Jamaica to Get More Covid Vaccines – January 12 2021


  1. Lol, who tell unu seh we want VACCINE????? WE NO WANT NO VACCINE,UNU CAN KEEP IT!!!!!!!!! SHAME ON YOU ALL

    1. @Jennifer Sturridge get what you want i couldn’t care either, and why are you going back and forth with me? I wasn’t addressing you, i didn’t call your name. Stay in your lane.

    2. Jennifer Sturridge. Unless one thinks the way u do or accept the things u accept, the only other alternative u can wish for them is suffering and probably death. This is the mindset of those who profess to want the best for others, ur true nature has been revealed. You are exposed.

  2. We would like to know which of the approved vaccine from the WHO will be sent and used in Jamaica. Because it’s public knowledge some big pharmaceutical companies have vaccines available that is not approved by the WHO

  3. This is good news but keep hustling Minister Tufton. Several countries (like Canada) have ordered enough to vaccinate their populations several times over. If we are prepared, we should be able to score some of that excess to get vaccinated faster and to prevent the excess vaccine from going to waste before it expires.

  4. Please my fellow brothers and sisters seek Adonai. Research more into this vaccine and use rational thinking. Yahusua said I am the way the truth and life no cometh unto the Father except through me. Put your trust in Elohim and not your confidence man. Shalom

    1. Ppl have forgotten the proverb nothing in life is free, not even this vaccine, the cost some will have to pay maybe their very lives.

  5. if america is throwing away millions of vaccine because they don’t have the facility to house the vaccine. then when kind of vaccine will jamaica get. these vaccine needs acertain amount of temperature. we are not guinea pigs.

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