politricks watch they get the criticism from.

    1. When you get into law enforcement, you would be surprise to see the role that politics plays, politics rain supreme in Jamaica.

  9. 1:12 sic you have to calculate the risk of keeping it there then next thing you know something goes…
    Something goes wrong. like what ..
    The loot goes missing.
    Shows just how much trust and confidence you have in your the security force which you are a part of Stephanie.
    Next thing you know something goes wrong. wow. If the
    Head of the stream is dirty … the bottom caant clean!

  10. They could have switch the barrel and wait till the person come to collect it since they were scared to keep the guns there……

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